Hinsdale, Mildred

Name:Mildred Hinsdale
Achievements:Teacher, Hist.
Family attending UM:Sisters: Hinsdale, Ellen C.; Hinsdale, Mary L.
UM Department(s):College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Influential Women:Bates, Octavia Williams
Hamilton, Alice, 1869-1970
Jenney, Julie R.
Jordan, Myra Beach, 1863-1946
Mosher, Eliza Maria, 1846-1928
Palmer, Alice Freeman, 1855-1902
Peck, Annie S. (Annie Smith), 1850-1935
Salmon, Lucy Maynard, 1853-1927
Stone, Mary
Van Deman, Esther Boise, 1862-1937
Memories:Buildings -- Nichols Hall
Events -- Commencement
Faculty -- Dow, Earle W.
Learning -- courses -- History
Social Life -- events -- Freshman Spread


homeGrand Rapids, MI
businessGrand Rapids, MI
birthHiram, OH


TypeSchoolDegreeStart YearEnd YearField
undergraduate University of Michigan PhB 1891 1895 Ed
graduate University of Michigan AM