Vertical File: FImu C21-40 College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (1841)

Call no. Request Topic
FImu/C26RequestAmerican Culture, Program in
FImu/C26RequestAncient and Modern Studies, Center for Coordination of
FImu/C26RequestAnthropology Department
FImu/C26RequestArmenian Studies Program
FImu/C26RequestAstronomy Department
FImu/C26RequestBiological Sciences, Division of
FImu/C26RequestCenter for Area Studies - Chinese, Southern and S.E. Asian
FImu/C26RequestChemistry Department
FImu/C26RequestClassical Studies Department
FImu/C26RequestCoalition for the Use of Learning Skills
FImu/C26RequestCommunication Dept. of
FImu/C26RequestEconomics Department
FImu/C26RequestEnglish Composition Board
FImu/C26RequestEnglish Language & Literature Department
FImu/C26RequestEnglish Language Institute
FImu/C26RequestFilm and Video Studies
FImu/C26RequestFine Arts Department
FImu/C26RequestGeography Department
FImu/C26RequestGeology Department
FImu/C26RequestGermanic Languages and Literature, Dept. of
FImu/C26RequestHistory Department
FImu/C26RequestJapanese Studies, Center for
FImu/C26RequestJournalism Department (merged with speech component of Speech Comm. & Theater to become Dept. of Com
FImu/C26RequestJournalism Department: Summer Workshop newspapers
FImu/C26RequestJudaic Studies, Program in
FImu/C26RequestLinguistics Department
FImu/C26RequestMathematics Department (and Actuarial Program)
FImu/C26RequestMedieval and Renaissance Collegium
FImu/C26RequestMineralogy & Petrography Department
FImu/C26RequestNon-Western Studies (LS&A)
FImu/C26RequestPhilosophy Department
FImu/C26RequestPhysics Department
FImu/C26RequestPhysics Department Research
FImu/C26RequestPilot Program
FImu/C26RequestPolitical Science Department & School
FImu/C26RequestPsychology Department
FImu/C26RequestReligion, Program on Studies in
FImu/C26RequestResidential College
FImu/C26RequestRomance Languages & Literature [see also Out box]
FImu/C26RequestRussian & Eastern European Studies, Center for
FImu/C26RequestSociology Department
FImu/C26RequestSpeech, Department of
FImu/C26RequestTheater & Drama, Department of
FImu/C26RequestWestern European Studies, Center for
FImu/C26RequestWomen's Studies
FImu/C26RequestZoology Department
FImu/C26Request[LS&A] (College of) Literature, Science, and Art. General.
FImu/C27RequestReligion & Ethics, Degree Program
FImu/C31cRequestHopwood Awards [see also Out box]