Ann Arbor Township, Michigan Birth Records

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Ann Arbor Township was formed in 1827, as part of Washtenaw County, Michigan Territory. The township is located in the northeast quadrant of the county and much of the city of Ann Arbor is now located within its boundaries. The Ann Arbor Township birth records held at the Bentley Historical Library date from 1906 to 1942.

The type and density of information contained in each record may vary. In most cases, the birth record includes the following information for each child:

These records also contain information about the child's parents, such as:

The actual birth records are not online, but the Bentley Historical Library staff has prepared a table containing basic information about each person in the Ann Arbor Township, Michigan birth records, including:

The table is an alphabetical listing arranged by last name of the child. Researchers should be aware that there might be multiple spellings of the same name. The original records are arranged chronologically, by the date of the registration of the birth, and not the birth date of the child.

We would be happy to photocopy the original records. If you would like to obtain the information for an individual from the listing, please contact us at . In addition to your name and mailing address, please include the name and birth date of the individual of interest.

To see an example of the Ann Arbor Township, Michigan birth records, click here.