Conservation and Environmentalism Movements in Michigan

Industry and Development

Allen, B.E. (Basil Ernest)

Beal, Junius Emery

Sawing and Felling

Sawing and felling logs. Folder "Lumbering
and Forestry Photos." Junius Emery Beal
papers, Box 13. Click to enlarge.

Bell, Laird

Garfield, Charles William

Lee, Joseph T. A.

Littlefield Family

Lunden, Herman

Mershon, William B.

Wheeler, Frederick

Fire Line.

From reverse: "Second growth, bottom cord
result of fire protection." White and Norway
pine, red oak, soft maple, and poplar trees
appear in this ca. 1886 photograph. Folder
"Forest Scenes (1)." Frederick Wheeler
papers, Box 3.

Developed by Rachael Dreyer, Graduate Reference Assistant, June 2009.