Gunnar Birkerts, Conceptual Drawings

University of Michigan Sports Services Building,
Ann Arbor, Michigan

A selection of Conceptual Drawings from the Gunnar Birkerts Collection at the Bentley Historical Library.

The Gunnar Birkerts papers include over 1400 sketches in the architect's own hand, many documenting the moment of a building's conception. The Bentley Historical Library Digital Image Bank currently holds 282 conceptual drawings of 58 of his buildings. The buildings for which conceptual drawings are accessible online are:

Albion Church (Grace Lutheran Church), Albion, Michigan, 1960 (project)

Anchorage Library Competition, Anchorage, Alaska, 1981 (project)

Bald Mountain Recreational Facility, Pontiac, Michigan, 1964-1969

Bardha Residence , Birmingham, Michigan, 1984-1989

Chapel and Educational Facility, U. S. Army, Camp Wildflecken, Germany, 1980-1983

Church of the Servant, Kentwood, Michigan, 1992-1994

Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas 1970-1972

Cornell University Uris Library Addition, Ithaca, New York, 1980-1982

Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York, 1976-1980

Corning Public Library (first proposal), Corning, New York, 1969 (project)

Domino Farms Master Plan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1984

Domino's Farms Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1987 (project)

Domino's Pizza, Inc., Prototype Franchise Building, Jackson, Michigan, 1986-1988

Duke University Law School Addition, Durham, North Carolina, 1988-1995

Elmwood Housing, Detroit, Michigan, 1964 (project)

Embassy Prototype for Foreign Buildings Office, Washington, D.C., 1975 (project)

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1968-1973

Ford Motor Company Visitor Reception Center, Dearborn, Michigan, 1971 (project)

Freeman Residence, Grand Rapids, Michigan ,1965-1966

Furniture, 1960s

Glen Oaks Community College, Centreville, Michigan, 1966-1971

IBM Corporate Computer Center, Sterling Forest, New York, 1970-1972

Juma al-Majid Center for Culture and Heritage Competition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1993 (Project)

Kaufman Residence, Muskegon, Michigan, 1962 (project)

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art & Design, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri, 1991-1994

Library of Michigan, Martha Griffiths Rare Book Room, Lansing, Michigan, 1993 (Project)

Lincoln Elementary School, Columbus, Indiana, 1965-1967

Metropolitan Savings and Loan Bank, Southfield, Michigan, 1969 (project)

Pompeo Leoni Private Residential Project, Milan Italy, 1992

Minnesota History Center Competition, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1984 (project)

Minnesota Judicial Building Competition, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1984 (project)

National Library of Latvia, Riga 1989-in progress

Oberlin College Conservatory of Music Library Addition, Oberlin, Ohio, 1986-1988

Ohio State University College of Law Building Addition, Columbus, Ohio, 1988-1993

Papal Altar and Furniture, Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan, 1987

ParkCenter, Houston, Texas, 1983 (project)

Resort Development, 1988 (project)

Riga Cathedral Exhibition of "The Architecture of Gunnar Birkerts," Riga, Latvia, 1989

Sports and Civic Stadium, Venice, Italy 1989-1992 (Project)

St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Columbus, Indiana, 1980-1988

State of Wisconsin Office Building, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 1981-1983

State University of New York, Purchase College Dance Instructional Facility, Purchase, New York, 1971-1976

Tougaloo College Master Plan, Tougaloo, Mississippi, 1965 (project)

U. S. Embassy Office Building, Helsinki, Finland, 1975 (project)

United States Embassy, Caracas, Venezuela 1989-1992

University of California Central Library Addition, San Diego, California, 1987-1993

University of Iowa College of Law Building, Iowa City, Iowa, 1979-1986

University of Michigan Law Library Rare Book Room, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1982 (project)

University of Michigan Library, Flint, Michigan, 1986-1995

University of Michigan Sports Services Building, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1985-1990

University of Nebraska, Wick Alumni Center Competition, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1981 (project)

University of Turin, Humanities Faculties Building, Turin, Italy, 1989-1990 (project)

University of Utah Marriott Library Addition, Salt Lake City, 1992-1996

University of Wyoming Museum Competition, Laramie, Wyoming, 1986 (project)

Vocational Technical Institute Campus Master Plan, Carbondale, Illinois, 1967 (project)

Washington Monument Visitor Center Competition, Washington, DC, 1972 (project)

Weinstein Residence, San Francisco, California, 1986 (project)

Woodbranch Energy Plaza, Houston, Texas, 1982 (project)