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Dolph Funeral Home

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Dolph Funeral Home was owned and operated by Ray Aaron Dolph and was located at 310-312 Maynard Street in Ann Arbor next to the Majestic Theater. The records of Dolph Funeral Home date from June 1937 through their closing in September 1952.

The type and density of information contained in any one record can vary tremendously. However, the following information is almost always included in every record:

Example of a Dolph Funeral Home record.

While the actual records are not available online, the Bentley Historical Library staff have prepared tables containing basic information about each person listed in the Dolph Funeral Home records, including name of deceased, residence, and date of death. The first table is an alphabetical listing by last name. The second table is a chronological listing by death date.

Due to the size and fragile nature of the record books, we are unable to photocopy the original records. We will transcribe the information as best we can onto a photocopy of the original form used in the record book.

If you would like to obtain the information for an individual from the listing, please feel free to contact us at In addition to your name and mailing address, please include the name and death date of the individual of interest.