Honorary Degrees awarded at the University of Michigan, 1852-2008


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AbbeCleveland1888Doctor of Laws
AbbotWillis John1927Doctor of Humane LettersEditor, Christian Science Monitor
AbbottJim (Flint)2008S
AbbottTheophilus Capen1871Doctor of Laws
AbelJohn Jacob1903Master of Arts
AbelJohn Jacob1912Doctor of Science
AchesonDean Gooderham1967Doctor of Civil LawFormer United States Secretary of State
AdamsCharles G.1986Doctor of HumanitiesPresident NAACP; Minister; Detroit
AdamsFranklin Pierce1914Master of Arts
AdamsRoger1953Doctor of LawsChairman, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois
AfricaBernabe1953Doctor of LawsXAmbassador of the Philippine Republic to Thailand
AldrichCharles Henry1893Master of Arts
AldrichEdgar1907Doctor of Laws
AllenWyeth1953Doctor of EngineeringXPresident, Globe - Union, Inc., Milwaukee; former President, Alumni Association
AlvordAustin White1902Master of Arts
AndersonMarian1959Doctor of MusicContralto, member, member of United States delegation to the United Nations; United States Cultural Ambassador to the World
AndersonThe Honorable Clinton1946Doctor of LawsXUnited States Secretary of Agriculture
AndrewsEdmund1881Doctor of Laws
AndrewsGould Arthur1955Doctor of EducationXPresident, Grand Rapids Junior College
AndrewsT. Coleman1955Doctor of LawsUnited States Commissioner of Internal Revenue
AngellAlexis Caswell1915Doctor of Laws
AngellJames Burrill1912Doctor of Laws
AngellJames Rowland1931Doctor of LawsPresident, Yale University
AnspachCharles Leroy1966Doctor of LawsXPresident Emeritus, Central Michigan University
ArcherDennis Wayne1994SDoctor of LawsMayor of the City of Detroit
ArcherRobert Samuel1939Master of EngineeringXMetallurgist, Repubic Steel Corporation, Chicago
ArnheimRudolf1995SDoctor of Humane Lettersaesthetic psychologist
ArnsteinMargaret Gene1972Doctor of ScienceDean of the School of Nursing, Yale University; DECEASED
ArtiagaSantiago1950Doctor of PublicXFormer Acting Mayor, Manila and Governor, Province of Bukidnon, Mindanao
AshbySir Eric1967Doctor of LawsMaster, Clare College, Cambridge, England
AveryClarence Willard1947Doctor of EngineeringXPresident and Chairman of the Board, Murray Corporation of America, Detroit
AveryMary Ellen1975Doctor of ScienceThomas Morgan Rotch Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard University, and Physician-in-Chief, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Boston
BabcockRobert Hall1909Doctor of Laws
BabstEarl D.1911Master of ArtsX
BabstEarl D.1951Doctors of LawsXChairman of the Board, American Sugar Refining Company
BacherRobert Fox1948Doctor of ScienceXProfessor of Physics and Director, Nuclear Physics Laboratory, Cornell University; member, Atomic Energy Commission
BaconFrederick Hampden1912Bachelor of Artsas of the Class of 1871 R. P., 1912, p. 477 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
BairdCharles1940Master of ArtsXBanker; former member, Board of Curators, University of Missouri
BairdJames1933Doctor of EngineeringPresident, James Baird Construction Company
BakerFrancis Elisha1914Doctor of Laws
BakerGwendolyn Calvert1997W
BakerHenry Brooks1890Master of Arts
BakerNewton Diehl1931Doctor of LawsFormer Secretary of War
BakerWilliam Oliver1970Doctor of ScienceVice President for Research, Bell Telephone Laboratories
BaldenspergerPhilippe Jules Fernand1937Doctor of LettersProfessor of Comparative Literature, Harvard University
BaldwinRalph Belknap1975Doctor of LawsXAstronomer, physicist, and President, Oliver Machinery Company, Grand Rapids
BalloreComte de Fernand1907Doctor of Laws
BarbosaJose Celso1903Master of Arts
BarbourFlorus Alonzo1902Master of Arts
BardeenJohn1974Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois
BargerGeorge1933Doctor of LawsProfessor of Medical Chemistry, University of Edinburgh
BarkdullHoward L. 1940Master of LawsXMember of the Cleveland, Ohio Bar; former President, Ohio State Bar Association
BarnardJob1907Doctor of Laws
BarnesGladeon Marcus1941Master of EngineeringXBrigadier General, Ordnance Department, United States Army
BarnesJohn Peter1933Master of LawsJudge, United States District Court, Northern District, Illinois
BarnesMortimer Grant1922Master of EngineeringChief Engineer, Division of Waterways, State of Illinois
BarnumWilliam Henry1879Master of Arts
BarrRobert1900Master of Arts
BartlettFred William1962Doctor of ScienceXGeologist, retired Chairman of the Board, Socony Mobil Oil, Inc.
BastinEdson Sunderland1941Doctor of ScienceXProfessor of Economic Geology and Chairman, Department of Geology, University of Chicago.
BatchelorGeorge1990SDoctor of ScienceFounder and Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge University (1959-1983)
BatesHenry Moore1941Doctor of LawsXDean Emeritus of the Law School, University of Michigan.
BaumgartnerLeona1967Doctor of ScienceVisiting Professor of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School; physician and public servant
BaxterGregory Paul1929Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Chemistry, Harvard University
BaxterWitter Johnson1866Master of Arts
BayardThomas Francis1891Doctor of Laws
BeadleGeorge Wells1969Doctor of LawsPresident Emeritus, University of Chicago and Director, Institute of Biomedical Research
BeadleWilliam Henry Harrison1902Doctor of Laws
BealJunius Emery1940Doctor of LawsXRegent Emeritus, University of Michigan
BealWilliam James1880Doctor of Philosophy
BealeJoseph Henry1933Doctor of LawsRoyall Professor of Law, Harvard University
BeckJames Montgomery1918Doctor of Laws
BeckerHellmut1967Doctor of LawsHonorary Professor for Educational Sociology, Free University of Berlin; Director, Institute for Educational Research, Max Planck Society
BeldenWilliam Henry1869Master of Arts
BellHarold Idris1934Doctor of LettersKeeper of Manuscripts and Egerton Librarian, British Museum
BelluschiPietro1967Doctor of ArchitectureArchitect; former Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BenedictWilliam Lemuel1955Doctor of LawsXRetired Head of the Section on Ophthalmology, Mayo Clinic
BentleyHelen Delich1974Doctor of LawsChairman, Federal Maritime Commission
BenzenbergGeorge Henry1912Doctor of Engineering
BergerRaoul1978Doctor of LawsConcert Musician, Public Servant, Practicing Attorney and Constitutional Scholar
BernhardHis Royal Highness Prince1965Doctor of Civil LawPrince Consort of the Netherlands
BernsteinLeonard1964Doctor of MusicConductor, pianist, composer (Musician)
BerryMary Frances1997S
BiddleAndrew Porter1935Master of ArtsDermatologist
BigelowMelville Madison1912Doctor of Laws
BiggersJohn David1942Doctor of LawsXPresident, Libbey-Owens Ford Glass Company; former Director of Production, Office of Production Management
BirminghamHenry Patrick1917Master of Arts
BissellClaude Thomas1963Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Toronto
BixbyHarold Glenn1972Doctor of LawsXChairman, Ex-Cell-O Corporation
BlairAustin1890Doctor of Laws
BlairCharles Austin1909Doctor of Laws
BlakesleeHoward Walter1935Master of ScienceScience Editor, Associate Press
BlanchardJames J.1985Doctor of LawsGovernor, State of Michigan
BlandingSarah Gibson1952Doctor of LawsPresident, Vassar College
BlissFrederick Leroy1901Master of Arts
BlochHenry W.2005S
BlodgettMrs. Minnie Cumnock1925Master of ArtsA trustee of Vassar College and a leader in matters of civic betterment
BlueRupert1913Doctor of Public Health
BlumenthalW. Michael1978Doctor of LawsUnited States Secretary of the Treasury, Washington, D.C.
BodeBoyd Henry1932Doctor of LawsProfessor of Education, Ohio State University
BoermaAddeke Hendrik1968Doctor of ScienceDirector General, Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations
BoiseJames Robinson1868Doctor of Laws
BondJr., J. Max2007S
BonisteelRoscoe Osmond1964Doctor of LawsLawyer, Regent Emeritus, University of Michigan
BonnerThomas F.1979Doctor of LawsPresident, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
BoorstinDaniel Joseph1976Doctor of LettersLibrarian of Congress
BoothFenton Whitlock1940Doctor of LawsXFormer Chief Justice, United States Court of Claims
BoothGeorge G.1925Master of ArtsA patron of arts and letters, director of large affairs, public - spirited citizen
BouldingKenneth Ewart1978Doctor of LawsEconomics Professor, University of Colorado
Bourke-WhiteMargaret1951Doctor of Fine ArtsXWar correspondent, photographer, editor
BowenCatherine Drinker1958Doctor of Humane LettersMusician, essayist, biographer
BowenWilliam G.1995SDoctor of LawsPresident of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (1988-); former President of Princeton University (1972-1988)
BowlesChester1961Doctor of LawsUnder Secretary of State, Department of State, Washington, D.C.
BradishAlvah1852Master of Arts
BradleySamuel Stewart1937Master of ScienceXPioneer organizer and builder in the aeronautical industries
BragdonClaude1931Master of ArchitectureArchitect and author
BraistedWilliam Clarence1917Doctor of Laws
BrandGeorge Edward 1949Master of LawsXMember, Detroit Bar; former President, State Bar of Michigan
BreeGermaine1970Doctor of Humane LettersProfessor, Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin
BreechErnest Robert1957Doctor of LawsChairman of the Board, Ford Motor Company
BrewsterKingman, Jr.1975Doctor of LawsPresident, Yale University
BriggsLyman James1936Doctor of LawsXDirector, National Bureau of Standards
BriggsRobert P.1969Doctor of LawsXCommissioner of Financial Institutions, State of Michigan; Regent Emeritus, University of Michigan
BrimmerAndrew F.1979Doctor of LawsEconomist
BrittonEdgar Clay1952Doctor of ScienceXDirector of the Organic Research Laboratory, Dow Chemical Company; DECEASED
BroderDavid S.1994SDoctor of Humane LettersWashington Post political columnist; winner of the 1973 Pulitzer Prize for his book The Party's Over
BrodskyJoseph Alexandrovich1988Doctor of Humane LettersPoet; Nobel Laureat 1987
BromleyThe Honorable Bruce1949Doctor of LawsXJudge, Court of Appeals, State of New York
BronkDetlev Wulf1949Doctor of LawsXBiophysicist, President, John Hopkins University
BronsonBertrand Harris1970Doctor of Humane LettersXProfessor of English, University of California at Berkeley
BronsonThomas Bertrand1931Master of ArtsAssistant Headmaster, Lawrenceville School
BrooksHenry Harlow1930Master of ScienceProfessor of Clinical Medicine, New York University
BrownCharles Carroll1913Master of Arts
BrownHenry Billings1887Doctor of Laws
BrownJ. Carter1992WDoctor of LawsDirector of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. (1969-1991)
BrownJohn Seely2005S
BrownPrentiss Marsh1952Doctor of LawsChairman of the Board, Detroit Edison Company and former United States Senator from Michigan
BrownThe Honorable John1959Doctor of LawsXAdmiralty Lawyer, Judge, United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit
BrownW. Norman1965Doctor of LettersProfessor of Sanskrit and Chairman, South Asia Regional Studies, University of Pennsylvania
BrownellRoy Edmund1970Doctor of HumanitiesXLawyer and civic leader; Secretary, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation; DECEASED
BruckerWilber Marion1955Doctor of LawsXMember, law firm of Clark, Klein, Brucker, & Waples, Detroit; former Governor, State of Michigan
BrunnowRudolph Ernest1914Doctor of Laws
BrushCharles Francis1899Master of Science
BrushCharles Francis1912Doctor of Science
BryceJames1887Doctor of laws
BuchananJohn Machlin1961Doctor of ScienceXProfessor and head of Division of Biochemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BudgeAlfred1919Master of Arts
BugherJohn C. 1964Doctor of ScienceXDirector, Puerto Rico Nuclear Center
BuhlLawrence De Long1941Master of ArtsXIndustrialist, Detroit
BulkleyHarry Conant1921Master of Arts
BulkleyHarry Conant1930Doctor of LawsMember, Detroit Bar and Regent Emeritus, University of Michigan
BuncheRalph Johnson1951Doctor of LawsDirector, Department of Trusteeship, United Nations
BuntingMary Ingraham1967Doctor of LawsPresident, Radcliffe College
BurbidgeE. Margaret1978Doctor of ScienceTeacher, Discoverer, Renowned Astronomer (University of California at San Diego)
BurchCharles Sumner1912Doctor of Laws
BurchRoussea Angelus1924Doctor of LawsJustice, Spureme Court, State of Kansas and member, Council of the American Law Institute
BurchardJohn Ely1956Doctor of ArchitectureDean of the School of Humanities and Social Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BurgessThe Right Reverend John1963Doctor of HumanitiesXSuffragan Bishop, Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
BurkeArleigh Albert1959Doctor of LawsXChief of Naval Operations, United States Navy
BurkhardtFrederick H.1968Doctor of LawsPresident, American Council of Learned Societies
BurnellJocelyn Bell2008S
BurrAlexander George1934Master of LawsChief Justice, Supreme Court, State of North Dakota
BurrDr. Colonel Bell1930Master of ArtsFlint, Michigan
BurtonClarence Monroe1905Master of Arts
BurtonMarion Leroy1920Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Minnesota; President Elect, University of Michigan
BushBarbara pierce1991SDoctor of LawsFirst Lady of the United States; spouse of President George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President of the United States
BushGeorge Herbert Walker1991SDoctor of Laws41st President of the United States
BushnellGeorge Edward1954Doctor of LawsJustice, Supreme Court, State of Michigan
ButzelHenry Magnus1942Doctor of LawsXAssociate Justice, Spureme Court, State of Michigan
BynumCaroline Walker2007W
CaldwellPhilip1983Doctor of LawsChairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company
CalifanoJoseph Anthony Jr.1977Doctor of LawsUnited States Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, Washington, D.C.
