University of Michigan Commencement Addresses

On August 6, 1845 the University of Michigan held commencement for its first graduating class which consisted of 12 students. Commencement continued to take place in August until 1852 when it was moved to July 21. Starting in 1853 Commencement was moved to the last week of June and remained so until 1962. The first Winter Commencement exercise was held in January 1957. A separate Spring commencement ceremony, with a speaker, for the graduate School was initiated in 1994

According to the Commencement Week exercise programs, the last week of June was filled with a Baccalaureate sermon, addresses, orations and poems. The 1878 Commencement Program is the first to list an Oration at the Commencement Exercises, given that year by the Hon. G.V.N. Lothrop, LL.D. of Detroit.

The following list includes the date of commencement, the speaker and title of the address (if known). Where the word Yes appears (in the text column), this is a link to a pdf version of the address. Please note that for some speeches we have only excerpts. Texts of the addresses come from a variety of sources including reprints in the Michigan Alumnus Magazine, the record groups of the offices President and the Assistant to the President, and other sources.


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Year Ceremony Speaker Title / Description Text
1878 June 27 Hon. George.V.N Lothrop, LL.D. D.
of Detroit
A Plea for Education as a Public Duty Yes
1879 June 26 James B. Angell, LL.D.
President of the University of Michigan
The Higher Education:
A Plea for Making it Accessible to All.
1880 July 1 Rt. Rev. Samuel S. Harris, D.D., LL.D. Bishop of Michigan Complete Education Yes
1881 June 30 Rev. John Philip Newman, D.D., LL.D.
of New York
The Beneficence of Science Yes
1882 June 29 Rev. John Milton Gregory, D.D.
of Chicago
The Sciences and the Arts of the Nineteenth Century Yes
1883 June 28 Prof. James Ormsby Murray, D.D.
Princeton College
The Debt of Our Civilization to Our Literature Yes
1884 June 26 Rt. Rev. Bishop Henry Codman Potter, D.D. LL.D.
The Place of the Scholar in the American Life Yes
1885 June 25 Rev. Dr. Samuel Lunt Caldwell
President of Vassar College
Literature in Account with Life Yes
1886 July 1 Hon. Cushman Kellogg Davis
of St. Paul, Minnesota
The Practical Limitations of Historical Precedents Yes
1887 June 30 James B. Angell, LL.D.
President of the University of Michigan
Commemorative Oration on the Semi-Centennial
Celebration of the Organization of the
University of Michigan
1888 June 28 Thomas C. Chamberlain, LL.D.
President of the University of Wisconsin
The Ethical Functions of Scientific Study Yes
1889 June 27 J.L.M. Curry, D.D., LL. D.
of Richmond, Va.
Causes of the Power an Prosperity of the United States Yes
1890 June 26 The Honorable Andrew Dickson White, LL.D.
of Ithaca, NY
Evolution and Revolution Yes
1891 June 25 Daniel Coit Gilman LL.D.
President of Johns Hopkins University
Growth of Ideas
(The Growth and Relation of the Universities to the
Material Progress of the Human Race)
Synopsis of U of Wisc. Madison, 1891
1892 June 30 Justin Winsor, LL.D.
Librarian of Harvard University
The Pageant of Saint Lusson 1671 Yes
1893 June 29 Charles Dudley Warner, L.H.D.
of Hartford, Ct.
The Work of Washington Irving Yes
1894 June 28 George Herbert Palmer, LL.D
Professor in Harvard University
Self-Cultivation in English Yes
1895 June 27 James Hulme Canfield, LL.D.
Chancellor of the University of Nebraska, and
president-elect of the Ohio State University
The Unit of Power
1896 June 25 Charles Kendall Adams, LL.D.
President of the University of Wisconsin
The University of Michigan -
The Sources of its Power and its Successes
1897 July 1 Andrew Sloan Draper, LL.D,
President of the University of Illinois
The Recovery of the Law Yes
1898 June 30 Benjamin Ide Wheeler LL.D.
Professor in Cornell University
The Old World in the New Yes
1899 June 22 Nicholas Murray Butler, LL.D.
Professor in Columbia University
The Education of Public Opinion Yes
1900 June 21 John Merle Coulter, PH.D.
Professor in the University of Chicago
The Mission of Science in Education Yes
1901 June 20 Albert Bushnell Hart, PH.D.
Professor in Harvard University
The Practical Man No
1902 June 19 Rev. Washington Gladden, D.D.
of Columbus, Ohio
Rights and Duties Yes
1903 June 18 Hon. Joseph Very Quarles
United States Senator from Wisconsin
The Old and the New Yes
1904 June 23 Professor Calvin Thomas
Columbia University
Culture and Service Yes
1905 June 22 President Henry S. Pritchett
President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Shall the University Become a Business Organization
1906 June 21 Bliss Perry, L.H.D., Litt.D.
Boston Mass.
