Vertical File: FImu F64-71 University Dramatics and Theater Activities

Call no. Request Topic
FImu/F64RequestStudent Film Societies [see also Out box]
FImu/F71RequestBen Greet Players
FImu/F71RequestChildren's Theater
FImu/F71RequestComedy Club [see also Out box]
FImu/F71RequestFestival of New Works
FImu/F71RequestFrench Dramatic Company
FImu/F71RequestHillel Players
FImu/F71RequestMichigan Repertory
FImu/F71RequestMichigan Union Circus [see also Out box]
FImu/F71RequestMichigan Union Opera (Mimes) (3 folders) [see also Out box]
FImu/F71RequestMiscellaneous and General Programs
FImu/F71RequestMUSKET (Michigan Union Show & Ko-Eds Too)
FImu/F71RequestPlay Production-Programs. 1920 to 1939 (2 folders)
FImu/F71RequestPlay Production-Programs. 1940-1950
FImu/F71RequestPlay Production. General [see also Out box]
FImu/F71RequestPlay Production. Undated programs
FImu/F71RequestProfessional Theater Program. A.P.A.
FImu/F71RequestProfessional Theatre Program
FImu/F71RequestRoyal Shakespeare Company
FImu/F71RequestThe Rockford Players
FImu/F71RequestU of M (Student) Players [see also Out box]
FImu/F71RequestU of M Minstrels
FImu/F71RequestU of M Theater Program. 1974-
FImu/F71RequestUniversity Dramatic Club
FImu/F71RequestUniversity Dramatic Society
FImu/F71RequestUniversity Dramatics and Theater Activities. Miscellaneous and General
FImu/F71RequestUniversity Players