CampbellDonald Thomas1974Doctor of LawsProfessor of Psychology, Northwestern University
CampbellDouglas Houghton1932Doctor of LawsProfessor Emeritus of Botany, Stanford University
CampbellHenry Munroe1916Doctor of Laws
CampbellJames Valentine1866Doctor of Laws
CampbellRoy Stuart1949Doctor of EngineeringXFormer President and Manager, New York Ship-building Corporation
CampbellWilliam Wallace1899Master of Science
CampbellWilliam Wallace1905Doctor of Science
CandauMarcolino Gomes1961Doctor of LawsDirector, World Health Organization
CanfieldArthur Graves1935Doctor of LettersProfessor Emeritus of the Romance Languages and Literatures
CanfieldGeorge Lewis1911Bachelor of Arts(as of the class of 1888) R.P., 1911, p. 192 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
CanrightHarry Lee1921Master of Arts
CapelleJean1967Doctor of ScienceProfessor, University of Nancy, France
CappsEdward1931Doctor of LettersProfessor of Classics, Princeton University, and former Ambassador to Greece
CardozoBenjamin Nathan1923Doctor of LawsJudge, Court of Appeals, State of New York
CarhartHenry Smith1912Doctor of Laws
CarilloNabor1956Doctor of LawsRector, National University of Mexico
CarlsonWilliam Samuel1950Doctor of LawsXGeologist, explorer, and educator
CarmanGeorge Noble1906Master of Arts
CarmichaelOliver Cromwell1952Doctor of LawsPresident, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
CarmodyMartin Henry1939Doctor of LawsXMember, Grand Rapids Bar; Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus
CarnapRudolf1965Doctor of Humane LettersResearch Philosopher, University of California at Los Angeles
CarpenterWilliam Leland1913Doctor of Laws
CarrowFlemming1903Master of Arts
CarsonRalph Moore1959Doctor of LawsXMember, law firm of Davis, Polk, Wardwell, Sunderland & Kiendl, New York City
CassidyFrederic G.1986Doctor of LawsEditor, Dictionary of American Regional English
CatherWilla Sibert1924Doctor of LettersA writer whose originality of thought and forceful beauty of style have profoundly enriched American literature
CattellDavid Mahlon1915Master of Arts
CattonBruce1974Doctor of LettersAuthor; historian; Senior Editor, American Heritage Publishing Company
ChamardHenri1930Doctor of LettersProfessor, Sorbonne, Paris, and Visiting Professor, University of Michigan
ChamberlinThomas Chrowder1882Doctor of Philosophy
ChamberlinThomas Chrowder1887Doctor of Laws
ChambersJulius L.2004S
ChamplinJohn Wayne1887Doctor of Laws
ChandrasekharSubrahmanyan1967Doctor of ScienceTheoretical astrophysicist
ChanningEdward1921Doctor of Laws
ChapinAngie Clara1895Master of Arts
ChapinRoy Dikeman1922Master of ArtsPresident, Hudson Motor Car Company
ChapmanSydney1960Doctor of ScienceGeophysical Scienctist, Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Science and Technology, University of Michigan
ChaseHarry Woodburn1932Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Illinois
ChayneCharles Augustine1958Doctor of EngineeringVice-President in Charge of the Engineering Staff, General Motors Corporation
ChesebroughHarry Elmer1967Doctor of EngineeringXVice-President for Production Planning and Development, Chrysler Corporation
ChipmanJohn1972Doctor of ScienceProfessor Emeritus of Metallurgy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ChristianEdmund Adolph1906Master of Arts
ChristianHenry Asbury1938Doctor of ScienceHersey Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physics, Harvard Medical School, and Physician-in-Chief, Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston
ChryslerWalter Percy1936Doctor of EngineeringChariman of the Board, Chrysler Corporation
CislerWalker Lee1956Doctor of EngineeringPresident and Director, Detroit Edison Company
ClappEarl Hart1928Doctor of ScienceAssistant Forester in Charge of Research, United States Forest Service
ClarkAnnie Duxberry1914Master of Arts
ClarkHerbert Watson1935Doctor of LawsMember, San Francisco Bar
ClarkKenneth B.1977Doctor of LawsPsychologist, Clark, Phipps, Clark & Harris, Inc., New York City
ClarkPeter B.1977Doctor of LawsPresident and Publisher, The Evening News Corporation, Detroit, Michigan
ClementsWilliam Lawrence1934Doctor of LawsIndustrialist; collector of historical books and manuscripts
ClintonHillary Rodham1992WDoctor of LawsFirst Lady of the United States
ClintonWilliam Jefferson2007S
CochranCarlos Bingham1907Doctor of Science
CochranVarnum Barstow1882Master of Arts
CodyFrank1924Master of ArtsSuperintendent, Detroit Public Schools
CoffinHoward Earle1917Doctor of Engineering
CoffmanLotus Delta1931Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Minnesota
ColeEdward N.1964Doctor of EngineeringVice-President in Charge of Car and Truck Divisions Group, General Motors Corporation
ColeJohnnetta B.1996SLaws
ColeRossetter Gleason1913Master of Arts
CollerFrederick Amasa1959Doctor of ArtsSurgeon, historian of medicine, Professor Emeritus of Surgery and long - time Chairman, Department of Surgery, University of Michigan, Medical School
CollinsFrancis S.2007W
ComstockAda Louise1921Doctor of Laws
ComstockGeorge Cary1907Doctor of Science
ConantJames Bryant1949Doctor of LawsChemist; President of Harvard
ConversePhilip E.2007S
CookDonald Clarnece1966Doctor of LawsXPresident, American Electric Power Company
CookErnest Fullerton1937Master of ScienceChairman, Committee of Revision, United States Pharmacopoeia
CookGeorge Winter1941Master of LawsMember of the Flint Bar; former President, Michigan State Bar Association
CookeJames Francis1938Doctor of LawsMusician, editor, President, Presser Foundation
CookePhilip St. George1883Master of Arts
CooleyLyman Edgar1915Doctor of Engineering
CooleyMortimer Elwyn1885Master of Engineering
CooleyMortimer Elwyn1929Doctor of Engineering
CooleyThomas Benton1940Doctor of ScienceXPediatrician; former member, Medical Faculty
CooleyThomas McIntyre1873Doctor of Laws
CoplandAaron1964Doctor of MusicComposer
CornelyPaul Bertau1968Doctor of ScienceXHead of the Department of Preventative Medicine and Public Health, Howard University
CorreaCharles M.1980Doctor of ArchitectureXArchitect, Bombay, India
CorwinDr. Edward Samuel1925Doctor of LawsMcCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University
CoulterGlenn Monroe1958Doctor of LawsXAttorney
CourtneyWalter1908Master of Arts
CourvoisierJacques1967Doctor of Humane LettersProfessor of Church History, University of Geneva
CraftsEdward Clayton1968Doctor of ScienceXDirector, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, United States Department of Interior
CraigieSir William Alexander1929Doctor of LettersEditor, Oxford English Dictionary
CrandallLou Revere1953Doctor of EngineeringXPresident, George A. Fuller Company
CraneAugustus Warren1932Master of ArtsPioneer Roentgenologist
CraneRonald Salmon1941Doctor of Humane Letters XProfessor and Chairman, Department of English, University of Chicago
CressEarl Henry1956Master of BusinessXPresident, Ann Arbor Trust Company
CrewHenry1914Doctor of Science
CrockerHerbert Samuel1919Master of Engineering
CrockerHerbert Samuel1934Doctor of EngineeringCivil engineer
CronkiteWalter1984Doctor of LawsCBS Correspondent
CrosbyElizabeth Caroline1970Doctor of ScienceXProfessor Emeritus of Anatomy and Consultant in Neurosurgery, University of Michigan and University of Alabama; DECEASED
CrossWilbur Lucius1923Doctor of Humane LettersProfessor of English Literature and Dean of the Graduate School, Yale University
CrowderEnoch Herbert1920Doctor of Laws
CrowtherSir Geoffrey1960Doctor of LawsChairman, Central Advisory Council for Education (England); Managing Director, The Economist
CrozierWilliam1923Doctor of EngineeringMajor General, United States Army
CrummerLeRoy1929Doctor of LettersPhysician and collector of books and prints relating to the history of medicine
CunninghamEdwin Sheddan1938Master of ArtsXUnited States Consul General, Shanghai, China, retired
CunninghamThe Reverend William T.1994SDoctor of Humane LettersPast of the Catholic Church of Madonna; Founder of Focus: HOPE
CurtiMerle1964Doctor of Humane LettersFrederick Jackson Turner Professor of History, University of Wisconsin
CurticeHarlow Herbert1955Doctor of EngineeringPresident, General Motors Corporation
CurtisGeorge Morris1952Doctor of ScienceXProfessor of Surgery and Chairman, Department of Research Surgery, Ohio State University
CushnyDr. Arthur Robertson1925Doctor of LawsFellow of the Royal Society and Professor of Materia Medica, University of Edinburgh
CuttingCharles Sidney1907Doctor of Laws
D'OogeMartin Luther1889Doctor of Laws
DahlRobert A.1985Doctor of LawsSterling Professor of Political Science, Yale University
DallapiccolaLuigi1967Doctor of MusicMusical composer
DanaSamuel Trask1953Doctor of LawsProfessor Emeritus of Forestry and Dean Emeritus of the School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan
DandoShigemitsu1985Doctor of LawsJudge from Japan
DanielJohn Warwick1887Doctor of Laws
DanielsTroy Cook1967Doctor of ScienceXDean Emeritus of the School of Pharmacy, University of California
DantzigGeorge B.1994WDoctor of ScienceXMathematician
DarbyWilliam Jefferson, Jr.1966Doctor of ScienceXNutritionist and Chairman, Department of Biochemistry, Vanderbilt University
DarlingGeorge Bapst, Jr.1975Doctor of LawsXProfessor Emeritus of Human Ecology, Yale University
DarlingJohn Henry1915Doctor of Engineering
DavidEdward E(mil), Jr.1971Doctor of ScienceScience Adviser to the President of the United States, and Director, Office of Science and Technology
DavidVernon Cyrenius1950Doctor of ScienceXRush Professor Surgery, University of Illinois
DavisCushman Kellogg1886Doctor of Laws
DavisHarry Compton1912Bachelor of Laws(as of the Class of 1877 R.P., 1912, p. 477 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
DavisJoseph Baker1912Master of Arts
DavisJr., David E.2004S
DavisRaymond Cazallis1881Master of Arts
DawsonJohn Philip1968Doctor of LawsXCharles Stebbins Fairchild Professor of Law, Harvard University
DayEdmund Ezra1949Doctor of LawsPresident of Cornell University from 1937 to 1940 and then its Chancellor
DayWilliam Rufus1898Doctor of Laws
De BakeyMichael Ellis1967Doctor of ScienceSurgeon
Charles Beylard Guerard1893Master of Arts
Charles Beylard Guerard1919Doctor of Laws
De SchweinitzGeorge Edmund1923Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Ophthalmology, University of Pennsylvania and President, American Medical Association
DeardorffNeva Ruth1933Master of ArtsDirector Research Bureau, Welfare Council of New York
DeckerEdward Harris1913Bachelor of Arts(as of the Class of 1897 R.P., 1913, p. 760 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
DeCuellarJavier Perez1986Doctor of LawsSecretary-General, United Nations
DeFranceSmith J.1953Doctor of EngineeringXDirector, Ames Aeronautical Laboratory, Moffett Field, California
Del ValleRaphael1907Bachelor of Science
DeLarrochaAlicia1979Doctor of MusicConcert Pianist, Barcelona, Spain
DempseyJames Raymon1964Doctor of EngineeringXPresident, Astronautics Division of the General Dynamics Corporation
DenisonArthur Carter1916Doctor of Laws
DenneyJoseph Villiers1910Master of Arts
DennisDr. Louis Munroe1926Doctor of ScienceProfessor and Head of the Department of Chemistry, Cornell University
DennisonHenry Sturgis1929Doctor of BusinessPresident, Dennison Manufacturing Company, Framingham, Massachusetts
DercleCharles1917Master of Arts
DethmersThe Honorable John Roy1959Doctor of LawsXMember, law firm of Eisenhower, Hunter, Ramsdel, and Duncan, Tacoma
DeutschKarl Wolfgang1975Doctor of LawsPolitical scientist and Professor, Harvard University
DeVriesPeter1984Doctor of LettersWriter, Poet, Editor
DeweyJohn1913Doctor of Laws
DeweyRichard Smith1900Master of Arts
DeweyThomas Edmund1937Master of ScienceXDeputy Assistant District Attorney, New York County
DeWittLydia Maria Adams1913Master of Arts
DeySurendra Kumar1963Doctor of LawsXMinister of Community Development, Government of India
DikeKenneth Onwuka1979Doctor of LawsAfrican Historian, Harvard University, former President, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
DillmanGrover Cleveland1952Doctor of EngineeringPresident, Michigan College of Mining and Technology
DitchyClair William1956Master of ArchitectureXArchitect, Civic Planner, Administrator
DobzhanskyTheodosius1967Doctor of ScienceProfessor and Member, Rockefeller University
DoddsHarold Willis1955Doctor of LawsPresident, Princeton University
DodgeJoseph Morrell1949Doctor of LawsPresident, Detroit Bank and President, American Bankers Association; deputy for trade and finance to the Military Governor of Germany
DolbearAmos Emerson1883Doctor of Philosophy
DonnerFrederic Garrett1961Doctor of LawsXChairman of the Board, General Motors Corporation, 1775 Broadway, New York 19, N.Y.
