Vertical File: FImu E17 Anniversaries

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FImu/E17RequestAnniversaries, Misc.
FImu/E17RequestCelebration '87 (150 years of U of M in Ann Arbor)
FImu/E17RequestCentennial Celebration. College of Literature, Science and the Arts, 1941
FImu/E17RequestCentennial of Student Religious Activity at the University of Michigan, 1958
FImu/E17RequestCentennial of Women at the University of Michigan, 1870-1970
FImu/E17RequestPresident Ruthven's 10th Anniversary Dinner, 1939
FImu/E17RequestQuarter Centennial of James Burrill Angell, 1896
FImu/E17RequestSalk Polio Vaccine-40th Anniversary Celebration April 12, 1995
FImu/E17RequestSalk Polio Vaccine-50th Anniversary Celebration, April 12, 2005
FImu/E17RequestU of M 100th Anniversary, 1937 [see also Out box]
FImu/E17RequestU of M 50th Anniversary, 1887 [see also Out box]
FImu/E17RequestU of M 75th Anniversary, 1912 (2 folders)
FImu/E17RequestU of M Sesquicentennial, 1967 (3 folders)
FImu/E17RequestUniversity of Michigan Day