Vertical File: FP.2 Drama Groups

Call no. Request Topic
FP.2RequestAnn Arbor Civic Theater
FP.2RequestAnn Arbor Council for the Arts
FP.2RequestAnn Arbor Council for the Performing Arts
FP.2RequestAnn Arbor Young Actors Guild
FP.2RequestArbecoll Theatrics
FP.2RequestArts Theatre Club of Ann Arbor
FP.2RequestAssociation of Collegiate Alumnae
FP.2RequestBlack Sheep Repertory Theatre (Manchester)
FP.2RequestDramatic Arts Center. Ann Arbor
FP.2RequestHampstead Players. Ann Arbor
FP.2RequestLivingston Players, The. Brighton?
FP.2RequestMainstreet Comedy Showcase
FP.2RequestMarcel Marceau World Centre for Mime, Inc.
FP.2RequestMichigan Community Theater Foundation
FP.2RequestMichigan Ensemble Theatre
FP.2RequestMichigan Theatre Guild
FP.2RequestMimetroupe. Ann Arbor
FP.2RequestPerformance Network Theatre. Ann Arbor [SEE ALSO: Out box]
FP.2RequestPlymouth Theatre Guild
FP.2RequestPurple Rose Theatre Company. Chelsea [see also Out box]
FP.2RequestSaline Mill Theater
FP.2RequestShakespearean Circle
FP.2RequestStone Village Theater Company. Near Jackson
FP.2RequestTheater Company of Ann Arbor
FP.2RequestTheatre groups. Miscellaneous and general
FP.2RequestThurston Players
[University of Michigan. Gilbert & Sullivan Society SEE: FImu/F19]
FP.2RequestWalk and Squawk Performance Project
FP.2RequestWhole Art Theater Company
FP.2RequestWild Swan Theater Presentation
FP.2RequestYoung Peoples Theater