The Architectural Drawings of Jens Jensen

Springfield, Illinois

A planting plan. Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden.
East side playground.
Mildred Park.
Mildred Park.
Plan for proposed driveway and lake. Bunn Park. Springfield Park Comm.
Plan of Bergen Park showing location of proposed drive. Springfield Park Commission.
Planting plan around the Supreme Court building.
Planting plan. Grounds of Supreme Court.
Playground. Springfield Park Commission...Planting plan.
Proposed addition to Illinois state fair grounds
Section of Washington Park. Springfield Park Commission...Planting plan for children's pla[yground] and around lily pond.
Sketch for proposed boat-house.
Sketch. Pleasure drives and park district.
Topographical map of Bergen Park.
Topographical plan, Grounds of Supreme Court.
Topographical plat of Forest Park.
Topographical plat of Washington Park.
Trees on grounds of State Capital.
Washington Park.