Stanley, Adaline E.

Name:Adaline E. Stanley
Achievements:Head, Dept.of Educ., Taylor U.; Teacher; Ch., Sabbath Observance Comm., Civic League; Ch., Near East Relief (County); Also attended U Cincinnati; Ph.D. credits completed at U Chicago
Memories:Buildings -- Graduate Study Room
Buildings -- Library
Events -- Commencement
Events -- Lectures -- Bryan, William Jennings
Faculty -- Johnston, Charles H.
Faculty -- Kelsey, Francis W.
Faculty -- Kraus, Edward Henry
Flora and fauna -- Sleepy Hollow
Flora and fauna -- UM campus
Groups -- literary and debate -- Lyceum
Groups -- religious
Learning -- courses -- Advanced rhetoric
Learning -- courses -- Faerie Queen
Learning -- courses -- Geology
Learning -- courses -- Politics and Government
Learning -- courses -- Shakespeare
Learning -- other -- Alma mater is a dura mater
Learning -- other -- Examinations


businessUpland, IN
birthStanleyville, OH


TypeSchoolDegreeStart YearEnd YearField
graduate University of Michigan AM