DonovanAllen Francis1964Doctor of EngineeringXSenior Vice-President, Technical, Aerospace Corporation
DonovanCornelius1912Doctor of Engineering
DoolittleCharles Leander1897Doctor of Science
DoolittleJames Harold1958Doctor of EngineeringAviator, pioneer in aeronautics, military strategist
DowAlden Ball1963Doctor of ArchitectureXArchitect, Midland, Michigan
DowAlex1911Master of EngineeringPresident, Detroit Edison Company
DowAlex1924Doctor of Engineering
DowHenry Herbert1929Doctor of EngineeringPresident, Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Michigan
DowWillard Henry1941Doctor of EngineeringXManufacturer of chemicals, Midland, Michigan
DoxiadisConstantinos Apostolos1967Doctor of LawsArchitect; President, Doxiadis Associates, Athens, Greece, Chairman of the Board, Athens Technological Institute
DrachlerNorman1972Doctor of LawsXDirector, Institute for Education Leadership, The George Washington University; former Superintendent, Detroit Public Schools
DresselhausMildred S.2005S
du BroisrouvrayCountess Albina1993SDoctor of Humane LettersPresident of the Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud, a worldwide charitable foundation established in memory of her son (B.S. Engineering, 1982); generous contributor to aerospace engineering at the University
DudleyAdolphus Mansfield1939Doctor of EngineeringXElectrical engineer; Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.
DudleyCharles Ashman1906Master of Arts
DuffyJames Eugene1921Master of Arts
DugganStephen Pierce1933Doctor of LawsFaculty Member, Department of Political Science, Colleg of the City of New York and Director, Institute of International Education
DunhamSir Kingsley Charles1973Doctor of ScienceDirector, Institute of Geological Sciences, London, England, and President, International Union of Geological Sciences
DunnWilliam LeRoy1916Master of Arts
DysonFreeman J.2005W
EamesWilberforce1924Doctor of LawsOf the New York Public Library, an authority in the literature dealing with the early history of America
EastmanJoseph Bartlett1942Doctor of LawsChairman, Interstate Commerce Commission and Director, Office of Defense Transportation
EastmanSidney Corning1923Master of ArtsAn honored member of the Chicago Bar, and an alumnus constant in devotion and generous in loyalty
EddyNathan Browne1963Doctor of ScienceConsultant on Narcotics, National Institutes of Health
EdelmanMarian Wright1995SDoctor of LawsPresident and Founder of the Children's Defense Fund (1973-)
EdsallJohn Tileston1968Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Biological Chemistry, Harvard University
EisenmannJohn1913Master of Arts
EisensteinElizabeth L.2004W
EllesNorma Bertha1940Master of ScienceXOphthalmologist; Houston, Texas
ElliottIsaac Hughes1919Master of Arts
EllisHoward Sylvester1951Doctor of LawsXProfessor Economics, University of California
EllisonRalph W.1967Doctor of LettersAuthor
EmanuelJulia Esther1951Master of ScienceXPharmacist and civic leader
EmrichThe Right Reverend1962Doctor of Humane LettersBishop, Episcopal Diocese, Michigan
EnglerJohn M.1993WDoctor of Laws46th Governor of the State of Michigan
ErhardHis Excellency Ludwig1967Doctor of Civil LawEconomist and statesman; former Chancellor, Federal Republic of Germany
ErlangerJoseph1937Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Physiology, Washington University
ErlansonCarl Oscar1956Doctor of ScienceXHead of the Section of Plant Introduction, Agricultural Research Service
EspieJohn Paxton1948Doctor of Public AdministrationState Representative for twelve terms; Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means of the Michigan House of Representatives.
EvansWilliams Augustus1911Doctor of Public Health
EverittWilliam Littell1967Doctor of EngineeringXDean of the College of Engineering, University of Illinois
EvertsOrpheus1865Doctor of Medicine
EwellMarshall Davis1879Doctor of Laws
FagerburgDewey Frank1954Master of LawsXMember, law firm of Snyder, Chadwell, and Fagerburg
FairbankJohn King1982Doctor of LawsPioneer in the American Study of Modern China
FairmanJames Ferdinand1953Doctor of EngineeringXVice-President, Consolidate Edison Company, New York
FarrandLivingston1917Doctor of Laws
FarrandMax1931Doctor of LawsHistorian; Director of Research, Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery
FayEdward Allen1912Doctor of Science
FeadLouis Henry1934Doctor of LawsAssociate Justice, Supreme Court, State of Michigan
FeinsingerNathan Paul1973Doctor of LawsXProfessor of Laws, University of Wisconsin
FeisHerbert1966Doctor of LettersMember, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University
FergusonHomer1951Doctor of LawsXUnited States Senator from Michigan
FerrisWoodbridge Nathan1913Doctor of Laws
FerryDexter Mason, Jr. 1933Master of ArtsPresident, Ferry - Morse Seed Company and President, Standard Accident Insurance Co.
FinchJohn Wesley1879Doctor of Dentistry
FinkGeorge Rupert1941Doctor of EngineeringManufacturer of steel, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
FinleyDr. John Huston1925Doctor of LawsAuthor, educator, college president, and editor of the New York Times
FirthRaymond William1967Doctor of LawsProfessor of Anthropology, LondonSchool of Economics
FischerArthur Ferdinand1915Master of Arts
FishJames Brown1963Doctor of EngineeringPresident, Bell Telephone Laboratories
Fisher IIICharles T.1994SDoctor of LawsPast chairman and president of NBD Bancorp and its principal subsidiary, NBD Bank, N.A.
FiskeBradley Allen1921Doctor of Laws
FiskeJr., Robert B.1997S
FiskeLewis Ransom1879Doctor of Laws
FlahertyRobert Joseph1950Doctor of Fine ArtsCreator of the Documentary film
FlemingRobben Wright1967Doctor of LawsPresident Designate, University of Michigan
FletcherFrank Ward1910Master of Arts
FockVladimir Alexandrovitch1967Doctor of ScienceTheoretical Physicist and Professor, University of Leningrad
FollettWilliam W.1914Master of Engineering
FontaineAthanas Paul1968Doctor of BusinessChairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Bendix Corporation
FontanaMars Guy1975Doctor of EngineeringXChairman, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Ohio State University
FooteMark1941Master of ArtsXJournalist and Washington correspondent
FordCorydon La1881Doctor of Laws
FordElizabeth Bloomer (Mrs. )1976Doctor of LawsFirst Lady, United States
FordGerald R.1974Doctor of LawsXVice President, United States
FordGuy Stanton1939Doctor of LawsHistorian; President, University of Minnesota
FordHenry1926Doctor of EngineeringWhose genius brought into being an industry that changed the world
FordWilliam D.1982Doctor of LawsUnited States Congressman
FordWorthington Chauncey1920Doctor of Laws
FosdickThe Reverand Harry1923Doctor of LawsSpecial Preacher, First Presbyterian Church, New York City and Professor of Practical Theology, Union Theological Seminary
FosterLuther Hilton1967Doctor of LawsPresident, Tuskegee Institute
FoxGeraldine Dietz1990SDoctor of LawsExecutive Director, Friends of NIDCD (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders);
FrackeltonWilliam S.1895Master of Arts
FranckeDon Eugene1967Doctor of ScienceXEditor and Publisher, Drug Intelligence
FrankGlenn1924Doctor of Humane LettersEditor-in-Chief, Century Magazine
FranklinJohn Hope1977Doctor of Humane LettersHistorian, University of Chicago
FranksThe Right Honorable Sir1950Doctor of LawsAmbassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Great Britain to the United States
FraserDouglas A.1980Doctor of LawsPresident, United Automobile Workers Union, Detroit
FredricksonDonald S.1977Doctor of ScienceXDirector, National Institutes of Health, HEW
FreemanAlice Elvira1882Doctor of Philosophy
FreerCharles Lang1904Master of Laws
FreirePaulo1978Doctor of LawsBrazilian Educator, Geneva, Switzerland. Philosopher, Liberator
FrenchWalter Hiram1913Master of Science
FreundErnst1931Doctor of LawsProfessor of Jurisprudence and Public Law, Univerity of Chicago
FreyDonald Nelson1967Doctor of EngineeringXVice-President, Ford Motor Company and General Manager, Ford Division
FriedmanCarl Kimball1913Bachelor of Arts(as of the Class of 1891 R.P., 1913, p. 760 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
FriedmanHerbert1979Doctor of ScienceChief Scientist, E. O. Hulburt Center for Space Research, Washington, D.C.
FriezeHenry Simmons1885Doctor of Laws
FrostRobert1922Master of ArtsPoet and teacher; DECEASED
FrostRobert1962Doctor of Laws
FryeBilly E.1991SDoctor of LawsVice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Emory University; former Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, University of Michigan, 1982-86
FulbrightThe Honorable James1948Doctor of LawsUnited States Senator from Arkansas; former President, University of Arkansas
FullerR. Buckminster1955Doctor of ArtsAuthor, inventor, and architect
FurnasClifford Cook1958Doctor of EngineeringXChancellor, University of Buffalo; aeronautical engineer
GabrilowitschOssip1928Doctor of MusicConductor, Detroit Symphony Orchestra
GalbraithJohn Kenneth1966Doctor of LawsProfessor of Economics, Harvard University
GardnerThe Honorable John1967Doctor of LawsUnited States Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, Washington, D.C.
GarrelsRobert M.1980Doctor of ScienceXEducator, Geoscientist, Professor of Geology, Northwestern University of South Florida
GarwoodRalph Stillman1915Master of Arts
GaultHarry G.1959Doctor of LawsXMember, law firm of Gault, Davison, and Bowers, Flint
GaussChristian1933Doctor of LawsDean of the College, Princeton University
GayEdwin Francis1920Doctor of Laws
GayleyCharles Mills1904Doctor of Laws
GeddesNorman Bel1937Master of ArtsStage, industrial, and architectural designer
GeddesSir Auckland Campbell1921Doctor of LawsBritish Ambassador to the United States
GeislerJoseph Frank1911Doctor of Science
GemmellRobert Campbell1913Master of Engineering
GerrishFrederic Henry1904Doctor of Laws
GerstackerCarl A.1993WDoctor of LawsXChairman of the Board at Dow Chemical for sixteen years; served as chairman of the Export Expansion Council of the U.S. Dept. of Commence and as a member of the United States Commission of UNESCO; generous contributor of engineering education and research at the University
GerstenbergRichard Charles1973Doctor of LawsXChairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, General Motors Corporation
GiffordHarold1912Master of Arts
GilbertCass1916Doctor of Laws
GilbrethLillian Moller1928Master of EngineeringConsulting Engineer in management
GilmourJohn1917Master of Arts
GinsburgRuth Bader2001S
GiroudFrancoise1976Doctor of Humane LettersSecretary of State for Women's Affairs, The French Republic
GlaserDonald A.2002S
GlassDavid V.1967Doctor of ScienceDemographer: Martin White Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science
GoddardJames Lee1967Doctor of ScienceCommissioner, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
GoebelPaul Gordon1973Doctor of LawsXRegent Emeritus, University of Michigan
Goffe. James RiddleMaster of Arts1916
GoldbergLeo1974Doctor of ScienceHiggins Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University; Director, Kitt Peak National Observatory; and current President, International Astronomical Union
GoldmanJerome Lee1973Doctor of ScienceXNaval architect and marine engineer
GombergMoses1937Doctor of LawsXProfessor Emeritus of Chemistry, Universtiy of Michigan
GoodJames William1929Doctor of LawsSecretary of War
GoodMary L.1998S
GoodaleGeorge Pomeroy1915Master of Arts
GoodierJames Norman1967Doctor of EngineeringXProfessor of Engineering Mechanics, Stanford University; DECEASED
GoodmanLeo A.2003W
GoodrichErnest Payson1935Doctor of Engineering Consulting engineer
GoodwinThomas1917Master of Arts
GordonJohn Franklin1963Doctor of EngineeringXPresident and Chief Operation Officer, General Motors Corporation
GordonSeth Edwin1953Doctor of ScienceConsultant and General Director, California Fish and Game Commission
GoreckiHenryk Mikolaj1996SMusic
GormanMichael Arthur1954Master of ArtsEditor, Flint Journal
GossettWilliam Thomas1968Doctor of LawsPresident, American Bar Association
GouldLaurence McKinley1954Doctor of LawsXPresident, Calreton College
GourneauDwight A.2001W
GraberT. M.1994WDoctor of ScienceOrthodontist and anatomist
GraceSergius Paul1932Doctor of EngineeringAssistant Vice-President, Bell Telephone Laboratories
GrandgentCharles Hall1922Doctor of Humane LettersOne of the finest of Harvard's teachers
GranholmJennifer M.2003S
GrantClaudius Buchanan1891Doctor of Laws
GravesBenjamin Franklin1883Doctor of Laws
GravesMortimer1960Doctor of Humane LettersFormer Executive Director, American Council of Learned Societies
GrawnCharles Theodore1906Master of Arts
GrayAsa1887Doctor of Laws
GrayHanna Holborn1981Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Chicago
GrayWilliam H.2002S
GreenAndrew Heatley1919Master of Engineering
GreeneCharles Ezra1884Civil Engineering
GrennanJacqueline1967Doctor of HumanitiesPresident, Webster College
GrievesClarence Jones1922Master of ArtsChief of the Dental Staff and Oral Consultant, Johns Hopkins University Hospital
GriffinRobert Paul1973Doctor of LawsXUnited States Senator
GriffithsMartha Wright1975Doctor of LawsUnited States Congresswoman
GriswoldErwin Nathaniel1959Doctor of LawsDean of the Law School, Harvard University
GroesbeckAlexander Joseph1922Doctor of LawsGovernor, State of Michigan
GroesbeckClarence Edward1931Doctor of EngineeringBanker and director of public utilities
GuestEdgar Albert1955Doctor of LawsWriter
GullenGeorge Edgar, Jr.1972Doctor of LawsPresident, Wayne State University
HaffDelbert James1909Master of Arts
HallDonald1993SDoctor of Humane LettersPrize-winning poet, essayist, anthologist, dramatist, critic, and author of children's books; a member of the University of Michigan faculty 1957-1975
HallGranville Stanley1887Doctor of Laws
HamadaShoji1967Doctor of Fine ArtsCeramist
HamiltonAlice1910Master of ArtsXPioneer investigator in the field of industrial medicine; former member of the faculty of Harvard Medical School
HamiltonAlice1948Doctor of ScienceXPioneer investigator in the field of industrial medicine; former member of the faculty of Harvard Medical School
HampSteven K.2002S
HanchettBenton1896Doctor of Laws
HanksNancy1971Doctor of Fine ArtsChairman, National Endowment for the Arts
HannahJohn Alfred 1944Doctor of LawsXPresident, Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science
HansonHoward1960Doctor of MusicDirector, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
HanusPaul Henry1925Doctor of LawsProfessor of the History and Arts of Teaching, Harvard University
HarisonBeverly Drake1910Master of Arts
HarlanThe Honorable John1959Doctor of LawsJustice, United States Supreme Court
HarleyHerbert Lincoln1937Master of LawsXDirector, American Judicature Society
HarperLathrop Colgate1928Master of ArtsBibliographical expert
HarrimanKarl Edwin1910Bachelor of Arts(as of the Class of 1898 R.P., 1910, p. 795 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc)
HarringtonMark Walrod1894Doctor of Laws
HarrisJoseph1868Master of Science
HarrisPatricia Roberts1973Doctor of LawsPartner, law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver, and Kampelman, Washington, D.C.
