Vertical File: FImu D1 General History and Description

Call no. Request Topic
FImu/D1RequestAdmission of Women. Co-Education. Women at the U of M
FImu/D1RequestCampus Fires
FImu/D1RequestChapel Services
FImu/D1RequestCoat of Arms, Colors, Flags, Creed, Diploma [SEE ALSO: Fimu/F3i for Songs, Yells & Poetry]
FImu/D1RequestEnrollment & Teaching Staff 1841-1949
FImu/D1RequestFacts about the University (chronological)
FImu/D1RequestGeneral History and Description [SEE ALSO: FImu/D13 for physical description; see also Kalamazoo]
FImu/D1RequestHistory (handbooks). Misc. and General.
FImu/D1RequestHistory. Enrollment & Teaching Staff
FImu/D1RequestLetterheads and Souvenir Envelopes
FImu/D1RequestMascots [SEE ALSO: FImu/EA.5c Wolverines]
FImu/D1RequestMinority Alumni
FImu/D1RequestPostal History
FImu/D1RequestRacism, Diversity
FImu/D1RequestSeals [see also Out box]
FImu/D1RequestTown & Gown (city-university relations)
FImu/D1RequestTuition, Fees, & Expenses