Digital Histories and Publications: University of Michigan

A select list of publications relating to university history currently available online.

General Histories

University of Michigan: An Encyclopedic Survey

The University of Michigan, An Encyclopedic Survey is a rich and particularly detailed source for the history of the university from its origins in Detroit in 1817, through the first century of its operation in Ann Arbor with updates extending the history through 1975. The Encyclopedic Survey is made up of more than 400 individual histories about the administration, schools and colleges, departments, programs, units, organizations, and physical facilities that comprise the university.   Read more about the encyclopedia and view the table of contents

History of the University of Michigan, Burke A. Hinsdale, with biographical sketches of the regents and members of the university senate from 1837 to 1906, ed. by Isaac N. Demmon

The Making of the University of Michigan, 1817-1992, Henry Howard Peckham

The Michigan Book

Regents and President

President's Report to the Board of Regents, 1870-1966

Proceedings of the Board of Regents (1837-June 2005)

Index to the Regents' Proceedings (1837-June 2005)

University Education, Henry P. Tappan

Catalogs and Registers

Catalog of Academic Senate of the University of Michigan, and those who have received its regular and honorary degrees

General Catalogue of the Officers & Graduates, from its organization in 1837-1864, University of Michigan

General Register, 1843-1927

Student Newspapers and Yearbooks

The Chronicle-Argonaut, October 1890-October 1891

Michiganensian, 1897-1931 (UM student yearbook)