HarrisSamuel Smith1887Doctor of Laws
HarrisWilliam Pickett, Jr.1938Master of ScienceMammalogist; Honorary Associate Curator of Mammals, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan
HarrisonRoss Granville1929Doctor of ScienceSterling Professor of Biology and Director, Osborn Zoological Laboratory, Yale University
HarrisonTinsely Randolph1940Master of ScienceXAssociate Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University
HarrisonWallace Kirkman1968Doctor of ArchitectureNew York architect
HartSir Robert1886Doctor of Laws
HartThe Honorable Philip A.1969Doctor of LawsXUnited States Senator from Michigan; DECEASED
HastingsAlbert Baird 1941Doctor of ScienceXHammilton Kuhn Professor of Biological Chemistry, Harvard University Medical School
HatcherHarlan Henthorne1951Doctor of LawsVice-President, Ohio State University and President-elect, University of Michigan
HaugenEinar Ingvald1953Doctor of LettersThompson Professor of Scandinavian Languages, University of Wisconsin
HavenhillL.D.1940Master of ScienceXDean of the School of Pharmacy, University of Kansas
HavensGeorge Remington1959Doctor of Humane LettersProfessor of French, Ohio State University
HawkinsWillis Moore, Jr.1964Doctor of EngineeringXAssistant Secretary of the Army for Research and Development
HayaishiOsamu1980Doctor of ScienceDean of the Medical School, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan; Biochemist
HayesDr. George Byron1926Master of ScienceA graduate of the College of Dental Surgery in the class of 1889 and resident since then in Paris, he gained international recognition as a leader in his profession
HayesHelen1971Doctor of Humane LettersActress
HazardCaroline1899Master of Arts
HebertDon1994SDoctor of Science (Dearborn)Creator of Watch Mr. Wizard, a half hour weekly television program introduced in 1951 and continued until 1965; honorary degree conferred at University of Michigan-Dearborn, April 24, 1994
HedrickEarle Raymond1936Doctor of ScienceXProfessor of Mathematics, University of California at Los Angeles
HegelerEdward Charles1883Master of Arts
HeinemanDavid Emil1912Master of Arts
HeissCharles Augustus1928Master of ArtsComptroller, American Telephone and Telegraph Company
HektoenLudvig1913Doctor of Science
HemplGeorge1915Doctor of Laws
HennequinAlfred1873Master of Arts
HermelinDavid B.2000S
HerrickJames Bryan1907Master of Arts
HerrickJames Bryan1932Doctor of Laws
HesburghThe Reverend Theodore1981Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Notre Dame
HessAlfred Fabian1930Doctor of SciencePediatrician and recognized authority upon vitamins and deficiency diseases
HeussHis Excellency Theodor1958Doctor of Civil LawPresident of the Federal Republic of Germany
HeynsRoger William1967Doctor of LawsXChancellor, University of California at Berkeley
HicksClarence John1937Doctor of LawsChairman, Executive Committee, Industrial Relations Counselors
HicksWeimer K.1964Doctor of LawsPresident, Kalamazoo College
HighJames Lambert1887Doctor of Laws
HiguchiTakeru1967Doctor of ScienceRegents' Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, University of Kansas
HilgardEugene1887Doctor of Laws
HillAlbert Ross1916Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Missouri
HillJr., Jesse1996SLaws
HillLouis Clarence1911Master of Engineering
HinsdaleWilbert B.1934Master of ArtsPhysician, educator, archaeologist
HitchingsGeorge Herbert1971Doctor of ScienceVice President for Research, Burroughs Wellcome Company
HobbsWilliam Herbert1939Doctor of LawsProfessor Emeritus of Geology, University of Michigan
HoffmanPaul Gray1967Doctor of LawsIndustrialist and public servant; Administrator, United Nations Development Programme
HolbrookGeorge Edward1967Doctor of EngineeringXVice-President, Du Pont Company
HolmesSamuel Jackson1948Doctor of ScienceEmeritus Professor of Zoology, University of California; Former facutly member, University of Michigan
HonigmanJason Lester1969Doctor of LawsXSenior partner, laws firm of Honigman, Miller, Schwartz and Cohn, Detroit
HornerMatina Souretis1989Doctor of LawsXPresident, Radcliffe College
HortonAlbert Howell1889Doctor of Laws
HortonBryson Dexter1939Doctor of EngineeringXEngineer, inventor, and leader in philanthorpic activities
HortonEdward Augustus1880Master of Arts
HoskierHerman Charles1925Master of ArtsVice-President, Foreign Finance Corporation
HosmerGeorge Stedman1910Doctor of Laws
HousnerGeorge W.1992WDoctor of ScienceXCivil Engineer; pioneer in the design of earthquake-resistant structures
HowellWilliam Henry1890Doctor of Medicine
HowellWilliam Henry1912Doctor of Laws
HowisonGeorge Holmes1909Doctor of Laws
HudnutJoseph1949Doctor of Fine ArtsXDean of the Faculty of Design, Harvard University
HufstedlerShirley Mount1979Doctor of LawsJudge, United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, Los Angeles
HugginsCharles Brenton1968Doctor of ScienceWilliam B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago Medical School
HughesThe Honorable Charles 1922Doctor of LawsUnited States Secretary of State
HulbertHenry Schoolcraft1914Master of Laws
HullLawrence Cameron1897Master of Arts
HullOscar Clayton1936Master of LawsXMember, Detroit Bar
HullThe Honorable Cordell1935Doctor of LawsUnited States Secretary of State
HulstCornelia Steketee1914Master of Arts
HumphreyGeorge Magoffin1953Doctor of LawsXUnited States Secretary of the Treasury, Washington, D.C.
HuntOrmond Edson1932Master of ScienceVice-President, General Motors Corporation
HuntRichard Howard1977Doctor of Fine ArtsSculptor, Chicago, Illinois
HurdHenry Mills1895Doctor of Laws
HusainHis Excellency Zakir1967Doctor of LawsVice-President of the Republic of India
HutchinsHarry Burns1921Doctor of LawsPresident Emeritus, University of Michigan
HuxtableAda Louise2006W
HydeArthur Mastick1929Doctor of LawsSecretary of Agriculture
HyvernatHenry Eugene Xavier1919Doctor of Humane Letters
InghamOscar Solomon1870Master of Arts
IrelandMerritte Weber1920Master of Arts
IrwinColonel James B.1971Doctor of AstronauticalXAstronaut-Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 15, July, 1971
JacksonThe Reverend Jesse L.1979Doctor of Humane LettersNational President, Operation PUSH, Inc. Chicago, Illinois
JacksonVictor Hugo1914Master of Arts
JacobFrancois1967Doctor of ScienceMicrobiologist
JacobiAbraham1898Doctor of Laws
JakobsonRoman1963Doctor of LettersSamuel Hazzard Cross Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures and Professor of General Linguistics, Harvard University; Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
JamesEdmund Janes1914Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Illinois
JamesPreston Everett1974Doctor of LawsMaxwell Professor Emeritus of Geography, Syracuse University
JamesonJohn Franklin1923Doctor of LawsDirector, Department of Historical Research, Carnegie Institution in Washington; Managing Editor, American Historical Review
JanakiEdavaleth Kakkat1955Doctor of LawsXDirector, Central Botanical Laboratory, Government of India
JeffersFrederick Albert1926Master of ArtsPresident, State Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools, Painesdale, whose marked success in organizing and directing a system of township schools has won him a commanding position among the schoolment of the State
JenkinsGuy Hugh1951Master of ArtsJournalist; political editor of the Booth newspapers
JenkinsRoy Harris1978Doctor of LawsPresident, Commission of the European Communities Brussels, Belgium
JenksJeremiah Whipple1903Doctor of Laws
JenksWilliam Lee1915Master of Arts
JennerAlbert Ernest, Jr.1976Doctor of LawsPracticing Attorney, Chicago, Illinois. Chief Counsel Warren Commission (Assassination of President Kennedy); House Judiciary Committee in the Matter of the Impeachment of Richard M. Nixon. Senior Partner Jenner and Block, Chicago, Illinois
JenningsCharles Godwin1931Master of ArtsPhysician, Detroit; Chairman of the Board of Governors, American College of Physicians
JessupThe Honorable Philip1966Doctor of LawsJudge, International Court of Justice at The Hague
JohnsonClarence Leonard1964Doctor of EngineeringXVice-President for Advanced Development Projects, Lockhead Aircraft Corporation
JohnsonEdward1939Doctor of MusicGeneral Counsel, Carter Oil Company, resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the distributing center of a vast and General Manager, Metropolitan Opera Association
JohnsonLyndon Baines1964Doctor of Civil LawPresident, United States
JohnsonRoy Hamlin2002W
JohnstonJohn Black1933Doctor of ScienceNeurologist, Dean of the College of Science, Literature and the Arts, University of Minnesota
JollyThomas Daniel1953Doctor of EngineeringVice-President, Chief Engineer, and Director of Purchases, Aluminum Company of America
JonesHenry1918Doctor of Laws
JonesJames Earl1971Doctor of Humane LettersXActor
JonesLewis Ralph1935Doctor of LawsProfessor of Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin
JonesPaul1932Master of LawsJudge, United States District Court, Cleveland, Ohio
JonesVirginia Lacy1979Doctor of LettersDean of the School of Library Service, Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia
JosaitisEleanor M.1994SDoctor of Humane LettersCo-founder and associate director of Focus: HOPE
JoyJames Frederick1887Doctor of Laws
JoyWilliam Nelson2004S
JuddDorothy Leonard1971Doctor of HumanitiesXCivic worker and recently retired Civil Service Commissioner for the State of Michigan
JudsonHarry Pratt1911Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Chicago
JulianaHer Majesty Queen1952Doctor of Civil LawQueen of the Netherlands
KahnAlbert1933Doctor of LawsArchitect
KahnIda1920Master of Arts
KahnOttto Herman1919Doctor of Laws
Kai-ShekMadame Chiang1958Doctor of LawsArtist, diplomat, gentlewoman
KampermanGeorge Able1937Master of ArtsXObstetrician and Gynecologist
KarleIsabella Lugoski1976Doctor of ScienceXResearch physicist, Naval Research Laboratory
KarleJerome1990WDoctor of ScienceXChief Scientist of the Laboratory for the Structure of Matter, Washington, D.C.; Nobel Prize winner 1985 (structural chemistry)
KastlAlexander Edward1913Master of Engineering
KatzirEphraim1975Doctor of LawsPresident of State of Israel
KayeJames Hamilton Barcroft1912Master of Arts
KeastWilliam Rea1967Doctor of LawsPresident, Wayne State University
KedzieRobert Clark1900Doctor of Laws
KeithThe Honorable Damon1974Doctor of LawsJudge, United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan
KellyGene (Eugene C.)1987Doctor of Fine ArtsDancer, actor, choreographer, director
KellyHarry Francis1956Doctor of LawsJustice, Supreme Court, State of Michigan and Ex-Governor, State of Michigan
KendallCalvin Noyes1909Master of Arts
KennanGeorge Frost1957Doctor of LawsThe Institute for Advanced Study, School of Historical Studies, Princeton, New Jersey
KennedyCharles Stuart1962Doctor of LawsXSurgeon and Regent Emeritus, University of Michigan
KennedyDonald1982Doctor of LawsPresident, Stanford University
KentCharles Artemas1899Doctor of Laws
KeoghAndrew1928Doctor of LettersStirling Professor of Bibliography and Librarian, Yale University
KeppelThe Honorable Frederick1919Doctor of LawsThird Assistant Secretary of War
KerrClark1973Doctor of LawsChairman, Carnegie Commission on Higher Education
KerrWalter Francis1971Doctor of LettersDrama critic and author
KetteringCharles Franklin1928Doctor of EngineeringPresident and General Manager, General Motors Research Corporation; research engineer and inventor
KetySeymour S.1991SDoctor of ScienceNeuroscientist; Senior Scientist, Intramural Research Program, National Institute of Mental Health, Department of Health and Human Services, Bethesda, Maryland
KiddJames Harvey1910Doctor of Laws
KidderAlfred Vincent1949Doctor of ScienceAmerican archaeologist; Faculty Member, Peabody Museum, Harvard University
KieferGuy Lincoln1911Doctor of Public Health
KieferHermann1902Doctor of Medicine
KingHarry Eldridge1912Bachelor of Laws(as of the Class of 1883) R.P., 1912, p. 477 (Voted as an honorary degree, nunc pro tunc.)
