Michigan Sheet Music

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440 Music Co. (Milwaukee Wis.)
American Music League (New York N. Y.)
American Red Cross. Adrian Branch (Adrian Mich.)
Amsden and Corgill (Detroit Mich.)
Ashland Press (Grant Mich.)
Bailey, E. H. (Charlotte Mich.)
Becker, Geo. P. (Ypsilanti Mich.)
Berdan, O. F. (Adrian Mich.)
Bobzin, Charles, and Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Brandt, Charlotte H. (Detroit Mich.)
Broadwell, W. C. (Detroit Mich.)
Brossy, Francis E. (Detroit Mich.)
Bryant, Willard (Detroit Mich.)
Charlotte Prohibitionist (Charlotte Mich.)
Clark, S. E., and Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Clint, H. O'Reilly, Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Colby, Ned C. (Grand Rapids Mich.)
Couse, A. (Detroit Mich.)
Cusenza Music Publishing Co. (Detroit Mich.)
De Sullivan Music Pub. Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Detroit Music Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Diggs Enterprises (Detroit Mich.)
Ditson, Oliver (Boston Mass.)
Evans, H. E. (Flint Mich.)
Evans, W. A. & Bro. (Boston Mass.)
Fischer, Burton, Co. (Kalamazoo Mich.)
Friedrich Bros. (Grand Rapids Mich.)
Graul Publishing Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Graul, Harry (Detroit Mich.)
Greater Detroit Magazine (Detroit Mich.)
Grinnell Bros. (Detroit Mich.)
Handy Brothers Music Co. (New York N. Y.)
Jennings Publishing Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Jennings, C. B., Music Co. (Howard City Mich.)
Kays Press (Ann Arbor Mich.)
Kenway Publications (Chicago Ill.)
King, L. B. & Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Lamour Printing Co. (Monroe Mich.)
Lockwood and Hoyt (Pontiac Mich.)
Lockwood, C. T., Mrs. (Pontiac Mich.)
Luck's Music Library (Detroit Mich.)
Madison Music Publishing Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Marvin, C. W., Piano Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Mast, E. H. and O. H. (Sebewaing Mich.)
Maurer, Raymond J. (Detroit Mich.)
McArthur, William A. (Detroit Mich.)
McDonald, Harry A., Music Publisher (Detroit Mich.)
Michigan Sheet Music and Organ Co. (Owosso Mich.)
Minnis, Frank, and Co. (Ann Arbor Mich.)
Mix, E. E. (Lapeer Mich.)
Nordyke Music Publications (Hollywood Calif.)
Norris, C. M. (Saginaw Mich.)
Oakland Pub. Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Owen, John S. (Lansing Mich.)
Owosso Opera House (Owosso Mich.)
Parker, J. O. (Owosso Mich.)
Pattison, Charles W. (Detroit Mich.)
Pease (Warren [n.p.])
Peerless Music Publishers (New York N. Y.)
Pierrepont Music Publishing Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Popular Music Publishing Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Reed and Shepard (Lansing Mich.)
Remick, Jerome H., and Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Roat, Charles E., Music Co. (Battle Creek Mich.)
Root, Minnie Maes (Ann Arbor Mich.)
Rosenberg, Irene (Detroit Mich.)
Schremser, E. R. (Detroit Mich.)
Shelby Music Publishing Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Sid Roy Snyder Co. (Grand Rapids Mich.)
Slayton (Albion Mich.)
Smith, John W., Campaign Committee (Detroit Mich.)
Songs Alive (Ann Arbor Mich.)
St. Joseph County Republican (Centerville Mich.)
Tripp, William H. (Saint Johns Mich.)
Tyler Bros. and Co. (East Saginaw Mich.)
Universal Music Co. (Detroit Mich.)
University High School (Ann Arbor Mich.)
University Music House (Ann Arbor Mich.)
Unpublished score ( )
Vernor, F. Dudleigh, and C. A. Fiske (Albion Mich.)
Vernor, Richard E., Publishing Co. (Albion Mich.)
Walker, William (Detroit Mich.)
Waterson Berlin and Snyder Co. (New York N. Y.)
White, J. S., and Co. (Marshall Mich.)
Whitney Warner Publishing Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Whitney, C. J., and Co. (Detroit Mich.)
Whittemore and Stephens (Detroit Mich.)
Whittemore, J. Henry (Detroit Mich.)
Zickel Bros. (Detroit Mich.)