Vertical File: FB.1 Nationally known firms

Call no. Request Topic
FB.1RequestAbrams Aerial Survey Corp. (Lansing)
FB.1RequestAgricultural Insurance Company
FB.1RequestAhmeek Mining Co.
FB.1RequestAlbert Pick Hotels
FB.1RequestAmboy, Lansing & Traverse Bay Railroad
FB.1RequestAmerican Bankcorp
FB.1RequestAmerican Broach & Machine Co. (Ann Arbor)
FB.1RequestAmerican Motor Corporation
[Anchor Line SEE: Erie & Western Transportation Company]
FB.1RequestAnn Arbor Railroad
FB.1RequestArctic Copper Mining Company of Michigan
FB.1RequestArgus, Inc.
FB.1RequestAtwell-Hicks, Inc. (Ann Arbor, Utica)
FB.1RequestAutomobile Magazine
FB.1RequestBaltimore and Ohio Railroad
FB.1RequestBark River Culvert & Equipment Company
FB.1RequestBill Knapp's
FB.1RequestBissell Carpet Sweeper Company; Bissell, Inc. (Grand Rapids)
FB.1RequestBorders, Inc.
FB.1RequestBriggs Manufacturing
FB.1RequestBronners (Frankenmuth)
FB.1RequestBudd Company
FB.1RequestBusiness Center Network
FB.1RequestCalumet & Hecla Mining Company
FB.1RequestCanadian National Railways
FB.1RequestCandy Manufacturers
FB.1RequestChelsea Milling Co.
FB.1RequestChesapeake & Ohio Railway
FB.1RequestChicago & Northwestern Railway
FB.1RequestChicago, Detroit and Canada Grand Trunk Junction Railroad Co.
FB.1RequestChicago, Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Company
FB.1RequestChrysler Corporation
FB.1RequestCleveland & Buffalo Transit Company
FB.1RequestCleveland-Cliffs Iron Company
FB.1RequestConsumers Power Company
FB.1RequestCopper Range Company
FB.1RequestCrystal Lake Railroad.
FB.1RequestDaedalus Enterprises, Inc. Ann Arbor
FB.1RequestDetroit & Cleveland Navigation Company
FB.1RequestDetroit & Mackinac Railway
FB.1RequestDetroit & Milwaukee Railroad Company; Detroit, Monroe &
FB.1RequestDetroit Edison Co.
FB.1RequestDetroit United Lines
FB.1RequestDetroit, Bay City & Alpena Railroad
FB.1RequestDetroit, Hillsdale & Indiana Railroad Co.
FB.1RequestDetroit, Hillsdale & Southwestern Railroad
FB.1RequestDetroit, Lansing & Northern Railroad
FB.1RequestDetroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad
FB.1RequestDetroit, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor & Jackson Railway
FB.1RequestDOAN Resources Corp.
FB.1RequestDomino's Pizza, Inc.
FB.1RequestDow Chemical Company
FB.1RequestDOW Corning Corporation
FB.1RequestEden Foods
FB.1RequestEdwards Brothers, Inc.
FB.1RequestEkhardt & Becker Brewing Co.
FB.1RequestElias Brothers Big Boy
FB.1RequestEnvironmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM)
FB.1RequestErie & Kalamazoo Railroad [see also Out box]
FB.1RequestErie & Western Transportation Co.
FB.1RequestEx-Cell-O Corporation
[Exxon SEE: Mobil]
FB.1RequestFarmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
FB.1RequestFederal-Mogul Corporation, Detroit
FB.1RequestFerry Seed Company
FB.1RequestFirst of America Bank Corporation
FB.1RequestFlint & Pere Marquette Railroad [SEE ALSO: Pere Marquette]
FB.1RequestFord Motor Company [see also Out box]
[Ford Motor Company Archives SEE: FP.3]
FB.1RequestFrank's Nursery
FB.1RequestFrederick Stearns & Company
FB.1RequestFruehauf Trailer Company
FB.1RequestGannett Co., Inc.
FB.1RequestGeneral Foods (see Postum)
FB.1RequestGeneral Motors Corporation
FB.1RequestGeneral Telephone Company of Michigan
FB.1RequestGeorge P. Johnson Company
[Georgian Bay Line SEE: Chicago, Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Co.]
FB.1RequestGerber Products Company (Fremont, Mich.)
FB.1RequestGibson Guitar Corporation (Kalamazoo) [Out box only]
FB.1RequestGoodrich Transit Company
FB.1RequestGoodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
FB.1RequestGraham & Morton Transportation Company
FB.1RequestGrand Rapids & Indiana Railway
FB.1RequestGrand River Valley Railroad Company
FB.1RequestGrand Trunk Western Railroad (GT Corp.)
FB.1RequestGreat Lakes Bancorp.
FB.1RequestGreat Lakes Motor Bus Co. (Blue Goose Lines, Eastern Michigan Motorbuses)
FB.1RequestGreat Lakes Transit Corporation
FB.1RequestHamill's Beautiful Inland Route Line
FB.1RequestHarbor Springs & Manistique Line
FB.1RequestHayes Industries, Inc. (Jackson)
FB.1RequestHealth International, Inc.