KinzelAugustus Braun1967Doctor of EngineeringPresident, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies; former Vice-president for Research, Union Carbide Corporation
KirbyFrank Eugene1908Doctor of Engineering
KirchnerOtto1894Doctor of Arts
KirchnerOtto1919Doctor of Laws
KirkGrayson Louis1965Doctor of SciencePresident, Columbia University
KirkpatrickJeane J.1988Doctor of LawsServed in the President's Cabinet from 1981-1985; Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations; Columnist
KleinLawrence Robert1977Doctor of LawsEconomist and Educator, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
KlineGeorge Milton1931Master of ArtsPsychiatrist; Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Mental Diseases
KlotzOtto Julius1913Doctor of Science
KnappenLoyal Edwin1913Doctor of Laws
KnightJohn Shively1969Doctor of LawsEditor and publisher; President, The Beacon Journal Publishing Company and Knight Newspapers, Incorporated
KnopfAlfred A.1969Doctor of Humane LettersChairman of the Board, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York City
KnoxBernard M.W.1984Doctor of HumanitiesDirector, Center for Hellenic Studies (Trustees of Harvard University)
KrausEdward Henry1967Doctor of ScienceProfessor Emeritus of Crystallography and Mineralogy, Dean Emeritus of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
KremersEdward1913Doctor of Science
KresgeStanley Sebastian1962Doctor of LawsPresident, The Kresge Foundation
KreshoverSeymour Jacob1975Doctor of ScienceDirector, National Institute of Dental Research; Assistant Surgeon General, United States Public Health Service
KrogmanWilton Marion1969Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Physical Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania; Director, Philadelphia Center for Research in Child Growth
KronGabriel1936Master of EngineeringXResearch Engineer, General Electric Company
KucherAndrew Albert1954Doctor of EngineeringDirector, Ford Scientific Laboratory
KungHans1985Doctor of Humane Letters
KuryowiczJerzy1967Doctor of LawsProfessor Emeritus of Indo-European Linguistics, Jagellonian University of Cracow, Poland
LaduriEmmanuel Le Roy1981Doctor of LawsFrench Historian
LakeKirsopp1926Doctor of LettersWinn Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Harvard University
LamontRobert Patterson1912Master of ArtsSecretary of Commerce
LamontRobert Patterson1929Doctor of Laws
LandmannOtto1912Master of Arts
LangChester Henry1952Doctor of LawsXVice-President, General Electric Company
LangleyJohn Williams1877Doctor of Medicine
LangleyJohn Williams1892Doctor of Philosophy
LangleySamuel Pierpont1883Doctor of Laws
LappeFrances Moore1990WDoctor of LawsAuthor, Diet for a Small Planet (1971); Food First: Beyond the Myth of Scarcity (1977); leading world authority on food, agriculture, and hunger
LauzanneM. Stephane Joseph1918Doctor of Humane Letters
LawrenceErnest Orlando1938Doctor of LawsProfessor of Physics, University of California
LawrenceRobert Klein1977Doctor of LawsBenjamin Franklin Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania
LawsonVictor Fremont1923Doctor of LawsEditor and publisher of the Chicago Daily News Since 1876
LearWilliam Powell1951Doctor of EngineeringInventor and manufacturer in the fields of radio and aviation
LelandHenry Martyn1920Doctor of Engineering
LeuschnerArmin Otto1913Doctor of Science
LeverettFrank1930Doctor of ScienceGeologist
LeviEdward Hirsch1959Doctor of LawsDean of the Law School, University of Chicago
LewisIsaiah Giles1891Master of Pharmacy
LewisSir. Thomas1922Doctor of SciencePhysician of the University Hospital, London, England, and Physician of the Staff of the Royal Medical Research Committee
LiChoh-Ming1967Doctor of LawsVice Chancellor, The Chinese University, Hong Kong
LiFang Kuei1972Doctor of LettersXProfessor Linguistics, University of Hawaii
LightnerClarence Ashley1912Master of Arts
LightnerMilton Clarkson1954Doctor of LawsXPresident, Singer Sewing Machine Co.
LillyJosiah Kirby1941Master of SciencePharmaceutical manufacturer, Indianapolis, Indiana
LindSamuel Colville1940Doctor of ScienceDean of the Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota; former member of the Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan
LindbladBertil1950Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory, University of Stockholm
LinowitzSol Myron1970Doctor of LawsSenior partner, Coudert Brothers Law Firm, New york City and Washington, D.C.; Chairman, Special Committee on Campus Tensions, American Council on Education
LippincottJoshua Allen1887Doctor of Laws
LippmanWalter1934Doctor of LawsEditor and publicist
LisagorPeter Irvin1976Doctor of LawsXJournalist. Washington Bureau Chief of the Chicago Daily News. A.B. 1939
LocyWilliam Albert1906Doctor of Science
LoganWilliam Hoffman Gardiner1930Master of ScienceDean of the Chicago Dental College, Loyola University
LombardWarren Plimpton1931Doctor of ScienceProfessor Emeritus of Physiology
LongOscar Russell1898Doctor of Medicine
LongThomas George1971Doctor of LawsXMember, law firm of Butzel, Long, Gust, Klein, & Van Zile, Detroit
LongworthThe Honorable Nicholas1927Doctor of LawsFor many years a Representative of his State in Congress, who as Speaker directed its affairs with singular tact and judgment
LorchEmil1956Doctor of ArchitectureProfessor Emeritus of Architecture, University of Michigan; DECEASED
LossingBenson John1872Doctor of Laws
LothropMarcus Thompson1932Master of Science inMetallurgist; President, Timken Roller Bearing Co., Canton, Ohio
LoudHenry Nelson1913Bachelor of Arts(as of the Class of 1872 R.P., 1913, p. 760 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
LousmaLt. Colonel Jack Robert1973Doctor of AstronauticalXAstronaut-Pilot of the Skylab II space mission
LoweryPercival1940Master of ScienceXPractitioner, teacher, and director of research in dentistry
MacauleyAlvan1935Doctor of LawsPresident, Packard Motor Car Company
MacChesneyNathan William1934Doctor of LawsLawyer; member of Illinois Commission on Uniform State Law
MacfarlaneAlexander1887Doctor of Laws
MacMillanLincoln1912Bachelor of Arts(as of the Class of 1890) R.P., 1912, p. 477 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
MacNaughtonJames1907Bachelor of Science in Civil(as of the Class of 1888 R.P., 1907, p. 137 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
MacNealWard J.1939Doctor of ScienceXPathologist; Professor and Director of Laboratories, New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital
MaddyJoseph Edgar1964Doctor of MusicProfessor Emeritus of Music, University of Michigan; founder, President, and Muscial Director, National Music Camp; co-founder, National Arts Academy, Interlochen; DECEASED
MaedaYoichi1967Doctor of LettersProfessor of French, University of Tokyo
MainJohn Fleming1937Doctor of LawsXJustice, Supreme Court of Washington
MalcolmGeorge Arthur1921J.D.XFormer Justice, Supreme Court, Philippine Islands and former Dean of the College of Law, University of the Phillippines
MalcolmGeorge Arthur1956Doctor of LawsXFormer Justice, Supreme Court, Philippine Islands and former Dean of the College of Law, University of the Phillippines
MalcolmShirley M.1999S
MallFranklin Paine1900Master of Arts
MallFranklin Paine1908Doctor of Science
MalleaEduardo1968Doctor of Humane LettersArgentine novelist, journalist, and diplomat
MandelaNelson1987Doctor of LawsMember of the African National Congress; led personal crusade against apartheid and in defense of human rights; degree awarded in absentia
ManoogianAlex1991WDoctor of Humane LettersPhilanthropist; world's principal benefactor of Armenian scholarship, literature, and art
MarceauMarcel1985Doctor of Humane LettersPantomimist
MarcosHis Excellency Ferdinand1966Doctor of Civil LawPresident of the Republic of the Philippines
MarkEdward Laurens1896Doctor of Laws
MarshallAlfred Cookman1932Master of Science in Vice-President and General Manager, Detroit Edison Company
MarshallThe Honorable Thurgood1964Doctor of LawsJudge, United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, New York City
MartinThe Honorable Paul 1947Doctor of LawsMinister of National Health and Welfare, Canada
MartinWilliam McChesney, Jr.1970Doctor of LawsChairman, Federal Reserve Board
MasonGeorge DeWitt1928Master of ArchitectureArchitect, Detroit
MasonGeorge Walter1950Doctor of LawsXPresident and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nash-Kelvinator Corporation
MasonWilliam Smith1928Doctor of LettersCollector of Frankliniana
MasseyThe Honorable Vincent1930Doctor of LawsHis Majesty's Minister for Canada to the United States
MastSamuel Ottmar1941Doctor of ScienceXProfessor of Zoology, Head of the Department of Zoology, and Director, Zoological Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University
MasurKurt1987Doctor of MusicDirector, Gewandhaus Orchestra of Leipzig
MatthaeiFrederick Carl1953Doctor of BusinessXPresident, American Metal Products Company, Detroit
MaxwellLawrence1893Bachelor of Science
MaxwellLawrence1904Doctor of Laws
MayThomas1910Master of Arts
MayoWilliam James1900Master of Arts
MayoWilliam James1908Doctor of Science
McAlvayAaron Vance1910Doctor of Laws
McArdleRichard Edwin1953Doctor of ScienceXChief of the United States Forest Service
McCabeAlbert Eugene1911Bachelor of Laws(as of the class of 1894 R.P., 1911, p. 242 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
McCarrollRussell Hudson1937Master of EngineeringXIn charge of chemical and metallurgical research, Ford Motor Company
McCreeWade Hampton, Jr.1971Doctor of LawsJudge, United States Circuit Court, Sixth Circuit
McDivittLt. Colonel James Alton1965Doctor of AstonauticalXCommand Pilot of Gemini 4 Spacecraft. Special Convocation, June 15, 1965
McDonaldThomas Francis1936Master of LawsXMember, St. Louis Bar
McEwenBruce S.2005S
McGillWilliam James1972Doctor of LawsPresident, Columbia University
McGowanCarl1982Doctor of LawsJudge, United States Court of Appeals
McGowanJonas Hartzel1901Doctor of Laws
McGrawStanley Dickinson1913Bachelor of Arts(as of the Class of 1872 R.P., 1913, p. 760 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
McGrawTheodore Andrews1905Doctor of Laws
McHenryDonald F.1980Doctor of LawsUnited States Ambassador to the United Nations, New York City
McKayNellie Y.2002W
McKenzieWilliam Dexter1936Master of ArtsXMember, Chicago Bar
McKinstryElisha Williams1889Doctor of Laws
McLaughlinAndrew Cunningham1896Master of Arts
McLaughlinAndrew Cunningham1912Doctor of Laws
McMathRobert Raynolds1933Master of ArtsEngineer and astronomer
McMurdyRobert Henry1895Master of Laws
McMurrichJames Playfair1912Doctor of Laws
McNamaraThe Honorable Robert1962Doctor of LawsUnited States Secretary of Defense
McNittVirgil Venice1934Master of ArtsJournalist and publisher
MeadDr. Elwood1925Doctor of LawsCommissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation, engineer, law - giver, and administrator
MechemFloyd Russell1894Master of Arts
MechemFloyd Russell1912Doctor of Laws
MeeseWilliam Henry1935Master of EngineeringVice-President, Western Electric Company
MelchersGari1913Doctor of Laws
MendelLafayette Benedict1913Doctor of Science
MendenhallThomas Corwin1887Doctor of Laws
MercierCardinal Desire Joseph1919Doctor of Laws
MerkerHarvey Milton1940Master of EngineeringXDirector of Scientific Relations, Parke, Davis and Company, Detroit
MerkerHarvey Milton1953Doctor of EngineeringXDirector of Scientific Relations, Parke, Davis and Company, Detroit
MerriamCharles Edward1935Doctor of LawsProfessor of Political Science, University of Chicago
MerriamJohn Campbell1933Doctor of LawsPaleontologist, President, Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C.
MerrittArthur Hastings1938Master of ScienceInvestigator, clinician, and author in the field of dental science
MichaelisOtto Ernest1887Doctor of Philosophy
MiddlebushFrederick Arnold1953Doctor of LawsXPresident, University of Missouri
MielzinerJo1971Doctor of Fine ArtsStage designer; adviser on the interior design of the Power Center
MiersHenry Alexander1918Doctor of Laws
MillasJuan Gomez1967Doctor of LawsMinister of Education, Republic of Chile
MillerArthur1956Doctor of Humane LettersXNovelist, playwright, and dramatic theorist
MillerJames Roscoe 1957Doctor of LawsTwelfth President of Northwestern University
MillerJohn Barnes1923Master of ArtsHe became a successful organizer of various light and power companies in California -- President of the Edison Electric Company from 1906 to 1909 and of the Southern California Edison Company since that time.
