Vertical File: FD.2 Racial, National, and Regional Origin Societies

Call no. Request Topic
FD.2RequestAmerican Federation of Muslims of Indian Origins (AFMI)
FD.2RequestAncient Order of Hibernians
FD.2RequestArab American Political Action Committee
FD.2RequestArab Community Center for Economic and Social Services
FD.2RequestBaltic Nations Community of Detroit
FD.2RequestCzechoslovak-American organizations
FD.2RequestDetroit Urban League
FD.2RequestDetroit. Society of Free Poland
FD.2RequestFederation of Ukrainian Jews of Michigan
FD.2RequestFinnish Center Association
FD.2RequestGaelic League
FD.2RequestGerman Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Washtenaw County (Die Deutsche Farmers Gegenseitige
FD.2RequestGerman-American Club, Inc.
FD.2RequestGerman-American Cultural Center. Detroit
FD.2RequestItalian-American Community of Metropolitan Detroit
FD.2RequestItalian-American Cultural Society (Warren, Mich.)
FD.2RequestLatin Americans for Social & Economic Development, Inc.
FD.2RequestLoyal Orange Institution of Michigan
FD.2RequestMichigan Society of Chicago
FD.2RequestMichigan Society of New York
FD.2RequestMichigan State Association of Washington, D.C.
FD.2RequestMulti-Ethnic Alliance of Ann Arbor
FD.2RequestNational origin groups. Miscellaneous and general
FD.2RequestNative American Association of Ann Arbor
FD.2RequestNative American Groups
FD.2RequestNative Born Detroiters Club
FD.2RequestNew England Society
FD.2RequestNew York Society
FD.2RequestNorse Civic Association
FD.2RequestPalestine Aid Society
FD.2RequestPhilippine Michigan Club
FD.2RequestPolish Falcons of America
FD.2RequestPolish Women's Alliance of America
FD.2RequestRepublic of New Africa
FD.2RequestScandinavian League
FD.2RequestSchwaben Verein
FD.2RequestScottish Association of Southeast Michigan
FD.2RequestSt. Andrew
FD.2RequestU.S.-China People
FD.2RequestUkrainian American Federation of Michigan
FD.2RequestUnited Irish Societies
FD.2RequestWashtenaw Caledonian Society
FD.2RequestWillow Run Black History Organization
FD.2RequestWorld Lebanese Union
FD.2RequestZionist Organization of Detroit