Vertical File: FImu C41-60 Medical School (1850)

Call no. Request Topic
FImu/C41RequestMedical Research (affiliated with the University)
FImu/C41RequestMedical Research: Recombinant DNA
FImu/C41RequestMedical School: Misc. and general. [see also Out box] (3 folders)
FImu/C41RequestMedical School: Bodysnatching
FImu/C41RequestMedical School: Founder's Day
FImu/C46RequestBiomedical Communications
FImu/C46RequestDepartment of Pediatrics & Communicable Diseases
FImu/C46RequestKresge Medical Research
FImu/C46RequestMedical School: Neuropsychiatric Institute & Dept. of Psychiatry
FImu/C46RequestPostgraduate Medicine and Health Professions Education, Deparment of
FImu/C48RequestMedical School: Convocations, conferences, receptions, etc.
FImu/C56RequestMedical School: Alumni Reunion