MillerJoseph Leggett1933Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Clinical Medicine, University of Chicago
MillerNeal E.1965Doctor of ScienceJames Rowland Angell Professor of Psychology, Yale University
MillerSamuel Freeman1887Doctor of Laws
MillerThomas J.2003W
MillerWalter1932Doctor of LettersProfessor of Latin and Dean of the Graduate School, University of Missouri
MillerWilloughby Dayton1885Doctor of Philosophy
MillikanRobert Andrews1929Doctor of LawsDirector, Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics, and Chairman, Administrative Council, California Institute of Technology
MillikenHelen W.1982Doctor of LawsChampion of the Equality of Rights for All, Patroness of the Arts and First Lady, State of Michigan
MillikenThe Honorable William1967Doctor of LawsLieutenant Governor, State of Michigan
MillspaughJesse Fonda1904Master of Arts
MiloszCzeslaw1977Doctor of LettersPoet, University of California at Berkeley
MinerMaurice Ashbel1897Master of Pharmacy
MinerSelden Spencer1913Bachelor of Laws(as of the class of 1878) R.P., 1913, p. 760 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
MitchellAndrew Stuart1914Master of Science
MitchellWilliam De Witt1932Doctor of LawsUnited States Attorney General
MoffitJohn T.1936Master of LawsXJudge, Circuit Court, State of Iowa
MondaleWalter F.1978Doctor of LawsVice President, United States
MonroJohn Usher1971Doctor of LawsDirector of Freshman Studies, Miles College, Birmingham, Alabama
MontagueGilbert Holland1951Doctor of LawsMember, New York Bar, author and legal scholar
MontgomeryDean1986Doctor of ScienceProfessor, Institute for Advanced Study
MooreCharles W.1992SDoctor of ArchitectureXArchitect; educator; writer; received B. Arch. Degree from U of M in 1947; DECEASED
MooreEarl Vincent1964Doctor of MusicXComposer, organist, education; Dean Emeritus of the School of Music and Professor Emeritus of Music
MooreGeorge Whitney1910Bachelor of Laws(as of the Class of 1873) R.P., 1910, p. 795 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
MooreheadFrederick Brown1916Master of Science
MorehouseLyman Foote1934Doctor of EngineeringElectrical engineer
MorenoMario1962Doctor of HumanitiesMovie actor from Mexico City, "Cantinflas"
MoreyCharles Rufus1938Doctor of LettersXProfessor of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University
MorganThomas Hunt1924Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Experimental Zoology, Columbia University
MorganWalter Thomas James1969Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Biochemistry, Lister Institute of Preventative Medicine, University of London
MorrisEmory William1963Doctor of ScienceXPresident, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
MorrisGeorge Sylvester1881Doctor of Philosophy
MorrisonToni1992SDoctor of Humane LettersAuthor; Robert F. Goheen Professor in the Council for the Humanities at Princeton University; senior editor at Random House for twenty years; received 1988 Pulitzer Prize for her novel, Beloved
MorrisseyAndrew1903Doctor of Laws
MorseElba Lila1953Master of ScienceXSuperintendent, Children's Clinic, Marquette
MoscosoTeodoro1962Doctor of LawsX(Jose Teodoro Moscoso Mora Rodriguez) United States Coordinator of the Alliance for Progress
MosesBernard1902Doctor of Laws
MosesRobert1953Doctor of EngineeringCommissioner of Parks, New York City
MosesRobert P.2004W
MottCharles Stewart1955Doctor of LawsPresident, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
MottCharles Stewart Harding1974Doctor of LawsPresident, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
MowrerPaul Scott1941Doctor of LawsXEditor, Chicago Daily News
MulfordWalter1938Doctor of ScienceForester; Professor and Chief of the Division of Forestry, University of California
MullendoreWilliam Clinton1949Doctor of LawsXPresident, Southern California Edison Company
MumfordLawrence Quincy1970Doctor of LettersLibrarian of Congress
MunroThe Honorable Sir Leslie1958Doctor of LawsAmbassador of New Zealand to the United States and President, Twelfth Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations
MunsonJames Decker1904Master of Arts
MurfinJames Orin1938Doctor of LawsXMember, Detroit Bar; Regent Emeritus, Univesrity of Michigan
MurphyFrank William1939Doctor of LawsXUnited States Attorney General; former Mayor, Detroit, Governor General and High Commissioner, Philippine Islands and Governor, State of Michigan
MurrayS. J., The Rev. John1967Doctor of Humane LettersProfessor of Theology, Woodstock College; DECEASED
MurrowEdward R.1961Doctor of LawsDirector, United States Information Agency; DECEASED
MusgraveRichard A.1991WDoctor of LawsEconomist; professor of economics at the University of Michigan from 1948 to 1958
MyrdalKarl Gunnar1967Doctor of LawsSocial economist and public servant
NederlanderRobert E.1990WDoctor of LawsXPresident, Nederlander Organization, Inc.; President and managing partner of the New York Yankees (1990); former Regent of the University of Michigan (1968-1984); served as chairman of the Campaign for Michigan
NelsonTheodore1884Master of Arts
NevilleEdwin Lowe1941Doctor of LawsXOf Center Conway, New Hampshire; former United States Minister to Thailand
NewsomCarroll Vincent1974Doctor of LawsXEducational consultant
NewtonHubert Anson1868Doctor of Laws
NicolsonMarjorie Hope1937Doctor of LettersXDean of Smith College
NirenbergMarshall Warren1965Doctor of ScienceXBiochemist, National Institutes of Health
NobleAlfred1895Master of Laws
NoguchiIsamu1981Doctor of Fine ArtsSculptor, artist
NormanJessye1987Doctor of MusicXSinger
NorrisLyman Decatur1869Master of Arts
NorthWalter Harper1942Doctor of LawsXAssociate Justice, Supreme Court, State of Michigan
NortonWilliam John1941Doctor of LawsDirector of social and philanthropic work, Pleasant Ridge, Michigan
NotesteinFrank Wallace1967Doctor of ScienceDemographer; President, Population Council
NovelloAntonia C.1994WDoctor of LawsUNICEF Special Representative for Health and Nutrition; former surgion general of the U.S. Public Health Service (appointed by President George Bush in 1990)
NovyFrederick George1936Doctor of LawsXDean Emeritus of the Medical School
O'BrienFrank1894Master of Arts
O'BrienJack 2008S
O'BrienThomas James1908Doctor of Laws
O'ConnorBasil1959Doctor of LawsPresident, The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis since its inception in 1938, and of its successor, The National Foundation
O'ConnorSandra Day1996W
O'Harathe Honorable John Paul1959Doctor of LawsXRecorder and Judge, Recorder's Court, Detroit
OatesJoyce Carol1992SDoctor of Humane LettersAuthor; Roger S. Berlind Distinguished Professor in the Humanities at Princeton University; recipient of National Book Award for her novel, them in 1970
OchoaSevero1967Doctor of ScienceBiochemist, New York University College of Medicine
OdegaardCharles Edwin1969Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Washington
OhamaNobumoto1961Doctor of LawsPresident, Waseda University Totsuka-machi, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan
OhlingerGustavus Adolphus1919Master of Arts
OkitaSaburo1977Doctor of LawsChairman, The Japan Economic Research Center, Tokyo, Japan
OlcottWilliam James1908Master of Arts
OrmandyEugene1952Doctor of MusicConductor, Philadelphia Orchestra
OsbornChase Salmon1911Doctor of Laws
OsbornStella Brunt1978Doctor of LettersXAuthor, World Stateswoman for Peace Movements, Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Poulan, GA.
PackRandolph Greene1953Doctor of ScienceIndustrialist; apostle of conversation; DECEASED
PahlaviMohammend Reza1949Doctor of Civil LawShaw of Iran; Foreign Head of State
PaladeGeorge Emil1973Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Cell Biology and Head of the Laboratory of Cell Biology, Rockefeller University
PalmerAlonzo Benjamin1881Doctor of Laws
PalmerGeorge Herbert1894Doctor of Laws
ParkRobert Ezra1937Doctor of Humane LettersXProfessor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Chicago
ParkSamuel Culver1911Bachelor of Arts(as of the Class of 1891) R.P., 1911, p. 192 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
ParkerJames Wentworth1953Doctor of EngineeringFormer President and General Manager, Detroit Edison Company
ParkerJohn Castlereagh, Jr.1940Doctor of EngineeringXVice-President, Consolidated Edison Company, New York; former member, Engineering faculty, University of Michigan
ParkerJohn Johnston1942Doctor of LawsJudge, United States Circuit Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit
ParkerWalter Robert1935Doctor of ScienceProfessor Emeritus of Ophthalmology
ParkerWilliam Riley1956Doctor of LawsProfessor of English, New York University, and Executive Secretary, Modern Language Association of America
ParksRosa Louise1991SDoctor of LawsRecognized at the "Mother of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement"; civil rights activist; founder of the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development; honorary degree conferred at University of Michigan-Dearborn, April 28, 1991
ParsonsHenry Betts1885Master of Pharmacy
ParsonsJohn T.1988Doctor of EngineeringIndustrialist, Entrepreneur, Civil Leader; received National Medal of Technology in 1985 (presented by the President of the United States)
PatonAlan Stewart1977Doctor of Letters
PayneWilliam Harold1872Master of Arts
PayneWilliam Harold1888Doctor of Laws
PeavyGeorge Wilcox1936Doctor of ScienceXPresident, Oregon State Agricultural College
PenberthyGrover Cleveland1942Master of ScienceXClinical Professor of Surgery, Wayne University; Colonal, M.C., U.S.A.
PerryStuart Hoffman1919Master of Arts
PetersonEsther1970Doctor of LawsGovernment official; lecturer; Washington Representative of Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America; member of Consumer Advisory Consumer Affairs of the Senate Commerce Committee
PetersonReuben1936Doctor of ScienceProfessor Emeritus of Obstetrics and Gynecology
PhelpsAbel Mix1900Master of Arts
PhillipsOrie Leon1935Doctor of LawsJudge, United States Tenth Judicial Circuit
PiagetJean1967Doctor of ScienceCo-Director, Institute of the Sciences of Education, University of Geneva
PibulsonggramHis Excellency P.1955Doctor of Civil LawsField Marshal; Prime Minister of Thailand; DECEASED
PickeringEdward Charles1887Doctor of Laws
PickeringJohn H.1996W
PilcherLewis Stephen Fish1900Doctor of Laws
PomeroyEmmet Hall1900Master of Arts
PondAllen Bartlit1911Master of Arts
PondIrving Kane1911Master of Arts
PondIrving Kane1930Doctor of Architecture
PoppletonAndrew Jackson1895Master of Arts
PorterKatherine Anne1954Doctor of Humane LettersWriter
PorterQuincy1954Doctor of Fine ArtsProfessor of Music, Yale University
PostChandler Rathfon1952Doctor of Humane LettersBoardman Professor of Fine Arts, Harvard University
PoundArthur1952Doctor of LettersX Author and historian
PoundRoscoe1913Doctor of Laws
PowerEugene Barnum1971Doctor of Humane LettersXFounder of University Microfilms and Regent Emeritus, University of Michigan
PowersJustin Lawrence1960Doctor of ScienceXDirector, Scientific Division, American Pharmaceutical Association
PrebleRobert Bruce1914Master of Arts
PrescottAlbert Benjamin1886Doctor of Philosophy
PrescottAlbert Benjamin1896Doctor of Laws
PriceWeston Andrew Valleau1913Master of Science
PrinzHerman1912Master of Arts
PritchardStuart1940Doctor of ScienceSpecialist in pulmonary diseases; President and General Director, W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Battle Creek
PritchettHenry Smith1905Doctor of Laws
ProutHenry Goslee1911Doctor of Laws
PursellCarl1991WDoctor of LawsU.S. Representative from the State of Michigan; member of the House Appropriation Committee
PuseyNathan M. 1967Doctor of LawsPresident, Harvard University
PutnamDaniel1897Doctor of Laws
QuarlesJoseph Very1903Doctor of Laws
QuinbyWilliam Emory1896Doctor of Laws
RaiffaHoward1989Doctor of LawsXFounding director of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis near Vienna, Austria
RamoSimon1966Doctor of EngineeringVice-Chairman of the Board, Thompson, Ramo, Woldridge, Inc.
RamseyNorman F.1993SDoctor of ScienceExperimental physicist; received Nobel Prize in 1989 for research on time-reversal systems and development of the atomic clock
RandallClarence Belden1953Doctor of LawsChairman of the Board, Inland Steel Company; DECEASED
RandallHarrison McAllister1966Doctor of LawsXProfessor Emeritus of Physics, University of Michigan; DECEASED
RansonWyllys Cadwell1895Master of Arts
RaymondWilliam Galt1919Doctor of Engineering
ReagonBernice Johnson2000S
ReedFrank Fremont1916Doctor of Laws
ReedWalter1902Doctor of Laws
ReesMina1970Doctor of ScienceMathematician, educator; President, Graduate Division, The City University of New York; President-elect, American Association for the Advancement of Science
ReighardJacob Ellsworth1936Doctor of ScienceXProfessor Emeritus of Zoology
ReischauerEdwin O.1967Doctor of LawsFormer United States Ambassador to Japan; University Professor, Harvard University
RestonJames Barrett1965Doctor of LawsAssociate Editor, New York Times
ReutherWalter Philip1956Doctor of LawsPresident, International Union, United Automobile, Aircraft and Agricultural Implement Workers of America - U.A.W.
RhodesFrank H.T.1990SDoctor of LawsPresident, Cornell University
RiceElmer1961Doctor of LettersPlaywright, director of plays, and novelist
RichardsAbraham Edmund1882Master of Arts
RichardsJohn Evan1927Doctor of LawsJustice, Supreme Court, State of California
RichardsonWilliam C.2005W
RichardsonWilliam C.2006S
RieckerMargaret Ann2005S
RiggsHenry Earle1937Doctor of EngineeringXHonorary Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Michigan
RipleyGeorge1875Doctor of Laws
RipleyHenry Clay1913Doctor of Engineering
RipleyJoseph1911Master of Engineering
RistEdouard1917Master of Arts
RivlinAlice Mitchell1975Doctor of LawsEconomist and Director, United States Congressional Budget Office
RobertsJr., Eugene L.1997S
RobertsonHarold Rocke1967Doctor of LawsPrincipal and Vice Chancellor, McGill University
RobinsonAlbert Alonzo1900Doctor of Laws
RobinsonHarold Franklin1953Doctor of EngineeringXChief Naval Architect, Shipbuilding Division, Bethlehem Steel Co.
