Harlan, Harriette E.

Name:Harriette E. Harlan
Married name:Stoneman, Albert H.
Occupation:House Director
Achievements:Bureau of Pensions; House Director
Race:Anglo-Saxon White
Family attending UM:Husband: Stoneman, Albert H.; Sons: Stoneman, Lewis H.; Stoneman, William H.
UM Department(s):College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Influential Women:Barnard, Anna M.
Barnard, Florence
Effinger, Margaret T.
Kahn, Ida
Lehman, Anna Mc
Lovell, Harriet
Million, Helen L.
Palmer, Alice Freeman, 1855-1902
Power, Mary
Smith, Sara Browne
Memories:Events -- current -- Spanish American War
Events -- UM Presidents -- Angell
Faculty -- Carhart, Henry S.
Faculty -- D'Ooge, Martin Luther
Faculty -- Pattengill, Albert H.
Faculty -- Stanley, Augustus A.
Flora and fauna -- Corkscrew Hill
Publications -- Michigan Daily
Social Life -- faculty wives
Social Life -- other -- Student mischief


homeAnn Arbor, MI
birthGrand Rapids, MI


TypeSchoolDegreeStart YearEnd YearField
undergraduate University of Michigan AB 1894 1898
graduate University of Michigan