Vertical File: Agricultural Groups

Materials relating to Michigan agricultural societies, farmers' groups and fairs.

Call no. Request Topic
FGAgricultural Groups. Misc. and gen.
FGAmerican Agriculturist
FGAuctions [Out box only]
FGCommunity Farm of Ann Arbor
FGEgypt Grange
FGFairs. Hillsdale County
FGFairs. Miscellaneous and general
FGFarmers' Institutes
[Garden Clubs. General. SEE: FN]
FGIngham County Farmer's Club
FGLenawee County Agricultural Society
FGMarsh Harvester. Nathan Pierce
FGMichigan Dairymen's Association
FGMichigan Farm Bureau
FGMichigan Farm Worker Ministry
FGMichigan Farmers Union
FGMichigan Forestry Association
FGMichigan Grape and Wine Industry Council
FGMichigan Milk Producers Association
FGMichigan Nut Growers Association
FGMichigan State Grange
FGMichigan State Horticultural Society
FGPatrons of Husbandry. Michigan State Grange
FGPatrons of Industry
FGPittsfield Union Grange
[Project Grow SEE: FN.2]
FGThe Western Rural
FGTillers International. Kalamazoo
FGVolinia Farmers' Club
FGWashtenaw County Agricultural and Horticultural Society
FGWashtenaw Farm Council