RochbergGeorge1980Doctor of MusicComposer, Educator, University of Pennsylvania
RoeJohn Orlando1913Doctor of Laws
RoedderEdwin Carl Lothar 1939Doctor of LettersXProfessor of the German Language and Literature, College of the City of New York
RoethkeTheodore1962Doctor of LettersXPoet, DECEASED
RogersCharles Herbert1951Doctor of ScienceXDean of the College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota
RogersEdward Sidney1910Master of Laws
RogersEdward Sidney1930Doctor of LawsAuthority on the law of unfair trade, trademark, and copyright
RogersRandolph1881Master of Arts
RomneyThe Honorable George1967Doctor of LawsGovernor, State of Michigan
RoosaRobert Vincent1962Doctor of Science in BusinessXUnder Secretary of the Treasury for Monetary Affairs
RosenberryJustice Marvin Briston1926Doctor of LawsJustice, Supreme Court State of Wisconsin and Member, Council of the American Law Institute.
RosencransWilliam Henry1910Bachelor of Science in Civil(As of the Class of 1894) R.P., 1910, p. 795 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
Rossi-DoriaManlio1967Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Agricultural Economics, University of Naples
RousPeyton1938Doctor of ScienceMember in pathology and bacteriology, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
RowellThe Honorable Chester1928Doctor of LawsJournalist; Regent, University of California
RowlandRussell Sturgis1936Master of ScienceXMaster of Science
RubinVera C.1996W
RudelJulius1971Doctor of MusicConductor and opera director
RusselWalter Scott1910Master of Engineering
RuthvenAlexander Grant1953Doctor of LawsXPresident Emeritus, University of Michigan
SaarinenAline Bernstein1964Doctor of Humane LettersArt editor and critic
SaarinenEliel1933Doctor of ArchitectureArchitect and city planner
SabinFlorence Rena1926Doctor of ScienceProfessor of Histology, Johns Hopkins University and member, Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research
SabinLouis Carlton1916Master of Engineering
SabinMarden1910Master of Arts
SackettRobert Lemuel1937Doctor of EngineeringXDean of Engineering, Pennsylvania State College
SagdeevRoald Z.1991SDoctor of ScienceRussian space physicist; humanitarian activist; Lenin Prize winner 1984; Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR; (married to Susan Eisenhower)
SagerAbram1852Master of Arts
SaidEdward W.1998S
SakanishiShio1963Doctor of Humane LettersXMember of Japanese governmental commissions, including the Constitutional Commission; Broadcaster; Poet; and Literary Critic
SalkJonas Edward1955Doctor of ScienceXResearch Professor, Department of Bacteriology, and Director, Virus Research Laboratory, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
Salmon(Miss) Lucy Maynard1926Doctor of LettersProfessor of History, Vassar College
SamuelsonPaul Anthony1967Doctor of LawsProfessor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SarmientoDomingo Faustino1868Doctor of Laws
SatterthwaiteJoseph Charles1958Doctor of LawsXDirector General of the Foreign Service of the United States
SayreLucius Elmer1896Bachelor of Science in
SchaeberleJohn Martin1893Master of Science
SchaffAdam1967Doctor of Humane LettersProfessor of Philosophy, University of Warsaw
SchairerOtto Sorg1942Doctor of EngineeringXVice-President, Radio Corporation of America in charge of Patent Department and Laboratories
ScheeleLeonard Andrew1951Doctor of ScienceXSurgeon General, United States Public Health Service
SchembechlerGlenn E.2005S
SchmehlFrancis Lawrence1960Doctor of ScienceChief, Health Research Facilities Branch Division of Research Grants, National Institutes of Health
SchreiberCarl Frederick1954Doctor of Humane LettersXChairman, Department of German, Yale University
SchrieverBernard A.1962Doctor of AeronauticalCommander, Air Force Systems Command Andrews Air Force Base, Washington, D.C.
SchroederWerner William1959Doctor of LawsXLawyer and political leader
SchutzThe Honorable Klaus1971Doctor of Civil LawsGoverning Mayor of Berlin
SchwarzJohn J.H.2003S
ScottColonel David R.1971Doctor of AstronauticalXAstronaut-Space Commander of Apollo 15, July, 1971
ScottJames Brown1932Doctor of LawsTrustee and Secretary, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
ScottThe Reverend Nathan A.1988Doctor of HumanitiesXMinister; priest of the Episcopal Church; fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
ScovilleWilbur Lincoln1928Master of ScienceChairman, National Formulary Committee, American Pharmaceutical Association
SeaborgGlenn Theodore1958Doctor of LawsProfsesor of Chemistry and Associate Director of the Radiation Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley
SeaburyCharles Ward1939Master of ArtsXPresident, Marsh and McLennan, Chicago, Illinois; former President, Chicago Association of Commerce
SeaburySamuel1933Doctor of LawsMember of the Supreme Court and later of the Court of Appeals of New York
SearleJohn Gideon1967Doctor of ScienceChairman of the Board, G.D. Searle and Company
SearsWilliam Bernard1915Master of Engineering
SeidlinOskar1969Doctor of Humane LettersRegents' Professor of German, Ohio State University
SeidmanL. William 1994SDoctor of LawsXChief commentator of the Consumer News Business Channel (CNBC); former chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; President Gerald R. Ford's Assistant for Economic Affairs from 1974-1977
SeitzFrederick1967Doctor of SciencePresident, National Academy of Sciences; Professor of Physics, University of Illinois
Selassie 1His Imperial Majesty Haile1954Doctor of Civil LawsEmperor of Ethiopia
SeltzerLeonard Adam1926Master of ScienceA graduate of the College of Pharmacy in the class of 1892 who has successfully combined a business career with devotion to science
SenearFrancis Eugene1939Master of ScienceXDermatologist; Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology, University of Illinois
SeverensHenry Franklin1897Doctor of Laws
SewallHenry1888Doctor of Medicine
SewallHenry1912Doctor of Science
ShafrothJohn Franklin1909Doctor of Laws
ShalalaDonna E.2002S
ShannonClaude Elwood1961Doctor of ScienceXProfessor Communication Sciences and Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ShapiroHarold T.1987Doctor of LawsPresident, Princeton University; President Emeritus, University of Michigan
SharpWilliam Graves1919Doctor of Laws
SharpeNelson1932Doctor of LawsAssociate Justice, Supreme Court of Michigan
ShawcrossThe Right Honorable Lord1959Doctor of LawsQueen's Counsel, Baron of Friston; barrister, teacher, statesman
SheffieldHorace L. Jr.1994SDoctor of Humane LettersRetired administrative assistant to United Auto Workers Presidents Douglas Fraser and Leonard Woodcock; local and national civil rights leader; DECEASED
ShenkJohn Wesley1955Doctor of LawsXAssociate Justice, Supreme Court, State of California; DECEASED
ShepardSamuel, Jr.1965Doctor of LawsXAssistant Superintendent, Banneker School District, St. Louis, Missouri
SherrardHarry Gray1902Master of Arts
ShineNeal1995SDoctor of Humane LettersEditor, Detroit Free Press until 1995
ShipleyArtur Everett1918Doctor of Laws
ShoreyPaul1915Doctor of Laws
ShulmanMarshall1988Doctor of LawsXDirector, W. Averell Harriman Institute for the Advanced Study of the Soviet Union, Columbia University; expert on Russian
ShuvalHillel I.2003S
SidgwickRose1918Doctor of Humane Letters
SillJohn Mahelm Berry1870Master of Arts
SimonHerbert A.1978Doctor of LawsProfessor of Computer Science and Psychology Carnegie - Mellon University, Pittsburgh
SimondsOssian Cole1929Master of ArtsLandscape architect
SimonsCharles Caspar1948Doctor of LawsXJudge, United States Circuit Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit
SingerIsadore M.1989Doctor of LawsXInstitute Professor of Mathematics, Massachussettes Institute of Technology; received National Medal of Science in 1985
SitterlyCharlotte Moore1971Doctor of ScienceRetired Physicist in the Atonomic Physics Division, National Bureau of Standards
SkeelRoland Edward1915Master of Arts
SlocumElliott Truax1869Master of Arts
SmalleyRichard E.1997W
SmithAllan F.1979Doctor of LawsXInterim President, University of Michigan, former Dean of the Law School, Vice President for Academic Affairs. (LL.M.1941) (S.J.D. 1950)
SmithArnold Cantwell1966Doctor of Civil LawsSecretary-General of the British Commonwealth
SmithClement McDonald1912Bachelor of Laws(as of the Class of 1867) R.P., 1912, p. 477 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
SmithDean Tyler1914Master of Science
SmithErwin Frank1922Doctor of LawsSince 1886 Pathologist in charge of the Laboratory of Pathology, Bureau of Plant Industry, United States Department of Agriculture
SmithHarlan Ingersoll1930Master of ArtsArchaeologist, Victoria National Museum, Ottawa, Canada
SmithJoseph Rowe1901Doctor of Laws
SmithOtis M.1983Doctor of LawsVice President, General Motors Corporation
SmithRoger B.1990SDoctor of LawsChairman, General Motors Corporation
SmithShirley Wheeler1945Doctor of LawsXA graduate of the College of Literature, Science, and Arts in the Class of 1897; Master of Arts in 1900; For the past thirty-seven years chief financial officer of the University of Michigan
SnowSir Charles Percy1963Doctor of Humane LettersRector, University of St. Andrews; author, scientist, public servant
SnyderJonathan Le Moyne1908Doctor of Laws
SpauldingOliver Lyman1938Doctor of LawsXColonel, Field Artillery, United States Army; military historian
SpauldingThomas Marshall1932Doctor of LettersLieutenant Colonel, United States Army
SpeddingFrank Harold1949Doctor of ScienceXProfessor of Chemistry and Director, Atomic Institute, Iowa State College
SpencerMary Clare1905Master of Arts
SpringAlfred1901Doctor of Laws
SpurgeonCaroline1918Doctor of Humane Letters
StadtmanEarl R.1987Doctor of Science
StaeblerNeil1962Doctor of LawsXBusinessman and Political Leader
StanleyAlbert Augustus1890Master of Arts
StanleyAlbert Augustus1930Doctor of MusicProfessor Emeritus of Music, University of Michigan
StarrFloyd1951Master of ArtsFounder and President, Starr Commonwealth for Boys
StarrettWilliam Aiken1931Doctor of EngineeringDesigner and constructor of modern steel frame buildings
StasonEdwin Blythe1970Doctor of LawsXFormer Professor of Law and Dean of the Law School, University of Michigan; former Administrator, American Bar Foundation and Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University
StearnsFrederick1901Master of Arts
StechowWolfgang1966Doctor of Humane LettersProfessor Emeritus of Fine Arts, Oberlin College
SteereJoseph Beal1875Doctor of Philosophy
SteereJoseph Hall1920Doctor of Laws
SteereWilliam Campbell1962Doctor of ScienceXDirector, New York Botanical Garden
StefansonVilhjalmur1921Doctor of Laws
SteinmanDavid B.1956Doctor of EngineeringBridge Engineer - Designer and Chief Engineer of the Straits of Mackinac Bridge; DECEASED
SteinmetzJacob Lieber1871Master of Arts
SternbergGeorge Miller1894Doctor of Laws
StevensAlviso Burdett1926Doctor of ScienceXA graduate of the College of Pharmacy in the class of 1878, for many years a professor and dean in the University
StevensJohn Frank1928Doctor of EngineeringTransportation Engineer
StevensRoger L.1964Doctor of Humane LettersXTheatrical producer and real estate broker
StevensonRussell Alger1941Doctor of LawsXDean of the School of Business Administration, University of Minnesota
StewartPotter1966Doctor of LawsAssociate Justice, United States Supreme Court
StewartWilliam Huffman1968Doctor of ScienceSurgeon General, United States Public Health Service
StittEdward Rhodes1921Doctor of Laws
StockFrederick A.1924Doctor of MusicDirector, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
StoneHarlan Fiske1934Doctor of LawsAssociate Justice, United States Supreme Court
StonelLucinda Hinsdale1890Doctor of Philosophy
StoryRobert Herbert1897Doctor of Laws
StrattonMary Chase Perry1930Master of ArtsArtist, innovator, and craftsman in the field of ceramics
StrawnSilas Hardy1928Doctor of LawsPresident, American Bar Association
StreeterGeroge Linius1935Doctor of LawsAnatomist, Carnegie Institution of Washington
SturtevantEdgar Howard1949Doctor of LettersProfessor Emeritus of Linguistics, Yale University
SukarnoHis Excellency1956Doctor of Civil LawsPresident of the Republic of Indonesia
SullivanEugene Cornelius1933Doctor of ScienceVice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Corning Glass Works
SummerfieldArthur Ellsworth1957Doctor of LawsUnited States Postmaster General
SunderlandEdson Read1952Doctor of LawsXProfessor Emeritus of Law, University of Michigan
Sutherland[Alexander] George1917Doctor of Laws
SvennilsonIngvar1967Doctor of LawsProfessor of Economics, Stockholm University
SwanHenry Harrison1891Master of Arts
SwanHenry Harrison1902Doctor of Laws
SweeneyJames Johnson1960Doctor of Fine ArtsDirector, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
SwiftJames Marcus1925Master of LawsDistrict Attorney and Attorney General, Massachusetts, Commissioner for the Revision of the Statute Laws, and Chairman, Committee for the Revision of the Criminal Law
SwiftLucius Burrie1919Doctor of Laws
SyCipAlbino Zarate1955Doctor of LawsXGeneral Manager and Chairman of the Board, China Banking Corporation, Philippine Islands; DECEASED
TaftJonathan1881Doctor of Medicine
TalbotArthur Newell1916Doctor of Engineering
TatlockJohn Strong Perry1938Doctor of LettersProfessor of English, University of California
TaubmanA. Alfred1991SDoctor of LawsReal estate developer; civic leader; founder and chairman of The Taubman Company, Inc.; principal benefactor of U of M's A. Alfred Taubman Health Care center and the A. Alfred Taubman Medical Library; founding director of the Michigan Partnership for New Education
