Michigan Sheet Music

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Albaceté: Spanish waltzes
All aboard for Tashmoo Park
All for this chilly driving rain
American loyalty [piano, revised piano, and vocal editions]
Angel of Killarney
Ann Arbor Schottisch
Are we forgotten when we're gone? [2 printings]
Barn dance: schottische semplice
Beautiful day
Beautiful hills of Ann Arbor
Beautiful northern Michigan
Belle Isle waltz
Berdan's medley: ripple
Black America: a Negro oddity: march and two step
Blue wings
Bo-peep: song
Boccaccio march
Bohemian girl
Cakeless cakewalk, A
Camp Custer: march or one step
Captain Willie Brown
Central High School class song of January 1917
Chateaux en Espagne (Castles in the air) [dedicated to the ladies of the Detroit Female Seminary]
Chi Psi polka
Chummy, chum, chum
Clematis: march two step
Clorinda: march two-step (characteristic) (cover only)
Company D waltzes [dedicated to the Battle Creek Guards, M.N.G., Company D, 2nd Infantry]
Creole belle: rag-time march
Cross the Mason-Dixon Line
Daddy's doll
Dear old M.N.C. song
Deed of the pen: march
Delta Phi Schottisch
Detroit festival overture
Detroit news: march and two step
Detroit Polka
Detroit Schottisch
Detroit, always r'arin' to go: song
Dinkey bird [from the show The magic carpet]
Don't you go Tommy
Double trouble: march & two-step
Dream of home
Dreamy eyes: characteristic march and two-step
Dreamy Hilo Bay: song
Emma E. Bower march
Eugenie waltzes
Everybody two-step: rag
Everybody twostep
Fair detective
Fellowship song of Sigma Chi [2 eds., pub. in 1917 and 1923]
Fighting S. A. T. C.
Floating along: romanza: two-step
Florence Nightingale
For America and liberty [piano and band parts]
Frank Murphy march
Friendship polka [dedicated to the Class of 1854, Miss Clark's School
From out of the darkness: sacred song
Gently down the stream of time
Gildemeester and Kroeger march
Girl and the butterfly (Das Mädchen und der Schmetterling)
Gloriana: waltz
Golden side: song and chorus
Gondolier: intermezzo, the
Governor Williams march
Great Lake state--let's celebrate
Greater tomorrow
Hard shell Baptist choir
Hello bluebird: song
Hey rube: characteristic march & two step
Hiawatha: a summer idyl [incomplete copy]
Home again to Michigan
How I love a summer day
I want to go back to Michigan (down on the farm)
I'm glad I'm a Sigma Chi
I'm gonna Charleston back to Charleston
If I had the world to give you
In a China store [dedicated to L.B. King & Co. on their 80th anniversary]
Johnny for mayor
Join the Mary V. Beck busy broom brigade
Julia Arthur march
Kathleen Aroon (O du mein Lieb)
Krinolin two-step
Laugh! Clown! Laugh! [cover only]
Lena Rivers waltz
Let us lend a helping hand
Lillian's reverie, and, Ladies of the Maccabees march
Linsdale's just like heaven (if you've got no place to go)
Little bit of Holland (here in Michigan)
Little Nemo
Little wanderer out in the snow
Loading up the Mandy Lee
Love blues
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island Waltz
Mackinac waltz
Mandolin and guitar collection
May Lyle
Michigan Aggies field song
Money box revue
Monroe the beautiful
Moonlight in Sault Ste. Marie.
Mother is thinking of me
Mr. Bull of London town
Musical joys for girls and boys
My childhood's home
My hand in God's
My Michigan
My old Michigan home
My U.S.A.
Nanon waltz
Nanon waltz
New Detroit: an original dance
New voice: a national farm union song
Newsboys on parade: march
Old fashioned roses for old times sake: song
Old flag will triumph yet
Old orchard cot by the stream
On the far off shore
One happy year ago
One-two-five: march: marching song of the 125th Infantry
Only a dream: ballad
Only you
Onward America!
Orchard Lake polka
Our father don't drink any now
Our Michigan
Our Michigan
Pacemaker: march and two step
Paradise of love
Parlor bouquet: new and standard instrumental music for piano or organ, the
Patti march
Peaceful Henry: a slow drag
Peggy O'Neal waltzes
Peninsula band march
Pensierosa: valse élégante pour le piano
Perplexity (Verlegenheit)
Ponce de Leon waltzes
Pony quickstep
Progressive old glory: the flag of human rights
Purple and the gold
Purple and white
Rainy day pal
Recuerdo á Durango: wals para piano
Red keggers
Red, white & blue: wear 'em proud, fly 'em high
Roll back again those by gone days
Sadie little lady I love you
Sailing down the Chesapeake Bay
Save our flag: patriotic song
Say--you haven't sacrificed at all
Scenes of my childhood: quartet
Seaforth Schottische
See America first
Segrid: valse brilliant
Sit down
Society two-step
Soko: Moorish march
Soldiers reunion
Somewhere in America
Song of the old lighthouse
Song service for initiatory work, Order of the Eastern Star
Song to Michigan
Sovereign Two Step
Squad: march and one step [dedicated to Western State Normal football]
Sunrise in Georgia: march two step
Sweet for-get-me-not: song
Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
Sweetly dream Villetta
Take back the heart
That saxophone rag
That tango Tokio [cover only]
There's no one to welcome me home
There's no place like Michigan
They sleep in the South
Three great songs: Old Joe's dream
Three little maids: two step (a la Japanese)
Twentieth century woman: two step waltz
Union banner: a campaign song and chorus
Victory: marching song of the American legions
Viva vale: farewell and be happy: schottisch
Waiting for papa, or, Faithful through the storm
Wave: waltzes, the
We are Americans too
Wenonah: intermezzo
What will they say in Michigan
When knighthood was in flower: waltzes
When my dark Diana dreams of me
Where the apple blossoms blow in Michigan
Where the lazy daisies grow
White cross of Sigma Chi
Who'll buy my dream
Who's blue now?: song
Wilhelmina waltzes
Won't you understand?
Wounded heart
Yankee Doodle's in the fight to stay
Yankee toys: march and two step
Yea team: M.S.N.C. rooting song
You're a great big blue eyed baby
Ypsilanti (Yip-si-lan-ti): comic song