The Academic Temper Yes
1907 June 20 Ira Remsen, LL.D.
President of Johns Hopkins University
Untitled Yes
1908 June 18 John H. Finley, LL.D.
President of the College of the City of New York
1909 June 24 Charles Mills Gayley, Litt.D., LL.D. Joined unto Idols
1910 June 30 Reverend William Herbert Perry Faunce, D.D., LL.D.
President of Brown University
New Callings and Old Duties Yes
1911 June 29 Harry Pratt Judson, LL.D.
President of the University of Chicago
Education and Social Progress Yes
1912 June 27 Professor Jeremiah Whipple Jenks
Cornell University'78, LL.D. '03
The Coming Citizenship Yes
1913 June 26 Professor George Edgar Vincent, LL.D.
President of the University of Minnesota
The Sense of the State
1914 June 25 Edmund Janes James, LL.D.
President of the University of Illinois
1915 June 24 William Oxley Thompson, LL.D.
President of the Ohio State University
The New Outlook for Educated Citizenship Yes
1916 June 29 Albert Ross Hill, LL.D.
President of the University of Missouri
University Aims and Ideals Yes
1917 June 28 Livingston Farrand, LL.D.
President of the University of Colorado
The Crisis and the Responsibility Yes
1918 June 27 William Lowe Bryan, LL.D.
President of Indiana University
The Trap Yes
1919 June 26 Honorable Frederick Paul Keppel
Third Assistant Secretary of War
What Have We Learned? Yes
1920 June 25 Marion Le Roy Burton
W President of the University of Minnesota and
President-elect of the University of Michigan
Being Alive
1921 June 30 The Right Honorable Sir Auckland Campbell Geddes,
K.C.B. M.D., LL.D.
