Section 7: Responsibility and Procedures of the University Archives and Records Program for Records Transferred to the Archives

  1. UARP will assume the responsibility for the processing of records transferred to the archives. Transfer will be governed by the transfer agreement initiated when a record group is established. Processing includes the elimination of items judged to be of insufficient historical value to warrant the cost of long-term retention, and the arrangement and description of the records.
  2. UARP will provide maintenance and preservation of historical records in secured stacks.
  3. UARP will offer reference service to generating units for their records held by the archives.
  4. UARP typically will create finding aids or catalog level description to the units' records. The finding aids generally include a history of the unit, a scope and content note, and a box and folder listing of the records. Finding aids enable the reference staff of the Bentley Historical Library to provide more efficient administrative reference and increase the value of the records for research use by students, scholars, and the general public.

UARP Records Policy and Procedures Manual - January 1993, 1st ed.,
September 2002, 2nd ed.