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The Board of Regents established the Bentley Historical Library in 1935 to serve as the official archives of the University of Michigan. While the University Archives and Records Program (UARP) has long worked to preserve university records of enduring historical and administrative value, today's electronic formats are just as important as earlier ledgers, catalogs, bulletins, and papers.

Bentley archivists have taken a proactive role in the preservation of digital materials by issuing recommendations for the design and maintenance of web-based content and by capturing select University of Michigan websites since 2000. The increasingly complex nature of online content and the proliferation of academic, administrative, and organizational websites have led UARP to explore new tools to capture a more extensive range of University of Michigan websites and document their changes over time.

After evaluating several subscription services, UARP has entered into a partnership with the California Digital Library's Web Archiving Service (WAS) as of July 1, 2010. WAS distinguished itself by providing essential infrastructure and data management services in addition to ongoing resource development. Please see the WAS homepage for an overview of the service as well as specific information for researchers and webmasters of harvested sites.

This arrangement will allow University Archives staff to focus on the identification, description, and capture of the ever-growing number of online university records. As a result, departments and units may feel confident that UARP will preserve unique websites on a regular basis and provide access to multiple versions of content across time.

Please see below for the respective responsibilities of UARP and the CDL in this initiative as well as opportunities afforded university units.

The University Archives and Records Program will...

The California Digital Library will...

University of Michigan units will be able to...

Note that UARP may not be able to preserve the form and/or functionality of all U of M websites as they appear on the live web. The following types of content are particularly difficult to capture and/or display:

Access to the University of Michigan Web Archives Collection

Please contact UARP web archive staff by phone (734.764.3482) or email ( ) for more information on the University of Michigan Web Archives.