Community health

1985-Informational poster from the Community Health Education Council on how to stop the spread of AIDS. Jim Toy, Box 9.

Housing and Aids memo

1985-Memo stating that Aids victims will not be discriminated against in housing policies at the University of Michigan. Jim Toy, Box 9

Consider AIDS

1985-Consider AIDS publication. Jim Toy, Box 9.

AIDS Update

1986-AIDS Update from the Michigan Department of Public Health

shows the numbers of AIDS cases and their distribution across Michigan. Jim Toy, Box 9.

More money for AIDS research poster

1986-Undated poster that demands more money for AIDS research. Jim Toy, Box 9.

AIDS Task Force created

1986-President Fleming of the University of Michigan creates a UM AIDS Task Force of which there is a great deal of support. Jim Toy, Box 9.

AIDS and public schools

1986-Ann Arbor Public Schools struggle with AIDS policies for teachers and students. Jim Toy, Box 9.

Public Health Emergency Rule for Funeral Directors

1986-The Department of Public Health enacts an Emergency Rule so that funeral directors will know what kind of precautions to take with bodies. Jim Toy, Box 9.

Guidelines for students with AIDS

1986-The University of Michigan accepts guidelines that allow AIDS victims to attend classes. Jim Toy, Box 9.

Stonewall 20th Anniversary Poster

1989-Poster celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Jim Toy, Box 1.

This subject guide was created by School of Information graduate student JJ Pionke MSI '13.