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Anonymous Ann Arbor, Michigan photograph collection, 1890s-1930s.
Anonymous Ann Arbor, Michigan photograph collection, 1920s?
Anonymous Michigan Central Railroad photograph collection, 1890s.
Huron River (Mich.) photograph collection, 1890s-1960s (scattered dates)
Jackson, Michigan photograph collection, ca. 1920s?.
Michigan Historical Collections topical photograph collection, 1860s-1950s.
Newspaper history of the Detroit street railway system, [1899?]
Osceola, Michigan photograph collection, 1899.
Postcard collection, 1890s-[ongoing].
Stock certificate collection, 1840s-ca.1900.
Adams, Henry Carter, 1851-1921
Aldrich, Robert D., 1920-1983, collector.
Alger, R. A. (Russell Alexander), 1836-1907.
Angelo, Frank.
Ann Arbor (Mich.)
Atwood family.
Avery, Elmer E., 1860-1914.
Barker, Jacob A.
Barkman family.
Beach, William Edward.
Beal, Junius Emery, 1860-1942.
Blair, Harold.
Boyne City, Gaylord and Alpena Railroad Company.
Breck, Samuel L., 1928-
Brooks, Will E.
Brown family.
Bunton, John, b. 1839.
Burck, Christian A.
Burns, Leo A., 1894-1982.
C.E. Lewis (firm)
Campbell, James A.
Carton, John J. (John Jay), 1856-1934.
Chandler, Elizabeth Margaret, 1807-1834.
Chicago and West Michigan Railway Company.
Clauss, Julius A., 1886-1973.
Cloon, Mary King.
Comstock, William Alfred, 1877-1949.
Conrad, E. S., photographer.
Convis, Orville P., collector.
Cooley, Ernest Linwood, 1856-1928.
Cooley, Mortimer E. (Mortimer Elwyn), 1855-1944.
Cowles, Charles S., b. 1832.
Crane, A.
Crapo, Henry Howland, 1804-1869.
Crittenden, Charles V.
Cromwell, Percy W.
Crump, Rousseau O., 1843-1901.
Dana, Cyrus.
Darling, Marion.
Degnor, D. H., collector.
Denby, Edwin, 1870-1929.
Detroit, Mackinac & Marquette Land Company.
Dickinson, Donald McDonald, 1846-1917.
Drew, Walter, 1873-1961.
Dubuar, Paul, collector.
E. C., photographer.
Eberstein, R. L.
Edwards, Harry T.
Elliott, James L., collector.
Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad.
Fargo Engineering Company.
Farnsworth, George Elon.
Fine, John V. A. (John Van Antwerp), 1903-1987.
Fitch, Abel F., d. 1851.
Fitch, Altha Gitchel.
Fletcher, Pack and Company (Alpena, Mich.)
Foster family.
Fry, Grace A.
Gale family.
Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada.
Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada.
Green, Jennie Lovan.
Hanchett, Benjamin Sawtell, 1868-1933.
Hansel, Charles.
Hart family.
Hastings (Mich. : Township)
Hayden, Jay G., 1884-1971.
Haze, Charles W., b. 1820.
Henry B. Joy Historical Research (Organization)
Hess family.
Hildebrandt, H. Mark.
Hill, Harry Capelle.
Hirzel, Fred C., 1885-1977.
Hubbell family.
Huddleston, Eugene L., 1931-
Ingham County (Mich.)
J. Cummer & Son.
Jackson, Lansing and Saginaw Railroad Company.
Jenks, William Lee, 1856-1936.
Jensen, Kathryn.
Katz, Harold L., collector.
Kendall, David Walbridge, 1903-1976.
Kenny family.
Lange, G. C.
Longyear, John Munro, 1850-1922.
Longyear, John Wesley, 1820-1875.
Loud family.
Love, Edmund G.
Lunden, Herman, 1859-1929.
Marshall, Russ.
McCallum, George P. (George Porterfield), 1871-1952.
McGrath, Frank J.
McKay, Frank D., 1883-
McLeod, D. N.
McTaggart, Helene.
Meadows, John R.
Meddaugh, Elijah Wood, 1833-1903.
Mershon, William Butts, 1856-1943.
Michelson, Nels, 1840-
Michigan Central Railroad Company.
Michigan Central Railroad Company. Manchester Station (Mich.)
Michigan Photographers Society.
Michigan Railroad Club.
Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad Company.
Michigan United Railways Company.
Michigan. Board of Internal Improvement.
Michigan. Board of State Tax Commissioners.
Miller, William Norton, 1881-1979.
Morrison, John Howard, 1880-1959.
Morton, Ethelyn Mary, 1889-1985.
Murphy, George, 1897-1961.
Muskegon Lake Railroad Company.
Myrick, W. F.
Newton, Charles Tyley, 1893-
Nichols & Shepard Company.
Nims, Louis Morgan.
Noble, Edwin S., 1838-1922.
Norris family.
Olson, Svend.
Page Woven Wire Fence Company.
Palmer family.
Park, A. Colton (Arthur Colton), 1913- , collector.
Pease, D. H.
Penn Central Transportation Company.
Pere Marquette Railroad.
Proctor, Hazel, collector.
Psi Upsilon Fraternity. Phi Chapter (University of Michigan)
Rathbun, Earl Henry.
Reimann, Lewis Charles.
Reynolds family.
Riggs, Henry Earle, b. 1865.
Ruggles & Rademaker.
Sackett, Ray Carleton, 1888-
Saginaw Valley and St. Louis Railroad Company.
Satterthwaite, Joseph C.
Sawyer, Alfred Isaac, 1828-1891.
Schimpke, Albert J., 1899-1985, collector.
Sears, William Barnard, 1831-1922.
Sharfman, Isaiah Leo, 1886-
Shaw family.
Shay, Ephraim, 1839-1916.
Shay, Ephraim, 1839-1916.
Shearman, Francis Willett, 1817-1874.
Stafford, William, b. 1828.
Stanger, Eck.
Stevenson, Thomas.
Stone, O. W.
Stoner, Claude Thomas, 1899-1977.
Stull, Anita, collector.
Swain, George Robert, 1866-1947.
Ten Brook, Andrew, 1814-1899.
Thorne, George Taylor, 1865-1945.
Toledo, Thorntown and St. Louis Railroad.
Townsend, John.
Turner, Scott, b. 1880.
Twichell family.
United States. Army. Signal Corps.
Van Wagoner, Murray Delos, 1898-
Wakeman, George L.
Waldron, Henry, 1819-1880.
Walker, Warren E.
Wanty, George Proctor, 1856-1906.
Washtenaw County Historical Society.
Wells, George L.
White, Peter, 1830-1908.
Wholihan, Timothy W., b. 1853.
Whyte, Malcolm K., 1891-1967.
Williams family.
Williams, Howard S.
Winsemius, Harry T.
Wisconsin Land and Lumber Company.
Wolff family.
Woodruff, William Schuyler, 1838-1864.
Worth, Jean, 1904-1987.
Wurster family.
Wykes, Roger Irving, 1874-
Wyllie, Cleland B., 1906-1979.
Young, Roscoe, 1864-1951?