Grosvenor, Mary

Name:Mary Grosvenor
Married name:Gage
Achievements:Director of Education, J.L. Hudson Co.
Family attending UM:Mother; Father; Husband; Brothers: (2)
UM Department(s):College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Influential Women:Case, Mary
Chapin, Sugie C.
Guppy, Maria R.
Hulst, Cornelia S.
Palmer, Alice Freeman, 1855-1902
Reilly, Esther R.
Schmidt, Violet J.
Sherzer, Jane
Van Hoosen, Bertha, 1863-
Wells, Agnes Ermina
Memories:College comparison -- Wellesley
Faculty -- Cooley, Charles Horton
Faculty -- Gomberg, Moses
Faculty -- Wenley, Robert Mark
Flora and fauna -- Ann Arbor
Flora and fauna -- Huron River
Groups -- sororities
Learning -- courses -- Chemistry
Social Life -- dances


birthMonroe, MI
homeErie, PA


TypeSchoolDegreeStart YearEnd YearField
undergraduate University of Michigan 1912 1913 Ed
graduate Simmons College (Boston, Mass.)
graduate Wellesley College