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  List of Finding Aids by Collection Creator:
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  Quaal, Ward L., papers
Quezon, Manuel, papers

Raab family, papers
Rabinovitz, Sam, papers
Rademacher, Paul, papers
Radical Education Project (Ann Arbor, Mich.)., publications
Radulovich, Milo, papers
Ramsey, Leon, papers
Ransom family, papers
Ranville, Michael, papers
Rappaport, Roy, papers
Rasch, Charles, papers
Rasmussen, Martin, papers
Rasmussen, Roy P., papers
Ratcliff, William D., papers
Ratigan, William, papers
Ravitz, Allyn, papers
Re, Vittorio, papers
Redford Avenue Presbyterian Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
Redstone, Louis G., photographs
Reed, John W., papers
Reed, Thomas H., papers
Reeves, Jesse S. (pamphlets & reprints), printed
Reeves, Jesse Siddall, papers
Reichert, Rudolph Edward, papers
Reighard, Jacob Ellsworth, papers
Renewal Ministries, records
Rentschler's Studio (Ann Arbor, Mich.), photographs
Republican Party (Mich.). 14th Congressional District Republican, records
Republican Party (Mich.). State Central Committee, records
Repucci, Shirine M., papers
Revelli, William D., papers
Rice, Warner Grenelle, papers
Rich, Arthur, papers
Richardson Family, papers
Riegel, Klaus F., papers
Riegle, Donald W., papers
Riggs, Henry E., papers
Right to Decency (Organization), records
Right to Life of Michigan, records
Ringer, William, papers
Rinsey Family, papers
Riordan, C. E., papers
Roach, Thomas A., papers
Robbins, Frank (pamphlets & reprints), printed
Robbins, Frank Egleston, papers
Robbins, Jerome J., papers
Roberts, Carmen, papers
Robertson, James, papers
Robins, F. George, papers
Robinson, C. J., papers
Robinson, Hubert N., papers
Robinson, Samuel, papers
Robinson, William, D., papers
Roby, Douglas F., papers
Rodgers, Curtis, papers
Rogers, Felix, papers
Rogers, Henry W., papers
Romani, John H., papers
Rominger family, papers
Romney, George , papers
Romney, Lenore, papers
Roosevelt, Dorothy Kemp, papers
Rosinger, Lawrence, papers
Ross, C. Howard, papers
Ross, Douglas, papers
Ross, Gilbert, papers
Rossen, Sanford, papers
Roth, Stephen J., papers
Rowe Family, papers
Rowe, Kenneth Thorpe, papers
Royal Arch Masons. Washtenaw Chapter No. 6 (Ann Arbor, Mich.), records
Rubin, Lawrence, papers
Rugen, Mabel, papers
Ruggles and Rademaker Salt Company (Manistee, Mich.), records
Ruggles, Glenn, papers
Rupert, Hoover, papers
Rusch, Wilbert H., papers
Russell, Anton, papers
Russell, Carl A., papers
Russell, Howard Hyde, papers
Russell, Kathleen, papers
Ruthven, Alexander Grant, papers
Ruthven, Alexander Grant, publications
Ryan, Charles Brady, papers
Ryder family [Livonia], papers
  S. S. Kresge Company, records
Sacks, Andrew, papers
Safford Family, papers
Saint Francis Prayer Center (Flint, Mich.), records
Salchow, Hugo K., papers
Saline Woman's Club (Mich.), records
Sallade, George W., papers
Salling, Hanson and Company (Grayling, Mich.), records
Salvatore, Nick, papers
Sampson, Frederick G., papers
Sanders, Walter, papers
Sano, Joseph K., papers
Satterthwaite, Joseph C. Business records, papers
Satterthwaite, Joseph Charles, papers
Saunders, Carl M., papers
Save Our Sons and Daughters (Organization), records
Sawyer, Alfred I., papers
Sawyer, Charles, papers
Sawyer, Ralph A., papers
Sawyer, Thomas Mitchell, papers
Sawyer, Walter H., papers
Sax, Joseph L., papers
Scandinavian Frat. of Amer. North Star Lodge No. 27 (Escanaba, Mich.), records
Schachter, Stanley, papers
Schade, Clay Grimshaw, papers
Scheu, Clarence G., papers
Schicker, Louis E., papers
Schimpke, Albert J., papers
Schmale, Theodore R., records
Schmid, Friedrich, church records
Schmidt, Carl Ernest, papers
Schmidt, Jay Handler, papers
Schneidewind, Richard, papers
Schoening, Robert W., papers
Schreiber, Allan, papers
Schuler's (Restaurant), papers
Schwab, Fred E., papers
Schwarz, Joe, papers
Scott, Fred Newton, papers
Scripps, James E., papers
Second Baptist Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
Sellars, Roy W., papers
Selmon, Bertha, papers
Serra, Rudy, papers
Sharfman, Isaiah Leo, papers
Sharkey, Reginald, papers
Shartel, Burke Woods, papers
Shaw family (Adrian, Mich.), papers
Shaw family [Shiawassee County, Mich.], papers
Shaw, Wilfred Byron, papers
Shaw, Wilfred Byron, , publications
Sheet Music of Michigan Songs and Music, printed
Shelley, Howard, papers
Shelley, Rebecca, papers
Sheng, Bright, papers
Shepard Family, papers
Sheppard, Glen, papers
Sherzer, Allen F., papers
Shetterly, Seth, papers
Shilson, Gilbert T., papers
Shock, Nathan, papers
Showers, Paul, papers
Shrewsbury, Gary, papers
Shurtleff, Mary, papers
Sibley, James B., papers
Sicko, Dan, papers
Siegel, K.M. (Keeve Milton), papers
Sierra Club. Michigan Chapter, records
Siglin, Dave, papers
Simpson, Charles A., papers
Sinclair, John and Leni, papers
Sinclair, Mary, papers
Siney, Marion, papers
Singer, J. David, papers
Sink, Charles Albert, papers
Sink, Charles, 1879-1972. collector, papers
Sivil, Daniel, papers
