A Book of Days: 150 Years of Student Life at Michigan

Name in full: Annie Smith Peck

Present occupation: Writer, Author, lecturer, noted as mountain climber, having reached a higher point on this hemisphere than has yet been attained by any North or South American man or woman. 21812 feet on Mt. Huascaran, Peru Sept. 2, 1908.

How would you characterize the influence of the University of Michigan on your life? None (My character and ideas were well formed before entering the University), aside from the naturally broadening influence of a four years' course of study...I decided in my teens that I would do what one woman could do to show that women had as much brains as men and could do things as well if she gave them her undivided attention.

-University of Michigan. Alumni Association records. Alumnae Survey.

Photo Source: Annie Peck [UM, AB 1878, AM 1881] in mountaineering outfit. University of Michigan Student Portraits.