Gilchrist, Maude

Name:Maude Gilchrist
Occupation:Private Secretary
Achievements:County Ch., Womens Council of National Defense; Dean, Home Ec, Mich Agr College; Assoc Prof, Botany, Wellesley; State Ch, MI YWCA; Dir, Des Moines YWCA; Ch, Ed Comm, Home Ec Comm; dir, MI State Fed Womens Clubs; County Ch, Womens Saffragets Assn, Pocahontas Co.; Pres, Des Moines, AAUW; Member, MI acad of Science; Fellow, Am Assn for Advancement of Science
Race:White Scotch American


homeDes Moines, IA
businessDes Moines, IA
birthCalifornia, PA


TypeSchoolDegreeStart YearEnd YearField
undergraduate Iona State Teachers College BA
graduate University of Michigan MA
graduate Wellesley College