Transferring Records to the Bentley Historical Library

The Bentley Historical Library is eager to work with university units to insure the orderly transfer of vital and historically significant records to the library, which serves as the archives of the University of Michigan. Professional archivists on staff at the library provide a variety of services at no cost. These on-site services include the appraisal and preparation for transfer of records, in standard archival boxes provided at no cost by the Bentley. Instructions for boxing records to transfer to the archives is available in section 8.2 of the Records Policy and Procedures Manual.

Once the boxes have been prepared for transfer, the physical transportation of the records is the responsibility of the unit. Two options for consideration are the University of Michigan Moving and Trucking (764-2487) and Metro Delivery (973-0973). For questions about these standard procedures, please contact either Nancy Bartlett ( or Brian Williams (, University Archives and Records Program, Bentley Historical Library.