British Ambassador to the United States
Untitled Yes
1922 June 19 The Honorable Charles Evans Hughes, LL.D.
Secretary of State of the United States
Some Observations on the Conduct of Foreign Relations Yes
1923 June 18 Reverend Harry Emerson Fosdick D.D.
Union Theological Seminary, New York
Private Conscience and Social Institutions
1924 June 16 Glenn Frank, Litt.D.
Editor of The Century Magazine
Untitled Yes
1925 June 15 John Huston Finley, LL.D.
Editor of The New York Times
The Mystery of the Mind's Desire Yes
1926 June 14 Sir Frederick Whyte
Former President of the Legislative Assembly of India
Untitled Yes
1927 June 20 Honorable Nicholas Longworth, M.C.
Speaker of the House of Representatives, United States Congress
Untitled Yes
1928 June 18 Honorable Chester Harvey Rowell
Regent of the University of California
Your Pioneer Generation Yes
1929 Jan. 17 Robert Andrews Millikan, Ph.D., SC.D., LL.D.
Director of the Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics,
California Institute of Technology
Science and Spiritual Values Yes
1930 June 23 Vincent Massey
Canadian Minister to the United States
The Amateur Spirit Yes
1931 June 22 Lotus D. Coffman LL.D (Hon)
President, University of Minnesota
Today's Challenge to the College Graduate Yes
1932 June 20 James Brown Scott
Expert on International Law
Something Attempted - Something Done Yes
1933 June 19 Christian Frederick Gauss
Dean of the College of Princeton University
Let Us Have Peace Yes
1934 June 18 Walter Lippmann No Title for Address Yes
1935 June 14 Honorable Cordell Hull
Secretary of State
No Title for Address Yes
1936 June 20 Alexander G. Ruthven
President, University of Michigan
No Title for Address Yes
1937 June 19 Alexander G. Ruthven
President, University of Michigan
Cultivation or Confusion Yes
1938 June 18 Alexander G. Ruthven
President, University of Michigan
Education and Service Yes
1939 June 17 Alexander G. Ruthven
President, University of Michigan
A Naturalist in Our Times Yes
1940 June 15 Alexander G. Ruthven
President, University of Michigan
Never to Grow Old Yes
1941 June 21 Alexander G. Ruthven
President, University of Michigan
Our Moral Heritage Yes
1942 May 30 Alexander G. Ruthven
President, University of Michigan
The Armour of Honest Thought Yes
1943 Jan. 23 Professor Lyman Bryson The World We Want Yes
1943 May 29 Alexander G. Ruthven
President, University of Michigan
No Title for Address Yes
1943 October 10 Leo Sharfman
Professor, Chairman, Economics, UM Member,
Federal Railway Mediation Board
The Challenge of the World Crisis Yes
1944 February 19 John A. Hannah
President, Michigan Agricultural College
The Debt We Owe No
1944 June 24 Shirley W. Smith
Vice President and Secretary, University of Michigan
The 1944 Commencement Address Yes
1944 October 21 Professor Hayward Keniston
Chairman, Romance Languages, UM
Former Cultural Attache at U.S. Embassy at Buenos Aires
A New Generation of University Graduates Yes
1945 February 24 Campbell Bonner
Professor, Greek Language and Literature, UM
Ask the Men Who Know Yes
1945 June 23 Edwin Blythe Stason
Dean, Law School, University of Michigan
Freedom of the Mind No
1945 October 20 Honorable Eugene Bradley Elliott
Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of Michigan
Schools and the Means of Education Shall
Forever Be Encouraged
1946 June 22 Clinton P. Anderson
Secretary of Agriculture
Can We Use The Harvest? Yes
1947 June 14 Honorable Paul Joseph James Martin
Minister of National Health and Welfare, Canada
The Dynamics of Peace No
1948 June 12 Honorable James William Fulbright
United States Senator from Arkansas
America's Opportunity No
1949 June 11 Justice Bruce D. Bromley
New York Court of Appeals
The Conservative's Role in America Yes
1950 June 17 Right Honorable Sir Oliver Shewell Franks
Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of
Great Britain to the United States
No Title for Address No
1951 June 16 Ralph J. Bunche
Director, Department of Trusteeship of the United Nations
Untitled Yes
1952 June 14 Oliver C. Carmichael
President, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
The University Today Yes
1953 June 13 Clarence B. Randall
Chairman, Inland Steel Company
Challenge in the Market Place Yes
1954 June 12 Dr. Laurence McKinley Gould
President, Carleton College
Noblesse Oblige
(Address not given because of rain)
1955 June 11 Honorable Earl Warren
Chief Justice of the United States
No Title for Address No
1956 June 16 Nabor Carrillo
Rector, National University of Mexico
A New Responsibility of Universities Yes
1957 Jan. 26 Harlan Hatcher
President, University of Michigan
Untitled No
1957 June 15 Dr. James Roscoe Miller
President, Northwestern University
Untitled Yes
1958 Jan. 25 John A. Perkins
President, University of Delaware
Undersecretary of Health, Education and Welfare
Untitled Yes
1958 June 14 Dr. Henry T. Heald
President and Director, Ford Foundation
A New Unity for the House of Learning Yes
1959 Jan. 24 The Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh
President, University of Notre Dame
Preparation for Tomorrow Yes
1959 June 13 Marian Anderson
Member of the United States Delegation to the United Nations
Untitled Yes
1960 Jan. 16 Sydney Chapman
Senior Research Scientist, UM Institute of Science & Technology
