Michigan in the Civil War

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Littlefield family.

Wesley B. Littlefield, from the family papers

The papers of the family of Josiah and Mary Littlefield of Monroe County and Farwell, Mich., include letters from several family members and friends who served in the Civil War:

Cyrus E. Littlefield. Two letters (May 13 and June 11, 1863) from Fairfax Court House, Va. to his brother Josiah. Cyrus was a son of Josiah and Mary, who enlisted in Company K, 1st Michigan Cavalry, Aug. 19, 1861. He contracted typhoid during his second year in the army which the family said affected his mind; this was by way, in part, of explaining his subsequent desertion from the army.

Wesley B. Littlefield. One letter (Feb. 11, 1865) to his Grandmother Hall, from Camp Russell, Va. Wesley was a brother of Cyrus who served in Company E, 1st Michigan Cavalry.

John L. Near (or Loomis Near), who served in Company C, 1st Michigan Cavalry. One letter (July 2, 1864) to Edmund Hall, relates to Cyrus's trial for desertion. One other letter (Feb. 24, 1865) written to Josiah Littlefield from near Winchester, Va.

Michael J. Vreeland, of Brownstown, Mich., served in Company I, 4th Michigan Infantry. Two letters (Oct. 27, 1861 and Jan. 11, 1863) to Edmund Hall from Virginia.

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