8.2 Instructions for Boxing Paper Records for Transfer to the Archives and to the Records Center

  1. Archival boxes are provided free by the Bentley Library. To make boxes, turn upside down and push down. Fold edges of lids at scoring and insert tabs into slots.
  2. Records should be put in boxes in the order in which they were kept in filing cabinets.
  3. Fill boxes with files as though the files were legal size. Do not fill too tightly. See diagram A.
    box diagram
  4. Keeping the box's staples on your right, affix label to short side of the box. List folders in the box. Number labels as filled. See diagram B.
    example label
  5. A computer-generated folder listing of the records should accompany the boxes.
  6. It is the responsibility of the unit to arrange and pay for the moving of ten or more boxes to the archives and for all boxes transferred to records center storage. Two options for transferring boxes are University of Michigan Moving and Trucking (734 764-2487) and Metro Delivery (734 973-0973).
  7. If you have additional questions please call the University Archives and Records Program, Bentley Historical Library, at 734 764-3482.

UARP Records Policy and Procedures Manual - January 1993, 1st ed.,
September 2002, 2nd ed.