Skellenger, Kenneth A., papers
Slayton Family, papers
Sligh Family, papers
Slosson, Preston W., papers
Slusser, Jean Paul, papers
Slusser, Robert M., papers
Small, Irwin A., papers
Smiley, Monica, papers
Smit, Raymond, papers
Smith, Arthur W., papers
Smith, Charles S., papers
Smith, Emerson R., papers
Smith, Gerald L.K., papers
Smith, Gordon W., papers
Smith, Hazel Littlefield, papers
Smith, Ira, papers
Smith, James F., papers
Smith, Otis, papers
Smith, Roberta Holland, papers
Smith, Shirley Wheeler, papers
Smith, Talbot, papers
Smith, Warren L., papers
Smyser Family, papers
So, Sara Armstrong,
Society for the Preservation of Michigan Special Education History, records
Solomon, Samuel, papers
Soundings (Organization), records
Souris, Theodore, papers
Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, records
Southeast Michigan Regional Ethnic Heritage Center, records
Southeastern Michigan Jazz Association, records
Southwestern Michigan Urban League, records
Southwick, Arthur L., papers
Spalding Family, papers
Sparling, Peter, papers
Sparrow, Frederick K., papers
Spaulding, Jay Earle, papers
Spaulding, Oliver Lyman, papers
Spaulding, Thomas Marshall, papers
Spencer, Chauncey E., papers
Spooner, C. Willett, collector, papers
Spurr, Stephen H., papers
Squier Family, papers
Squier, George Owen, papers
St. Albans Episcopal Church (Highland Park, Mich.), records
St. Alfred's Episcopal Church (Oxford, Mich.), records
St. Andrew's Church (Saginaw), records
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (Ann Arbor, Mich.), records
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (Clawson, Mich.), records
St. Andrew's Memorial Episcopal Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
St. Antoine, Theodore, papers
St. Aubin, Wilfrid de, records
St. Clare of Assisi Episcopal Church (Ann Arbor, Mich.), records
St. Columba Episcopal Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
St. David's Episcopal Church, Garden City, Mich., records
St. George Episcopal Church (Warren, Mich.), records
St. Hilda's Episcopal Church (River Rouge, Mich.), records
St. James Episcopal Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
St. John's Episcopal Church (Temperance, Mich.), records
St. Luke's Episcopal Church (Ypsilanti, Mich.), records
St. Margaret's Episcopal Church (Hazel Park, Mich.), records
St. Mark's Episcopal Church (Detroit, Mich. : 1927-), records
St. Mary Student Parish, records
St. Matthew's and St. Joseph's Episcopal Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church (Flat Rock, Mich.), records
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church (Sparta, Mich.), records
St. Matthias' Episcopal Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
St. Paul United Church of Christ (Lansing, Mich.), records
St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Grand Rapids, Mich.), records
St. Peter's Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Plymouth, Mich.), records
St. Philip's and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
St. Thomas Episcopal Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church (Ann Arbor, Mich.), records
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
Stace, Arthur William, papers
Stack, Jack, papers
Staebler, Edward, papers
Staebler, Michael, papers
Staebler, Neil, papers
Stanczyk, Benjamin, papers
Stanley, Albert A., papers
Starr, Floyd Eliot, papers
Starr, Raymond W., papers
Stasheff, Edward, papers
Stason, E. Blythe, papers
Ste. Anne's Church (Detroit, Mich.), records
Stearns Salt and Lumber Company (Ludington, Mich.), records
Steeh, George (1919- ), papers
Steeh, George, Jr., papers
Steere, Joseph B., papers
Stein, Eric, papers
Steinberg, Lawrence N., papers
Stella, Frank D.,
Stempel, Robert, papers
Steneck, Nicholas, H., papers
Stephenson, James, papers
Stevens, Wystan, papers
Stevenson, Charles L., papers
Stewart family, papers
Stewart Family, papers
Stewart Howe Alumni Service of Michigan, records
Stewart, Donald, papers
Stiles, John R., papers
Stillman, Sara, negatives
Stockton, Ronald R., papers
Stockton, Thomas R., papers
Stone family [Macomb County], papers
Stone, Ralph, papers
Stoneman, William, papers
Stoner, Claude, papers
Stoner, George W., papers
Storms, Roger, papers
Stowe, Leland, papers
Strodtman, Linda, papers
Student Advocacy Center of Michigan, records
Studley, William Sprague, papers
Sturgis, Samuel, papers
Sullivan, Louis, papers
Summit Medical Center (Ann Arbor, Mich.), records
Sunderland, Edson, papers
Sunderland, Eliza Jane Read, papers
Sunderland, Jabez Thomas, papers
Sunderland, Jabez Thomas, pamphlets
Sundwall, John, papers
Sunrise Cooperative Farm Community (Alicia, Mich.), records
Suomi College (microfilm), records
Sutter, William F., student notebooks
Sutherland, Gordon A., papers
Swain, George R., papers
Swainson, John B., papers
Swihart, Leon R., collector, papers
Swinton, Stanley, papers
Sylvan (Washtenaw County, Mich.), records
Symon, Charles, papers
Szady, Sheryl Marie, papers

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