Librarians and Archivists at the University of Michigan: Promoting Use, Access, and Preservation

Old Library PC

General Library, lobby, ca. 1922-23. Folder "General
(Graduate) Library, Interiors." University of
Michigan Photographs Vertical File.
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This exhibit explores several notable professional figures connected to the University of Michigan's Library and Archives. While this exhibit does not inlcude all notable figures, it is an attempt to highlight a few of the fascinating individuals who have contributed to the library and archives professions at the University, thoughout the State of Michigan, as well as on the international level.

Old Library PC

Circulation Desk, Graduate Library, 1925. Folder
"General (Graduate) Library, Interiors." University of
Michigan Photographs Vertical File. Click to enlarge.

These individuals were selected on the basis of their personal contributions to what would now be referred to as the "information professions," as well as intriguing biographical information. Raymond Cazallis Davis turned to library work, after a youth spent outdoors and aboard a merchant ship, engaged in non-intellectual pursuits. Theodore W. Koch began his library work as a Dante scholar and ended up establishing and further refining library science education at the University of Michigan.


W.C. Holland's bookbinding class, Summer Library
School, 1909. Folder "Events, 1906-1930." Box 34,
School of Information records. Click to enlarge.

William Warner Bishop enjoyed a long and eventful career; he began his career before World War I and retired on the eve of American involvement in World War II. Margaret Mann developed effective ways of teaching library classification schemes, otherwise known as cataloging. Teaching the "art" of cataloging meant increasing consistency between institutions as librarians gained the skills to describe books and other materials with standardized methods. The American Library Association presents Margaret Mann Citations to individuals who further the cause of cataloging in some way, through publication, through professional associations, technical innovations, or instruction. Elizabeth Sparks Adams was the first woman to serve on the Michigan Historical Commission; she held a consecutive position on the Commission from 1941 until 1995.
Library Methods

1914 Summer Library School, Library Methods
instructors. Folder "Class photos, 1909-1933." Box
34, School of Information records. Click to enlarge.

Robert M. Warner served as director of the Bentley Historical Library and then became Archivist of the United States from 1980-1985. He then returned to the University of Michigan and chaired the School of Information and Library Studies from 1985-1992 and also served as the interim director of the UM Library system from 1988 until 1991.

These individuals led interesting professional lives, and while there are many others who would also be appropriate to include. However, those interested in other library and archives professionals with connections to the University of Michigan should refer to the Resources for Further Research section of this exhibit. There, researchers will find a selection of relevant archive and manuscript collections.

This online exhibit was created by Rachael Dreyer, Graduate Reference Assistant, Fall 2009.