Section 6: Implementation Guidelines for Records Center Storage


Records center storage is used for semi-active or inactive records of no permanent historical value which must be retained for a specified number of years to satisfy legal or fiscal requirements, e.g., business and financial records or closed case files. Records center storage is also used for records of historical value which have long-term periods of restriction, e.g., student or personnel folders. Records center storage may be used for records while they are awaiting processing.


Records in records center storage are not available for research use except by staff of the generating unit or with the written permission of the generating unit. All research use must be in compliance with applicable laws.

Responsibility of the Generating Unit

Request for records center storage must be made in writing to the University Archives and Records Program (UARP) at the Bentley Historical Library. Records accepted for records storage must be prepared for boxing and boxed by the unit following Bentley Library procedures. It is the responsibility of the unit to arrange and pay for the transfer of boxed records to the records center.

Responsibility of the University Archives and Records Program

  1. Space for records center storage administered by the Bentley Library is very limited. Requests for records center storage will be reviewed by UARP based on the long-term historical value of the records and the administrative needs of the unit.
  2. The records will be stored in secured storage.
  3. The records will not be processed. Access to the records will be through a folder listing prepared by the generating unit.
  4. Limited reference service will be offered to the transferring unit for their records in records storage. Records may be loaned back to the transferring unit.
  5. Records in the records center will be reviewed periodically to appraise their continued retention. If UARP decides that records should no longer be held in records center storage, UARP will consult with the donating unit about the ultimate disposition of the records.

UARP Records Policy and Procedures Manual - January 1993, 1st ed.,
September 2002, 2nd ed.