Michigan in the Civil War

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Shaw family

The papers of the family of Brackley Shaw of Adrian, Mich. include letters of five soldiers:

Horatio Watson Shaw, son of Brackley Shaw. Eight letters written to his family while he was chaplain in the 29th Indiana Infantry, 1862-1863. The letters are concerned chiefly with home affairs, but the Feb. 2, 1863 letter gives a good description of the condition of the country and people around Murfreesboro, and the March 19th letter states his belief as to what will happen to the people, land and business of the South at the end of the war.

Frank Evans. One letter (May 28, 1863) written while he was serving in the 55th Ohio Infantry.

Jacob Hoffman. Three letters written while he was serving in Company K, 1st Michigan Infantry, 1861.

Henry L. Phelps. One letter (May 23, 1864) giving a description of Johnson's Island, Ohio, a prison for rebel officers. Phelps was in a 100 day Ohio National Guard unit, apparently the 1st Regiment of Organized Militia.

Menly White. Two letters (Mar. 23 and Apr. 14, 1864) written while he was serving in Company G, 61st New York Infantry. The March 23 letter tells of being a hospital orderly.