Vertical File: FImu F24 Political Groups

Call no. Request Topic
FImu/F24RequestAffirmative Action
FImu/F24RequestAll-campus Peace Committee; Peace Council
FImu/F24RequestAmerican Student Union
FImu/F24RequestAmerican Veterans Committee. Ann Arbor Chapter No. 1
FImu/F24RequestAnn Arbor Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy
FImu/F24RequestBlack Action Movement (BAM)
FImu/F24RequestBlack Student Union
FImu/F24RequestBlack Volunteer Network
FImu/F24RequestCampus Labor Support Group
FImu/F24RequestCARA (Committee Against Racism & Apartheid)
FImu/F24RequestCoalition for Democracy in Latin America
FImu/F24RequestCommission On Women
FImu/F24RequestCommittee to End Discrimination
FImu/F24RequestFellowship of Reconciliation
FImu/F24RequestGay issues. Misc. and General.
FImu/F24RequestGEO. 1987- [see also Out box]
FImu/F24RequestGEO. Miscellaneous, 1976-1986 [See also Out box]
FImu/F24RequestGraduate Employee's Organization (GEO). 1975 strike
[Green Party SEE: FN.2]
[Guild House SEE: FImu/F27]
FImu/F24RequestInter-racial Association
FImu/F24RequestMichigan Committee for Academic Freedom
FImu/F24RequestNational Student League
FImu/F24RequestNegro - Caucasian Club (1925-1930)
FImu/F24RequestNuclear Saints of America, 1983-
FImu/F24RequestPolitical groups. Misc. and General (2 folders)
FImu/F24RequestPolitical Issues Club
FImu/F24RequestProgram for Educational and Social Change
FImu/F24RequestProgressive Club
FImu/F24RequestProgressive Student Network
FImu/F24RequestPublic Interest Research Group in Michigan (student chapter) [SEE ALSO: FJ PIRGIM]
FImu/F24RequestRevolutionary Student Brigade
FImu/F24RequestSouth African Initiative Office (SAIO)
FImu/F24RequestSpartacus Youth League
FImu/F24RequestStudent Labor Action Coalition
FImu/F24RequestStudent Worker's Federation
FImu/F24RequestStudents Against US Intervention in the Middle East (SAUSI)
FImu/F24RequestStudents for a Nuclear Weapons Freeze
FImu/F24RequestStudents for a Sane Nuclear Policy
FImu/F24RequestStudents for Life
FImu/F24RequestStudents for Peace
FImu/F24RequestStudents Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality (SOLE)
FImu/F24RequestU of M Committee to Free Earl Browder
FImu/F24RequestUnited Coalition Against Racism (UCAR) [see also Out box]
FImu/F24RequestUnited World Federalist. U of M Chapter
FImu/F24RequestVOICE Political Party. SDS (Students In a Democratic Society)
FImu/F24RequestYoung Communists League
FImu/F24RequestYoung Peoples Socialist League of the U of M
FImu/F24RequestYoung Republicans
FImu/F24RequestYoung Socialists