Vertical File: FImu D13 Individual Buildings

Call no. Request Topic
FImu D13RequestAnn and Robert H. Lurie Carillon
FImu/D13RequestAlumni Center (built 1980-1982)
FImu/D13RequestAlumni Memorial Hall. Museum of Art
FImu/D13RequestAngell Hall & Addition [see also Out box]
FImu/D13RequestArt and Architecture Building (2000 Bonisteel Blvd.)
FImu/D13RequestBarbour Gymnasium
FImu/D13RequestBentley Historical Library
FImu/D13RequestBindery (old) closed in 19-
FImu/D13RequestBotanical Gardens (including Matthai Botanical Gardens) [SEE ALSO: FImu/M3 Ann Arbor Flower & Garden Show]
FImu/D13RequestBurton Memorial Tower & Charles Baird Carillon
FImu/D13RequestBusiness Administration buildings
FImu/D13RequestCampus Cemetery & Cenotaph
FImu/D13RequestCampus Keys
FImu/D13RequestCampus Mailman
FImu/D13RequestCenter of Champions [SEE ALSO: FImu/D13 Schembechler Hall]
FImu/D13RequestCentral Campus Recreation Building (CCRB)
FImu/D13RequestChemical Laboratory
FImu/D13RequestChemistry Buildings [see also Out box]
FImu/D13RequestChrysler Center for Continuing Engineering Education (North Campus)
FImu/D13RequestCooley Memorial Fountain
FImu/D13RequestCrisler Arena (Events Building)
FImu/D13RequestDental School Buildings
FImu/D13RequestDetroit Observatory
FImu/D13RequestDiag [SEE ALSO: FImu/D13 Monuments]
[Dorms (Married Students) SEE: FImu/F44]
[Dorms (Men's) SEE: FImu/F44]
[Dorms (Women's SEE: Fimu/F44]
FImu/D13RequestDow Building (Herbert H.)
FImu/D13RequestEconomics Building
FImu/D13RequestEdward Henry Kraus Building (Natural Science Bldg.)
FImu/D13RequestEngineering Building
FImu/D13RequestFleming Building
FImu/D13RequestFrieze Building
FImu/D13RequestFrieze Memorial Organ
FImu/D13RequestGeneral Storehouse
FImu/D13RequestGordon Hall
FImu/D13RequestHarris Hall [SEE ALSO: FImu/F27 Hobart Guild]
FImu/D13RequestHaven Hall [see also Out box]
FImu/D13RequestHenry Ford Estate
FImu/D13RequestHill Auditorium
[Hospital SEE: FImu/D13 University Medical Buildings]
FImu/D13RequestInglis House
FImu/D13RequestInternational Residence
FImu/D13RequestIntramural Sports Building
FImu/D13RequestKresge Medical Library
FImu/D13RequestLane Hall
FImu/D13RequestLaw Quadrangle
FImu/D13RequestLibrary. General [see also Out box]
FImu/D13RequestLibrary: Clock Tower
FImu/D13RequestLibrary: Proposed Graduate Library
[Martha Cook Residence SEE: Fimu/F17]
FImu/D13RequestMason Hall
FImu/D13RequestMedia Union. 1996 - North Campus
FImu/D13RequestMental Health Research Building [Out box only]
FImu/D13RequestMichigan League
FImu/D13RequestMichigan Union [see also Out box]
FImu/D13RequestMichigan Union: Building campaign
FImu/D13RequestMonuments, sculpture, memorial tablets, first boulders, first bell, bronze memorial in diagonal wa [SEE ALSO: University of Michigan Library Clippings File Collection, Box 38, Memorials folder; FImu/D13 Sculptu]
FImu/D13RequestMortimer E. Cooley Memorial Building
FImu/D13RequestMuseums Building
FImu/D13RequestNichols Arboretum [SEE ALSO: FImu/D5 Campus Walks]
FImu/D13RequestNorth Campus Commons
FImu/D13RequestNorth Campus Recreation Building (NCRB)
FImu/D13RequestNorth Ingalls Building (old St. Joseph's Hospital)
FImu/D13RequestPharmacology Building
FImu/D13RequestPhoenix Memorial Laboratory
FImu/D13RequestPower Center for the Performing Arts
FImu/D13RequestPrinting Office
FImu/D13RequestRackham Building
FImu/D13RequestRackham Educational Memorial. Detroit.
FImu/D13RequestRobert H. Lurie Engineering Center, 1996 - North Campus
FImu/D13RequestRomance Languages Building
FImu/D13RequestSchembechler Hall (Football Athletic Building)
FImu/D13RequestSculptures, statues, etc. [SEE ALSO: FImu/D13]
FImu/D13RequestSimpson Memorial Institute for Medical Research
FImu/D13RequestStadium [see also Out box]
FImu/D13RequestStudent Activities Building
FImu/D13RequestTappan Hall
FImu/D13RequestTaubman Medical Library
FImu/D13RequestThe Lawrence D. Buhl Center for Research in Human Genetics
FImu/D13RequestThe President's House [see also Out box]
FImu/D13RequestU of M Building Needs
FImu/D13RequestU of M Buildings. Self-Liquidating Story
FImu/D13RequestUniversity Hall [see also Out box]
FImu/D13RequestUniversity Laundry
FImu/D13RequestUniversity Medical Buildings to 1925 [see also Out box]
FImu/D13RequestUniversity Medical Center. Beal Residence
FImu/D13RequestUniversity Power Plant & Tunnels
FImu/D13RequestUniversity School [SEE ALSO: FImu/C219]
FImu/D13RequestWaterman Gymnasium
FImu/D13RequestWilliam D. Revelli Band Hall