Harry Burnett and Forman Brown, 1991

1991-Harry Burnett and Forman Brown of the Yale Puppeteers. Dan Bessie, Box 1.

HIV false positive document

1992-The flu shot causes people to have false positive HIV tests. Jim Toy, Box 9.

Poem 'I'm sick of AIDS'

1993-AIDS Anthology of Writings, a student publication, contains various creative writings about AIDS, including I'm Sick of AIDS by Nick Pawlowski. Jim Toy, Box 9.

Newspaper article regarding Edwards resignation

1993-Billie Edwards resigns as the last Lesbian Advocate at the University of Michigan. Billie Edwards, Box 1.

Obituary for Billie Edwards

1995-Billie Edwards dies. Billie Edwards, Box 1.

Voting record that banned same-sex marriage in Michigan

1996-Voting record that banned same-sex marriage in Michigan. John Kavanaugh, Box 1.

Article with picture of candlelight vigil for Matthew Shepard

1998-Candlelight vigil held at the University of Michigan for Matthew Shepard. Office of LGBT Affairs, Box 3.

This subject guide was created by School of Information graduate student JJ Pionke MSI '13.