Thorne, Grace J.

Name:Grace J. Thorne
Occupation:Princ., H.S.
Achievements:Princ., H.S.; Teacher, Engl., Hist.; Sec., Ladies Literary Club; Also attended MI State Normal
Race:English / Scotch
UM Department(s):College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Memories:Events -- UM Presidents -- Angell
Faculty -- Humphreys, Wilber Ray
Flora and fauna -- Boulevards
Groups -- athletic -- Football
Groups -- religious -- YMCA
Learning -- courses -- English Bible
Learning -- courses -- Sociology
Social Life -- concerts -- May Festival


birthDouglas, MI
homeFennville, MI
businessOtsego, MI


TypeSchoolDegreeStart YearEnd YearField
undergraduate University of Michigan AB 1911 1915 Ed