A Chronology of University of Michigan Seals

temple of wisdom seal


Temple of Wisdom Seal

Drawing based on the description by John Monteith; there is no proof that the seal was ever struck.

mystery seal


"Mystery Seal"

Struck and declared "Seal of the University of Michigania"
by the Trustees of the University of Michigan, April 30, 1825.
No image of the seal has been found.

minerva seal


Minerva Seal

The image at left is believed to be a 1937 drawing by Wilfred B. Shaw, General Secretary of the Alumni Association, 1904-1929, and Director of Alumni Relations, 1929-1950.

lamp of knowledge seal


Lamp of Knowledge Seal

Founding date of 1837.

1929 seal


Lamp of Knowledge Seal

Founding date of 1817.

1958 seal


Adding "The" to University of Michigan.

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