FB.1RequestHoliday Inn
FB.1RequestHolland & Chicago Line
FB.1RequestHoward Sober, Inc.
FB.1RequestHudson Motor Car Company
FB.1RequestIsle Royale Consolidated Mining Company
FB.1RequestJ.L. Hudson Company
FB.1RequestJackson, Lansing & Saginaw Railroad
FB.1RequestK-Mart Corporation (includes S.S. Kresge's)
FB.1RequestKahn Associates
FB.1RequestKaiser-Frazer Corporation
FB.1RequestKalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company
FB.1RequestKellogg Company
FB.1RequestKing-Seeley Corp.
FB.1RequestKirby Line
FB.1RequestKroger Co.
FB.1RequestLake Michigan & Lake Superior Transportation Company
FB.1RequestLake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway
FB.1RequestLake Shore, Inc.
FB.1RequestLake Superior Transit Company
FB.1RequestLion Motor Car Company
FB.1RequestManistee & North-Eastern Railroad Company
FB.1RequestMarquette & Huron Mountain Railroad (Michigan Rail Club)
FB.1RequestMarquette & Mackinac Railroad
FB.1RequestMarquette & Ontonagon Railroad
FB.1RequestMcLouth Steel Corporation
FB.1RequestMeijer, Inc.
FB.1RequestMicheaux Pictures Corporation
FB.1RequestMichigan Bell Telephone Company
FB.1RequestMichigan Carbon Works
[Michigan Central R.R SEE: New York Central]
FB.1RequestMichigan Consolidated Gas Company
FB.1RequestMichigan Mutual, Tornado, Cyclone & Windstorm Insurance Co.
FB.1RequestMichigan Northern Railway
FB.1RequestMichigan Rock Salt Company
FB.1RequestMichigan Southern & Northern Indiana Railroad Company
FB.1RequestMichigan State Telephone Company
FB.1RequestMichigan-Ohio Navigation Company
FB.1RequestMinong Mining Company
FB.1RequestMontgomery Ward & Company
FB.1RequestMount Forest Fur Farms of America
FB.1RequestMurray Corporation of America
FB.1RequestNew York Central Railroad (Michigan Central) [see also Out box]
FB.1RequestNichols & Sheperd Co. and Oliver Corp. [see also Out box]
FB.1RequestNorthern Michigan Railroad
FB.1RequestNorthern Michigan Transportation Company
FB.1RequestNorthern Navigation Company
FB.1RequestOakland County Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company
FB.1RequestOhio & Morenci Railroad
FB.1RequestOlds Motor Works, Detroit
FB.1RequestOsceola Consolidated Mining Co.
FB.1RequestPackard Motor Car Co. - Detroit
FB.1RequestPage Steel and Wire Co. and Page Woven Wire Fence Co., Adrian (Page Fence)
FB.1RequestPalmyra & Jacksonburg Railroad
FB.1RequestParke, Davis & Company [see also Out box]
FB.1RequestPeninsular Paper Co.
FB.1RequestPeninsular Railway Company
FB.1RequestPere Marquette Railroad
FB.1RequestPfeiffer Brewing Company [Out box only]
FB.1RequestPort Huron & Lake Michigan Railroad
FB.1RequestPort Huron Engine and Thresher Company
FB.1RequestPostum Cereal Co. (now General Foods)
FB.1RequestQuaker Oats Company
FB.1RequestQuincy Mining Company
FB.1RequestReo Motor Car Company
FB.1RequestRichelieu & Ontario Navigation Company
FB.1RequestRiver Raisin and Grand River Railroad Company
FB.1RequestRiver Raisin Paper Company
FB.1RequestSaint Mary's Falls Ship Canal Company
FB.1RequestSeneca Copper Corporation
FB.1RequestSherer-Gillett Company
FB.1RequestSligh Furniture Co.
FB.1RequestSouth Lake Mining Company
FB.1RequestStandard Motor Truck Co.
FB.1RequestStar-Cole Line Steamers
FB.1RequestState Fire Insurance Company
FB.1RequestStout Air Lines
FB.1RequestStroh Brewing Co.
FB.1RequestTen Thousand Villages
FB.1RequestToledo R.R. Co.; and Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee R.R. Co.
[Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan Railroad, see SEE: Ann Arbor Railroad]
FB.1RequestTrimountain Mining Company
FB.1RequestUnistrut Corporation
FB.1RequestUnited Parcel Service
FB.1RequestUnited States Rubber Company
FB.1RequestUniversity Microfilms (Ann Arbor)
FB.1RequestUpjohn Company (Kalamazoo)
FB.1RequestWarren Featherbone Company
FB.1RequestWDET (public radio, Detroit)
FB.1RequestWestin Hotels
FB.1RequestWhite Pine Copper Company, Ontonagon
FB.1RequestWhitehall Nursing Home
FB.1RequestWickes Manufacturing Company
FB.1RequestWinona Copper Company
FB.1RequestWisconsin & Michigan Steamship Company
FB.1RequestWJR (AM radio station, Detroit)
FB.1RequestWm. A. Neer & Co.
FB.1RequestWWJ (radio and TV, Detroit)
FB.1RequestZingerman's (Ann Arbor)