Former Head, International Geophysical Year Committee
International Adventure in Learning Yes
1961 June 11 Sir Geoffrey Crowther
Chairman, Central Advisory Council on Education (England)
Former Editor of the Economist
Two Heresies Yes
1961 Jan. 21 Chester Bowles
Acting Undersecretary of State
The Challenge of the New Era Yes
1961 June 17 Edward R. Murrow
Director, United States Information Agency
Who Speaks for America? Yes
1962 Jan. 20 Right Reverend Richard S.M. Emrich
Episcopal Bishop of Michigan
Some Aspects of a Philosophy of History as Contained
in a Popular Form of Modern Literature
1962 June 16 Robert McNamara
Secretary of Defense
No Title for Address No
1963 Jan. 26 Claude T. Bissell
President, University of Toronto
Education and Power Yes
1963 June 8 Sir Charles Snow
Rector, University of St. Andrews
Anticipations No
1963 Dec. 19 W. Willard Wirtz
Secretary of Labor
No Title for Address Yes
1964 May 22 Lyndon B. Johnson
President, United States
The Great Society   [see also Anatomy of a Speech] Yes
1964 Dec. 19 Honorable Thurgood Marshall
Circuit Judge, United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
A New Era in Human Rights - A Challenge Yes
1965 May 1 James B. Reston
Associate Editor, New York Times
Commencement of What Yes
1965 Dec. 18 Grayson Kirk
President, Columbia University
The University in Contemporary Society Yes
1966 April 30 John Kenneth Galbraith
Professor of Economics, Harvard University
Foreign Policy, Politics, and the University Yes
1966 Aug. 7 Gardner Ackley
Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors
The Uses of Economic Knowledge Yes
1966 Dec. 17 Philip C. Jessup
Judge, International Court of Justice at the Hague
The Expedient Things Yes
1967 April 29 Zakir Husain
Vice-President of India
The Nation - State as a Moral Entity Yes
1967 Aug. 6 William G. Milliken
Lieutenant Governor, State of Michigan
Knowledge, Wisdom, and the Courage to Serve Yes
1968 April 27 Robert C. Weaver
Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development
Campus and City Yes
1968 Aug. 4 John Philip Dawson
Charles Stebbins Fairchild Professor of Law,
Harvard University
Our Beleaguered Universities Yes
1968 Dec. 14 William T. Gossett
President, American Bar Association
The Politics of Dissent Yes
1969 May 3 Charles Odegaard
President, University of Washington
Competence and Commitment Yes
1699 Aug. 10 George Wells Beadle, Geneticist
Director, Institute for Biomedical Research,
University of Chicago
Genes, Intelligence, and Education Yes
1969 Dec. 12 Philip A. Hart
Senator, State of Michigan
National Priorities: Few Saints and Many Martyrs Yes
1970 May 2 Clifton R. Wharton, Jr.
President, Michigan State University
The Pluralistic University:
The Concern for Human Values
1970 Aug. 9 Sol M. Linowitz
Former U.S. Ambassador, Organization of American States
Reflections on a Troubled Campus Yes
1970 Dec. 12 Germaine Bree
Prominent Scholar, 20th Century Literature, Professor, Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin
Women Now: The Ultimate Goals Yes
1971 May 1 Alexander Robertus Todd, Baron of Trumpington
Master of Christ's College in Cambridge, England,
Head of Organic Chemistry,
University of Cambridge, England
Man and His Future - A Scientist's View Yes
1971 Aug. 15 Klaus Schutz
Lord Mayor of Berlin
The Possibility of Lasting Peace in Europe Yes
1971 Dec. 19 John U. Monro
Director, Freshman Studies, Miles College,
Former Dean, Harvard University
The Black College Dilemma Yes
1972 May 6 William James McGill
President, Columbia University
A New Problem in Academic Freedom Yes
1972 Aug. 20 George Gullen
President, Wayne State University
Your Second Act Yes
1972 Dec. 17 Robben W. Fleming
President, University of Michigan
Who, What, and How? Yes
1973 May 5 Sir Kingsley Dunham
Director, Institute of Gerontological Sciences of Great Britain,
President, International Union of Geological Sciences
No Title for Address Yes
1973 Aug. 19 Patricia Roberts Harris
Lawyer, Educator
The End of Innocence Yes
1973 Dec. 16 Clark Kerr
Chairman, Carnegie Commission on Higher Education
The American University-End of its Golden Age? Yes
1974 May 4 Gerald R. Ford
Vice-President, United States
No Title for Address Yes
1974 Aug. 18 Damon Jerome Keith
Judge, United States District Court for the Eastern District
of the State of Michigan
Working Towards an Open Society No
1974 Dec. 15 Donald Thomas Campbell
Professor of Psychology, Northwestern University
Getting Ready for the Experimenting Society No
1975 May 3 Kingman Brewster
President, Yale University
No Title for Address Yes
1975 Aug. 17 Mary Ellen Avery
Thomas Morgan Rotch Professor of Pediatrics,
Harvard Medical School,
Physician-in-Chief, Children's Hospital, Boston
The Pediatrician and the Public Yes
1975 Dec. 14 Alice M. Rivlin
Director, United States Congressional Budget Office
Government, Leadership and A Preposterous World Yes
1976 May 1 Francoise Giroud
Secretary of State on The Condition of Women,
The Republic of France
No Title for Address Yes
1976 Aug. 22 Albert E. Jenner, Jr.
Senior partner in law firm of Jenner and Block in Chicago
Welcome to the Revolution Yes
1976 Dec. 19 Wilbur K. Pierpont
Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, UM
(Betty Ford, wife of President Gerald Ford also spoke)
