Jenkins, Marguerite

Name:Marguerite Jenkins
Occupation:Head, Engl. Dept., Coll.
Achievements:Head, Engl.& Pub.Speaking, Mount Morris College, Prof., English; Asst. Librarian, Army Field Clerk, Published College anthology and play, Author's Society
Family attending UM:Brother: Jenkins, Albert H.; Sister-in-law Grace McMillan; Father: Albert E.
UM Department(s):College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Influential Women:Palmer, Alice Freeman, 1855-1902
Palmer, Alice Freeman, 1855-1902
Memories:Buildings -- Alumni Memorial Hall
Buildings -- Alumni Memorial Hall
Buildings -- Library
Buildings -- Library
Buildings -- Museum
Faculty -- Frayer, William A.
Faculty -- Hanford, James H.
Faculty -- Rankin, Thomas E.
Faculty -- Scott, Fred Newton
Groups -- athletic
Groups -- athletic -- Games
Groups -- drama and theater -- Operas
Groups -- drama and theater -- Operas
Learning -- academic freedom
Learning -- courses -- Milton seminar
Learning -- courses -- Rhetoric Composition
Social Life -- concerts


businessMount Morris, IL
birthCleveland, OH
homeEast Cleveland, OH


TypeSchoolDegreeStart YearEnd YearField
undergraduate University of Michigan 1913 1914 English
graduate College of William and Mary BA
graduate University of Michigan MA