Ward, Annette P.

Name:Annette P. Ward
Achievements:Librarian; First woman to have full ranking of prof.at Alma; College; Asst.Prof., College; Prof., Alma College; Published articles; Comm.College, Library; Also attended Granville Female Coll., Presb.Sch.in; Granville; Ohio State, New England; Conservatory of Music
Memories:Buildings -- Library
Buildings -- William L. Clements Library
Faculty -- Abbe, Cleveland
Faculty -- Campbell, Oscar James
Faculty -- Cross, Herbert R.
Faculty -- Rankin, Thomas E.
Groups -- clubs -- Graduate English Club
Housing -- dormitories -- Helen Newberry
Learning -- courses -- Comparative Literature
Learning -- courses -- Greek Literature
Learning -- courses -- Modern Writers


homeAlma, MI
birthGranville, OH


TypeSchoolDegreeStart YearEnd YearField
undergraduate Oberlin College AB
graduate Pratt Institute Certif.
graduate University of Michigan MA