Requisites for Excellence No
1977 April 30 John Hope Franklin
Professor of American History, Univ. of Chicago,
Educator, Author, Emancipator
To Renew Our Faith Yes
1977 Aug. 21 Saburo Okita
Economist, Business Leader, Financial Statesman, Japan
Rich and Poor Nations Yes
1977 Dec. 18 Joseph Anthony Califano, Jr.
Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health,
Education, & Welfare
No Title for Address Yes
1978 April 29 Walter F. Mondale
Vice-President, United States
No Title for Address Yes
1978 Aug. 20 W. Michael Blumenthal
Secretary of the Treasury, United States
No Title for Address Yes
1978 Dec. 17 Right Honorable Roy Harris Jenkins
President, Commission of the European Communities
Europe and America: Image and Reality Yes
1979 April 28 Shirley M. Hufstedler
Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th
Circuit at Los Angeles
Shuttle Diplomacy in Social Revolutions Yes
1979 Aug. 19 Reverend Jesse L. Jackson
Clergyman, Civil Rights Leader
America and the Challenge of a New World Order:
A Quest for Peace
1979 Dec. 16 Thomas N. Bonner
President, Wayne State University
Whither Higher Education in Michigan No
1980 May 3 Donald F. McHenry
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
No Title for Address Yes
1980 Aug. 24 Harold T. Shapiro
President, University of Michigan
No Title for Address Yes
1980 Dec. 21 The Honorable Coleman A. Young
Mayor, City of Detroit
No Title for Address No
1981 May 2 Harold T. Shapiro
President, University of Michigan
The Promise of Knowledge and Beyond Yes
1981 Aug. 23 The Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh
C.S.C., President, University of Notre Dame
No Title for Address Yes
1981 Dec. 20 Hanna Holborn Gray
President, University of Chicago
The Real World and Other Academic Problems Yes
1982 May 1 William G. Milliken
Governor, State of Michigan
No Title for Address Yes
1982 Aug. 22 Donald Kennedy
President, Stanford University
Public and Private: The Common Ground Yes
1982 Dec. 19 William D. Ford
United States Congressman
A Challenge for Our Times Yes
1983 April 30 Lee A. Iacocca
Chairman of the Board, Chrysler Corporation
No Title for Address Yes
1983 Aug. 21 Otis M. Smith
Vice-President, General Motors Corporation,
Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice
No Title for Address Yes
1983 Dec. 18 Cecil Mackey
President, Michigan State University
Thoughts on 1984's Eve Yes
1984 April 28 Walter Cronkite
No Title for Address Yes
1984 Dec. 16 Nancy Hays Teeters
Economist, Governor of the Federal Reserve System
Our Changing World Yes
1985 May 4 James J. Blanchard
Governor, State of Michigan
No Title for Address Yes
1984 Dec. 15 Robert Alan Dahl
Sterling Professor of Political Science, Yale University
Lifetime Learning Yes
1986 May 3 Javier Perez de Cuellar
Secretary-General, United Nations and Peruvian Diplomat
"Setting a Safe Course for the 21st Century"
In Messages and Statements on the International
Year of Peace 1986
1986 Dec. 14 Dr. Charles Adams
Pastor, Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, Detroit
Hope vs. Fatalism Yes
1987 May 2 Mike Wallace
CBS News Correspondence
No Title for Address Yes
1986 Dec. 20 Harold T. Shapiro
President, University of Michigan
No Title for Address Yes
1988 April 30 Marshall D. Shulman
Adlai E. Stevenson Professor of International Relations,
Columbia University, Director, W. Averell Harriman Inst. For Advanced Study of the Soviet Union, Columbia University
No Title for Address No
1988 Dec. 18 Joseph A. Brodsky
Poet, Nobel Laureate, Columbia University
Some Tips
1989 April 29 James J. Duderstadt
President, University of Michigan
The Future is Just Not What It Used to Be Yes
1989 Dec. 17 Blenda J. Wilson
Chancellor, University of Michigan - Dearborn
The Responsibility of an Educated People No
1990 Spring Frank T. Rhodes
President, Cornell University
Former VP Academic Affairs
1990 Winter Robert Nederlander
President NY Yankees
[No title for address]
1991 Spring George H.W. Bush
41st U.S. President
[No title for address]
1991 Winter Harold Shapiro
Pres. Princeton University
Pres. Emeritus of U-M
1992 Spring Charles W. Moore
Architect and Educator
1992 Winter [no speaker} [each honorary degree recipient made brief remarks]
1993 Spring Hillary Rodham Clinton
First Lady of U.S.
