Policies and guidance

University policies

The University’s Standard Practice Guide (SPG) provides the most important source of policy on how records should be managed, and how long they should be kept. Several SPG provisions summarize employee’s responsibility for managing records.

  • 601.08 University Archives and Records
  • 601.08-1 Identification, Maintenance and Preservation of Digital Records Created by University of Michigan
  • 601.11 Privacy and the Need to Monitor and Access Records
  • 601.12 Institutional Data Resource Management Policy
  • 602.05 Use and Release of Donor and Alumni Information
  • 602.06 Alumni Directories
  • 604.01 Department Record Retention for Business and Finance Records
  • 201.22 Recruitment and Selection of all Regular Faculty and Staff
  • 201.46 Personnel Records — Collection, Retention and Release
  • 601.28 Who Holds Copyright at or in Affiliate with the University of Michigan
  • 500.01 Fiscal Responsibilities

There are several other important sources of policies and official guidance of University records:

Unit-level records procedures

Unit-level records procedures document how to implement the university polices and standards and reflect the practices or requirements of a specific department, office, or unit. They include assignment of responsibility for various critical records and affirm individual employee expectations. [insert read more tag]