Ethnic and Minority Populations

The collections presented under this subheading are united by a world population theme. Many of the collections relate the lives of individuals who are first and second (or more) generation American's living in the United States. Moreover, topics touched on by the various collections include, life experiences as it relates to American politics, primary and secondary education, religious life, and community outreach and volunteer work. Many immigrants interviewed also contribute their remembrances from their country of origin.

Casa de Unidad field trip. Children posing with Diego Rivera mural. From Box 3 of the Casa de Unidad (Detroit, Mich.) collection.

Several collections also document the experiences of individuals and groups of people that are not recent immigrants to the United States. The collections documenting these individuals and social groups are defined by the political, economic, health, and cultural practices that are adopted by or imposed on these groups in the United States. The oral history interviews documenting these groups of American society are rich and complex. Moreover, they offer poignant challenging histories to the traditional and dominant American perspective of historical events such as the Detroit riot. Other topics include, the civil rights movement of the 20th century, desegregation efforts, equal employment opportunities, community organizing, and settlement in various US states.

African American

Kellogg African American Health Care Project records, 1997-2000.

C. L. Franklin papers, 1957-1991 (bulk 1963-1984).

Hobart Taylor and wife

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. From Box 23 of
3the Hobart Taylor papers.

C. L. Franklin oral history project, 1998-2002.

July 1967, Detroit, Michigan, a look back [sound recording].

John R. Behee sound recordings.

Christopher Alston papers, 1988-1990.

Aberbach-Walker Detroit Riot studies, 1967-1971.

Event speakers

Photograph of speakers at an event in
Robert Hayden Lounge. L to R: Lemuel
Johnson, Ronald Rice, Florence T. Sampson,
Paul Winter, Nimrod Carney. From the
Christopher Alston collection.

Jean McCarthy oral interview, 2008.

Hobart Taylor papers, 1961-1981.

All Saints Episcopal Church, Pontiac, Michigan oral history project, 2001-2002.

Arab American

Janice J. Terry papers, 1957-2007.

Filippino womens' basketball team

Glass slide of the MJJ Hospital-Misses
Basketball Team. From the George
Ezra Carrothers collection.


George E. Carrothers papers, 1952-1955 and 1964-1965.

Luce Philippine Project interviews, 1975-1980.

George Murphy papers, 1911-1961.

Luis Taruc oral interview and speech, 1974.


Harry A. Schultz transcript of interview, ca. 1970.

English 325 (University of Michigan) papers, 1978.

Ukrainian children

John Panchuk and family of Wasyl Panchuk
in Canora, Sask. Canada. From Box 3 of the
John Panchuk collection.

Alfred G. Meyer visual materials.

West Side United Methodist Church sound recordings series, 1951-1989.

Lynn Ruester oral history tapes, 1986-1992.

Italian American

Russell M. Magnaghi sound recording collection.

Casa de Unidad activity

A young boy named David pointing out his
work to his parents at an award dinner,
Summer 1998. From Box 3 of the Casa de
Unidad (Detroit, Mich.) collection.


Ana Luisa Cardona papers, 1973-2004.

Alan Clive transcripts of interviews, 1973-1974.

Casa de Unidad (Detroit, Mich.) sound recordings, 1988-1999.

Waldo Cain, M.D.

Young African American doctors, 1945. From
Box 3 of the Kellogg African American Health
Care Project collection.

Native American

Susan Shagonaby transcript of oral interview, March 1974.

Polish American

Laurie Palazzolo Horn Man research materials collection sound recordings, 1930s-2004.


Richard H. Solomon papers, ca. 1965-ca. 1967.

Alfred G. Meyer visual materials.

John Panchuk papers, 1913-1980.

Robert F. Kennedy

Photo of Robert Kennedy used in an Arab
American Newsletter, ca. 1967-1971.
From the Janice J. Terry collection.

Norman Owen transcripts and tapes of oral interviews, 1979-1980.

Solvenian American

Barbara McCann tapes, 1982.

Ukrainian American

John Panchuk papers, 1913-1980.