TaussigFrank William1927Doctor of LawsHenry Lee Professor of Economics, Harvard University
TavaresThe Honorable Cyrus Nils1963Doctor of LawsXJudge, United States District Court, Hawaii
TaylorOrla Benedict1933Doctor of LawsLawyer
TaylorSir Geoffrey Ingram1967Doctor of SciencePhysical scientist, Cambridge University
TeetersNancy Hays1984Doctor of LawsEconomist, Governor, Federal Reserve System
ThantHis Excellency U1967Doctor of Civil LawsSecretary-General, United Nations
ThayerRufus Hildreth1911Doctor of Laws
TheorellAxel Hugo Teodor1965Doctor of ScienceDirector, Department of Biochemistry, Nobel Medical Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
ThomasCalvin1904Doctor of Laws
ThomasCharles Spalding1916Doctor of Laws
ThompasonFloyd LaVerne1963Doctor of ScienceXDirector, Langley Research Center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
ThompsonHomer Armstrong1957Doctor of LettersXProfessor of Classical Archaeology, Institute for Advanced Study, Princteon, and Field Director of Agora Excavations, American School of Classical Studies, Athens
ThompsonWilliam Oxley1915Doctor of LawsPresident, Ohio State University
ThorpWillard Long1960Doctor of LawsEconomist, public servant; Director, Merrill Center for Economics, Amherst
TillyCharles H.2007S
TillyCharles H.2007W
TimoshenkoStephen1938Doctor of EngineeringProfessor of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Stanford University
TingSamuel C. C.1978Doctor of ScienceXNobel Laureate in Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
TiseliusArne Wilhelm Kaurin1967Doctor of ScienceResearch Professor of Biochemistry, University of Uppsala
TishmanJohn L.2000W
TitusHarold1931Master of ArtsWriter and member of the State Conservation Commission
ToddAlbert May1922Master of ArtsScientific and practial developer of medicinal and plant resources of the State of Michigan
ToddThe Right Honorable1971Doctor of ScienceBaron Todd of Trumpington; organic chemist, Master, Christ's College, Cambridge
ToerPramoedya Ananta1999S
TownsendLynn Alfred1965Doctor of LawsXPresident, Chrysler Corporation
TowsleyMargaret Dow1993SDoctor of Humane LettersXPhilanthropist, devoting nearly 50 years to promoting improvements in education, child and family welfare, and the performing arts; generous contributor to the University
ToyamaMasakazu1886Master of Arts
ToynbeeArnold Joseph1961Doctor of LawsBritish Historian; 45 Pembroke Square; London, W. 8, England
TrowbridgeTillman Conkling1880Doctor of Laws
TrowbridgeWilliam Petit1887Doctor of Laws
TrudeauLt. General Arthur Gilbert1960Doctor of LawsChief of Research and Development, Department of the Army
TurnerJerome Willard1870Master of Arts
TurnerMadelon Louisa Stockwell1912Master of Arts
TurnerScott1930Doctor of EngineeringXDirector, United States Bureau of Mines
TuthillJob1914Master of Engineering
TuttleArthur J.1930Master of LawsJudge, United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan
UpjohnWilliam1872Doctor of Medicine
UreyHarold Clayton1967Doctor of ScienceChemist
Van AllenJames Alfred1960Doctor of SciencePhysicist, discoverer of the Van Allen radiation belts; Professor of Physics, University of Iowa
Van DemanEsther Boise1936Doctor of LettersXArchaeologist, Victoria National Museum, Ottawa, Canada
Van HoosenBertha1913Master of Arts
Van KleffensEelco Nicolaas1947Doctor of LawsXStatesman
Van SlykeCassius James1965Doctor of ScienceFormer Associate Director, National Institutes of Health; DECEASED
Van SlykeDonald Dexter1935Doctor of ScienceChief Chemist, Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute
Van ValkenburghArba Seymour1938Doctor of LawsXJudge, United States Circuit Court of Appeals, Eight Circuit, retired
VanceJohn Thomas1933Master of LawsXLaw Librarian of Congress. Archaeologist
VandenbergArthur Hendrick1925Master of ArtsXEditor and publisher, Grand Rapids Herald
VanderbiltArthur T.1942Doctor of LawsMember, New Jersey Bar; former President, American Bar Association
VaughanVictor Clarence1900Doctor of Laws
VaughanWarren Taylor1941Master of ScienceXPhysician, author and editor, of Richmond, Virginia
VeaseyJames Alexander1922Master of LawsGeneral Counsel, Carter Oil Company, resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the distributing center of a vast and indispensable industry
VeltmanMartinus J.G.2000S
VincentGeorge Edgar1913Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Minnesota
VincentJesse Gurney1929Master of EngineeringVice-President of Engineering, Packard Motor Car Company
ViravanAmnuay1990WDoctor of LawsXChief operating officer of the Bangkok Bank, Thailand; economist
WagnerFrank Casper1927Doctor of EngineeringPresident, Rose Polytechnic Institute
WalgreenCharles R., Jr.1992WDoctor of Humane LettersXEstablished nationwide chain of more than 600 drugstores; retired as Chairman of the Walgreen Company in 1971; volunteer and philanthropist in the service of the University of Michigan
WalgreenCharles Rudolph, Jr. 1951Master of ScienceXPharmacist and executive
WalkerBryant1912Doctor of Science
WalkerCharles Irish1874Doctor of Laws
WalkerEdward Mewburn1918Doctor of Laws
WallaceGeorge Barclay1934Master of ArtsProfessor of Pharmacology, New York University and Bellevue Hospital
WallaceMike1987Doctor of LawsCBS News Correspondent
WantyGeorge Proctor1903Master of Arts
WarnerWilliam1905Doctor of Laws
WarrenCharles Beecher1916Master of Arts
WarrenLewis Eugene1932Master of SciencePharmaceutical Chemist, United States Department of Agriculture
WarrenThe Honorable Earl1955Doctor of LawsChief Justice, United States Supreme Court
WarrinerEugene Clarence1912Master of Arts
WashburnGeorge1900Doctor of Laws
WaterlooStanley1898Master of Arts
WatermanAlan Tower1959Doctor of LawsDirector, National Science Foundation
WatsonJohn1916Doctor of Humane Letters
WeaverThe Honorable Robert1968Doctor of LawsSecretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development
WebberHenry William1929Master of LawsMember, New York Bar
WeberErnst1964Doctor of EngineeringPresident, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
WebsterArthur1928Master of LawsJudge, Third Judicial Circuit, State of Michigan
WebsterJohn Robinson1911Bachelor of Arts(as of the Class of 1876) R.P., 1911, p. 192 (Voted as honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
WeeksJohn Elmer1912Doctor of Science
WegePeter Melvin2007W
WeinblumGeorg1967Doctor of EngineeringDirector Emeritus, Institute for Shipbuilding, University of Hamburg
WelchAdonijah Strong1852Master of Arts
WelchAdonijah Strong1878Doctor of Laws
WelchGeorge Martin1941Doctor of BusinessExecutive in the telephone industry, Pleasant Ridge, Michigan
WellekRene1972Doctor of LettersSterling Professor of Comparative Literature, Yale University
WellerThomas Huckle1956Doctor of LawsXHead of the Department of Tropical Public Health, Harvard University, and Richard Pearson Strong Professor of Tropical Public Health
WestBina M.1924Master of ArtsOrganizer and Supreme Commander, Women's Benefit Association of the Maccabees
WeverErnest Glen1981Doctor of ScienceProfessor Emeritus of Psychology, Princeton University
WexlerNancy Sabin1991WDoctor of ScienceXInternational authority on the search for genes that cause human disease; President of the Hereditary Disease Foundation; most important scientific contribution is for the work she has done on Huntington's Disease
WhartonClifton R., Jr.1970Doctor of LawsPresident, Michigan State University
WheelerBurton Kendall1940Doctor of LawsXUnited States Senator from Montana
WheelerEbenezer Smith1897Master of Science
WheelerOrlando Belina 1879Civil Engineering
WhiteAlfred Holmes1953Doctor of EngineeringXProfessor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering, University of Michiga; (posthumously)
WhiteAndrew Dickson1867Doctor of Laws
WhiteHayden1995SDoctor of Humane LettersXHistorian, Professor of History of Consciousness, University of California at Santa Cruze, CA
WhiteHelen Constance1966Doctor of LettersFormer Chairman, Department of English, University of Wisconsin
WhiteJoseph Mandeville1901Master of Arts
WhiteOliver Wilson1940Master of ScienceXOrthodontist; Organizer of Public Health Programs in Dentistry and Children's Dentistry
WhitePeter1900Master of Arts
WhiteStewart Edward1903Master of Arts
WhiteWilliam S.2006S
White IILt. Colonel Edward1965Doctor of AstronauticalXAstronaut-First American to walk in space Special Convocation, June 15, 1965; DECEASED
WhitehouseWilliam Whitcomb1959Doctor of LawsPresident, Albion College
WhitneyAllen Sisson1939Doctor of EducationXProfessor Emeritus of Educational Administration and Supervision and Dean Emeritus of the School of Education, University of Michigan
WhitneyWillis Rodney1927Doctor of ScienceDirector, Research Laboratory, General Electirc Company
WhyteSir Frederick1926Doctor of LawsFormer member of Parliament. First President of the Legislative Assembly of India
WickershamGeorge Woodward1927Doctor of LawsAttorney General of the United States from 1909 to 1913, President of the Amerian Law Institute
WieselElie1993WDoctor of Humane LettersSpokesman for international peace and human rights; recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986; author
WiesnerJerome B.1962Doctor of ScienceXDirector, Office of Science and Technology
WiestHoward1932Doctor of LawsAssociate Justice, Supreme Court, State of Michigan
WiggerCarl John1941Doctor of ScienceXPhysiologist, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
WilderRaymond L.1980Doctor of LawsProfessor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Michigan
WileUdo Julius1959Doctor of LawsProfessor Emeritus of Dermatology and Syphilology and former Chairman, Department of Dermatology and Syphilology, University of Michigan Medical School
WilkinsRoger 1993WDoctor of Humane LettersXEducator, scholar, journalist, and policy maker; Assistant Attorney General of the United States under President Lyndon Johnson; received Pulitzer Prize in 1969 for Watergate coverage in the Washington Post
WillardFrederic Wilson1929Master of ArtsPersonnel Director, Western Electric Company
WilliamsBenezette1914Master of Engineering
WilliamsCalvin Scott1908Master of Arts
WilliamsGardner Fred1918Doctor of Engineering
WilliamsGershom Mott1904Master of Arts
WilliamsThe Honorable Gerhard1959Doctor of LawsXGovernor, State of Michigan
WilsonCharles Erwin1953Doctor of EngineeringSecretary of Defense; DECEASED
WilsonGeneral Bluford1901Bachelor of Arts(as of the Class of 1865) R.P., 1901, p. 672 (Voted as an honorary degree, not nunc pro tunc.)
WilsonOwen Meredith1967Doctor of LawsPresident, University of Minnesota
WinlockHerbert Eustis1936Doctor of LettersDirector, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
WinshipGeorge Parker1917Doctor of Humane Letters
WinsorJustin1887Doctor of Laws
WirtzW. Willard1963Doctor of LawsUnited States Secretary of Labor
WittmannOtto1971Doctor of Fine ArtsTrustee and Director, Toledo Museum of Art
WoelfflinEdward Ritter V.1897Doctor of Laws
WolfEric1992SDoctor of LawsAnthropologist; member of department of Anthropology at U of M from 1961 to 1971
WoodEdward Frederick Lindley1944Doctor of LawsViscount Halifax, British Ambassador to the United States
WoodJames Craven1912Master of Arts
WoodLeonard1918Doctor of Laws
WoodNorman Asa1937Master of ScienceEmeritus Curator of Birds, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan
WoodcockLeonard1977Doctor of LawsPresident, International UAW, Detroit, Michigan
WoodwardC(omer) Vann.1971Doctor of LawsSterling Professor of History, yale University
WoodwardJohn Simpson1892Doctor of Philosophy
WoodwardRobert Simpson1912Doctor of Laws
WorcesterDean Conant1914Doctor of Science
WordenLt. Colonel Alfred M.1971Doctor of AstronauticalXAstronaut-Command Module Pilot of Apollo 15, July, 1971
WrightFrederick Eugene1941Doctor of ScienceGeologist and mineralogist, Washington, D.C.
WrightLuther Lampheare1908Master of Arts
WrightOrville1924Doctor of EngineeringDemonstrated that flight was possible in a machine heavier than air
WrothLawrence Counselman1948Doctor of LettersLibrarian of the John Carter Brown Library and Research Professor of American History, Brown University
WuTa-You1991SDoctor of ScienceXTheorectical physicist and scientific statesman; President of the Academia Sinica, Taiwan, ROC
WymanIrma M.2007S
WyngaardenJames B., M. D.1980Doctor of ScienceXPhysician, Medical Scientist and Researcher, Duke University
YamasakiMinoru1961Doctor of ArchitectureArchitect, Detroit and Birmingham; 1025 East Maple Road, Birmingham, Michigan
YangChen Ning1998W
YeastingJohn Oliver1966Doctor of BusinessXVice-President and General Manager, Commerical Airplane Division, The Boeing Company
YingMadame Lin Ju2000W
YoungColeman A.1980Doctor of LawsMayor, City of Detroit
YoungKarl1937Doctor of LawsXProfessor of English, Yale University
YoungWhitney Moore, Jr. 1971Doctor of LawsExecutive Director, National Urban League, New York City; awarded posthumously
ZaneJohn Maxcy1914Doctor of Laws
ZederFred Morrell1933Master of EngineeringVice-President in Charge of Engineering, The Chrysler Corporation
ZederJames Churchill1958Doctor of EngineeringXAutomotive engineer, industrial planner
ZeviBruno1986Doctor of Humane LettersArch.
ZiwetAlexander1927Doctor of ScienceFor many years Professor of Mathematics in the University and Professor Emeritus since 1925
ZookGeorge Frederick1934Doctor of LawsUnited States Commissioner of Education
ZuraykConstatine Kaysar1967Doctor of LettersDistinguished Professor of History, American University of Beirut