1993 Winter John M. Engler
46th Gov. of Michigan
1994 Spring Cathy Guisewite
Syndicated Cartoonist of Comic Strip Cathy since 1976
1994 Graduate Dennis W. Archer
Mayor of Detroit
1994 Winter Antonio C. Novello
UNICEF Special Representative for Health and Nutrition; former Surgeon General of U.S.
1995 Spring Marian W. Edelman
Founder and Pres. of Children's Defense Fund
1995 Graduate William G. Bowen
Pres., Carnegie Mellon University.
1995 Winter [no speaker} [each honorary degree recipient made brief remarks]
1996 Spring Johnetta B. Cole
Pres., Spellman College
1996 Graduate James J. Duderstadt
11th Pres., University of Michigan.
1996 Winter Sandra Day O'Connor
Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
1997 Spring Lee Bollinger
12th Pres., University of Michigan
1997 Graduate Lee Bollinger
12th Pres., University of Michigan
1997 Winter Ken Burns
Filmmaker and Historian
1998 Spring Mamphele Ramphele
Chancellor, Cape Town University
1998 Graduate Richard Ford
1998 Winter David DiChiera
Founder and General Director, Michigan Opera Theatre
1999 Spring Kofi Annan
7th Director, General of United Nations
1999 Graduate Shirley Malcolm
Chemist, Science Policy and Science Advisor
1999 Winter Romano Prodi
Pres. of the European Community
former Prime Minister of Italy
2000 Spring David Halberstam
Journalist, Author, Pulitzer Prize Recipient
2000 Graduate Bernice Johnson Reagon
Dist. Prof of History, Curator Smithsonian,
Musician and Producer
2000 Winter Elmore Leonard
Popular Contemporary Author
2001 Spring Robert Pinsky
Former U.S. Poet Laureate
2001 Graduate Marshall Sahlins
2001 Winter Charles Baxter
Author and Adjunct Prof. of English Language
and Literature
2002 Spring William H Gray
CEO, College Fund/UNCF, Social Activist
2002 Graduate Donna Shalala
President, University of Miami
2002 Winter Philip Levine
Poet and 1995 Pulitzer Prize Winner
2003 Spring Jennifer Granholm
47th Gov. of Michigan
2003 Graduate John J. Schwartz
Physician, former Michigan State Senator
2003 Winter Thomas J. Miller
United States Ambassador to Greece
2004 Spring David E. Davis, Jr.
Journalist, founder, Editor Emeritus of
Automobile Magazine
2004 Graduate Julius J. Chambers
Civil Rights Leader and Educator
2004 Winter Robert P. Moses
Civil Rights Leader, Educator of Mathematics,
Founder and President the Algebra Project, Inc.
2005 Spring John Seeley Brown
Computer Scientist
2005 Graduate Mildred S. Dresselhause
2005 Winter Freeman J. Dyson
Prof. Emeritus, Institute for Advanced Study,
Mathematician and Physicist
2006 Spring Christiane Amanpour
Journalist, Chief International Correspondent, CNN
2006 Graduate Amartya Sen
Economist, Nobel laureate
2006 Winter Dave Bing
The Bing Group
2007 Spring William Jefferson Clinton
42nd President of the United States
2007 Graduate Philip Converse
2007 Winter Francis S. Collins
Former Director of Human Genome Project
2008 Spring Robert W. Woodruff
ABC News Anchor, Journalist
2008 Graduate Frances Allen
Computer Scientist, Turing Award Winner
2008 Winter Roger S. Penske
Chairman, Penske Corporation
2009 Spring Lawrence Page
Co-Founder and President, Google
2009 Graduate Michael Posner
Cognitive Scientist
2009 Winter Jeff Daniels
2010 Spring Barack Obama
44th President of the United States
2010 Graduate Charles Vest
President, National Academy of Engineering
2010 Winter Daniel Kahneman
Philosopher, Nobel Laureate
Princeton, Emeritus
2011 Spring Richard D. Snyder
48th Gov. of Michigan
2011 Graduate Eugene Robinson
Journalist and Author
2011 Winter Jill Abrahamson
Executive Editon, New york Times
2012 Spring Sanjay Gupta
CNN Chief Medical Correspondent
2012 Graduate Susan Orlean
Journalist and Author
2012 Winter Dr. Raynard S. Kington,
President of Grinnell College
2013 Spring Dick Costello
CEO of Twitter
2012 Graduate Rosabeth Kanter
Ernest L. Arbuckle Professor, Harvard, Editor, Harvard
2013 Winter Michele Norris-Johnson
Host and Special Correspondent, National Public Radio