Women in Politics: introduction

Equal Suffrage parade in Grand Rapids, Michigan, n.d.

Equal Suffrage parade in Grand Rapids, Michigan, n.d.
Elizabeth L. Belen Papers, Folder "Photographs". Click for larger.

The Bentley Library actively collects the papers of individual Michigan women and the records of significant Michigan women's organizations. This guide is devoted to collections that document women's fight for equal rights in Michigan and at the national level.

It starts with the woman suffrage movement, then covers the struggle for equality (ERA and the fight against gender discrimination) and reproductive rights. Another section is devoted to women who became actively involved in the Democratic and Republican parties and were elected to office, whether at the local, state or national levels. Finally, collections relating to women in the civil rights movement are listed separately because of their importance.

Most collections listed are devoted primarily to the lives and views of women's rights activists and feminists from Michigan. However, some collections have been included that have a different focus but include in some way information relevant to Michigan women's history.

Developed by Dominique Daniel, a graduate student at the School of Information, June 2008.