SI 692 (Archives Practicum) | Winter 2003 Syllabus

Monday, 1-4 PM
Bentley Historical Library | School of Information


Thomas E. Powers, with staff members of the Bentley Historical Library

Office Hours

Powers: By appointment at Bentley Library; e-mail (

Course Objective

This course in contemporary archival practice provides an opportunity for students to engage in core archival activities. The course's goal is to help students better understand archival theory by providing practical experiences in areas of appraisal, arrangement and description, and access.

Practicum activities: All class members (partial listing)

Practicum activities: Members of subject


By the fourth week, class members will select a subject module for more intensive practical engagement. These modules (to be discuss at the first class meeting) will include:

One of the requirements of the module assignment will be a written product (e.g., a finding aid, an exhibit, etc.) as well as an oral presentation during the last class period.

Grading of the Course

Grades will be assigned on the following basis:

Module projects and presentations: 30%
Processing and preparation of finding aid: 25%
MARC cataloging exercises: 20%
EAD exercise: 20%
Other exercises: 5%

Class Schedule: 2003

Week 1. (Jan. 6)

Week 2. (Jan. 13)

Week 3. (Jan. 20)

NO CLASS. Please feel free to work on your processing assignment as your schedule permits throughout the week.

Week 4. (Jan. 27)

(Gregory Kinney)

Greg Kinney is associate archivist at the BHL with responsibility for U-M athletic records and library technology.

Week 5. (Feb. 3)

(Nancy Bartlett)

Nancy Bartlett is head of the library's University Archives and Records Program (UARP).

Week 6. (Feb. 10)

(Leonard Coombs)

Leonard Coombs is an associate archivist at the Bentley Library.

Week 7. (Feb. 17)

(Semester Break) Feb. 24

Week 8. (March 3)

(Leonard Coombs; Greg Kinney)

Week 9. (March 10)

(Karen Jania)

Karen Jania is reference archivist at the Bentley Historical Library.

Week 10. (March 17)

(Nancy Deromedi)

Nancy Deromedi is assistant archivist at the Bentley Library. She will discuss electronic records. Module members to work on assignments as time permits

Week 11. (March 24)

(Brian Williams ; Ann Flowers)

Brian Williams is associate archivist at the Bentley Library. He will discuss processing of visual and audio materials, including preservation concerns.

Ann Flowers, associate archivist at the BHL, will discuss preservation microfilming.

Week 12. (March 31)

(Sally Bund)

Sally Bund is consultant on the library's architectural holdings.

Architectural records

Week 13. (April 7)

(William Wallach)

William Wallach, associate director of the BHL, will discuss grant writing as an aspect of archival administration, followed by a more detailed discussion of proposal writing.

Week 14. (April 14)

Final class presentations

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