Vertical File: FImu C8 Lectures, Conferences, Exhibits, Clinics, and Summer Institutes

Call no. Request Topic
[Annual Raoul Wallenberg Lecture SEE: C181 College of Architecture & Urban Planning]
FImu/C8RequestConference on the Holocaust.
FImu/C8RequestConference: "The PC Frame-up", Dec. 1991
FImu/C8RequestConferences. Miscellaneous and general
FImu/C8RequestDavis, Markert, Nickerson Lecture on Academic & Intellectual Freedom
FImu/C8RequestDistinguished Senior Faculty Lectures - College of LS&A
FImu/C8RequestFaraday Lecture
FImu/C8RequestHaywood Keniston Lectures
FImu/C8RequestImagining America
FImu/C8RequestLectures & Lecturers. Miscellaneous and general
FImu/C8RequestScientific Expeditions
FImu/C8RequestThe Henry Russel Lectureship & Awared
FImu/C8RequestThe Sundwall Memorial Lecture
FImu/C8RequestThe Thomas M. Cooley Lectures
FImu/C8RequestThe William W. Cook Lectures
Fimu/C8RequestThomas Spencer Jerome Lecture
FImu/C8RequestUniversity Lectures & Lecturers: Misc. [see also Out box]
FImu/C8RequestWilliam Warner Bishop Lectures [SEE ALSO: School of Library Science Manuscript Collection]
FImu/C8RequestWm. K. McInally Memorial Lecture (Graduate School of Business Administration)
FImu/C8RequestYoHA (The Year of Humanities & Arts)