Vertical File: FJ Social Improvement and Reform Groups

Call no. Request Topic
FJRequestAbortion groups. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestAffirmations-Lesbian Gay Community Center
FJRequestAfrican-American rights groups. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestAlliance for Democracy & Diversity (Washtenaw Co.)
FJRequestAlliance: Michigan
FJRequestAmerican Civil Liberties Union
FJRequestAmerican Friends Service Committee
FJRequestAmnesty International
FJRequestAnimal rights groups. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestAnn Arbor Area Foundation
FJRequestAnn Arbor Citizens Advisory Committee on Rape Prevention (CACORP)
FJRequestAnn Arbor Coalition Against Rape [see also Out box]
FJRequestAnn Arbor Committee for Human Rights in Latin America
FJRequestAnn Arbor Committee to Defend Abortion and Reproductive Rights
FJRequestAnn Arbor Community Center
FJRequestAnn Arbor Community Development Corporation
FJRequestAnn Arbor Community Fund
FJRequestAnn Arbor Council of the Sciences, Arts and Professions
FJRequestAnn Arbor Holocaust Memorial Foundation
FJRequestAnn Arbor Hunger Coalition
FJRequestAnn Arbor Senior Citizen's Guild
FJRequestAnn Arbor Tenants' Union
FJRequestAnn Arbor Women
FJRequestAnn Arbor. Action for Soviet Jewry
FJRequestAnti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
FJRequestAnti-nuclear Groups and Demonstrations
FJRequestArbor Alliance
FJRequestArbor Housing
FJRequestAssault Crisis Center
FJRequestAssisted Suicide groups. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestAvalon Housing, Inc.
FJRequestBlack and White Together. Detroit
FJRequestBlack Economic Development League. Ann Arbor
FJRequestBlack Panther Party
FJRequestBlind, organizations for the. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestBoy Scouts of America
FJRequestBreak the Silence
FJRequestCampaign Against Violent Toys. Ann Arbor [see also Out box]
FJRequestCapital Punishment groups. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestCapuchin Community Center
FJRequestCareer Development Center. Detroit
FJRequestCaspian Community House
FJRequestCatholic Social Services
FJRequestCenter for Empowerment & Economic Development (CEED)
FJRequestCenter for Progressive Education
FJRequestCenter for Single Parents
FJRequestChild Care Coordinating and Referral Service
FJRequestChildren and Youth Services. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestCitizens Committee for Equal Opportunity
FJRequestCitizens for Global Peace and Justice
FJRequestCitizens for Reproductive Freedom
FJRequestCivil Rights Congress of Michigan
FJRequestCivil Rights Federation
FJRequestCivil Rights Organizations. Miscellaneous and general [see also Out box]
FJRequestCivil Rights, Conference for the Protection of
FJRequestCoalition for Arms Control
FJRequestCoalition for Peace in Central America
FJRequestCommunity Action Network
FJRequestCommunity Councils Association
FJRequestConsumer groups. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestCopper Country Peace Alliance
FJRequestCOTS (Coalition on Temporary Shelter)
FJRequestCRAFT (Citizens Resistance at Fermi)
FJRequestCranbrook Peace Foundation
FJRequestDeBoer Committee for Children's Rights
FJRequestDetroit Area Gay-Lesbian Council
FJRequestDetroit Coalition for Peace, Jobs, and Justice
FJRequestDetroit Community Fund
FJRequestDetroit Lesbian/Gay Community Center
FJRequestDetroit Patriotic Fund
FJRequestDetroit Soviet Jewry Committee
FJRequestDirect Credits Society
FJRequestDomestic Violence Project, Inc. /SAFE House.Ann Arbor
FJRequestDonnelly Foundation
FJRequestEquadare Society
FJRequestFood Gatherers
FJRequestFood Not Bombs Ann Arbor
FJRequestFood Rescue Program Serving Washtenaw County
FJRequestFor America
FJRequestForty and Over Club
FJRequestFriends In Deed
FJRequestFrom Bars to Stars
FJRequestGathering Place: A Center for Men
FJRequestGay and Lesbian Parents Association
FJRequestGay Community Services Center
FJRequestGay Liberation Front. Ann Arbor
FJRequestGay Rights Association of Detroit
FJRequestGay Youth Movement
FJRequestGay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Organizations. Misc. and gen.
FJRequestGerman Protestant Home for Orphans & Old People
FJRequestGirl Scouts of America
FJRequestGleaner's Community Food Bank
FJRequestGreater Lansing Coalition to End the War Now. [Out box only]
FJRequestGrey Panthers
FJRequestGroundwork for a Just World
FJRequestHabitat for Humanity
FJRequestHERO of Washtenaw County
FJRequestHigh/Scope Educational Research Foundation
FJRequestHolocaust Memorial Center
FJRequestHomeless Action Committee (Ann Arbor)
FJRequestHope Clinic
FJRequestHouse by the Side of the Road
FJRequestHousing Bureau for Seniors
FJRequestHumane Society of Huron Valley
FJRequestHumanitarian Assistance Project for Independent
FJRequestHunger Coalition
FJRequestHunger organizations. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestI.S. Gay Caucus
FJRequestInter-faith Hospitality Network of Washtenaw County
FJRequestInterfaith Council for Peace
FJRequestInterfaith Council of Congregations
FJRequestInterfaith Round Table of Washtenaw County
FJRequestJunior League
FJRequestKalamazoo Gay/Lesbian Resource Center
FJRequestLast Chance for Animals
FJRequestLatin American Solidarity Committee
FJRequestLeader Dogs for the Blind
FJRequestLeague of Women Voters
FJRequestLesbian Gay Coalition Against Racism
FJRequestLesbian Gay Foundation of Michigan
FJRequestLesbian Sisters Building a Network
FJRequestLittle Lake Cohousing Council
FJRequestMarch of Dimes
FJRequestMcGregor Institute
FJRequestMichigan Abortion & Reproductive Rights League
FJRequestMichigan Alliance for Disarmament
FJRequestMichigan Anti-Cruelty Society
FJRequestMichigan Association for Infant Mental Health
FJRequestMichigan Association of Men Opposed to Further Extension of Suffrage
FJRequestMichigan Campaign for Human Dignity
FJRequestMichigan Cannibus Freedom Coalition
FJRequestMichigan Child Guidance Institute
FJRequestMichigan Children
FJRequestMichigan Children's Aid Society
FJRequestMichigan Citizens for America
FJRequestMichigan Coalition Against Domestic Violence
FJRequestMichigan Coalition Against the Death Penalty
FJRequestMichigan Coalition of Concerned Hispanics
FJRequestMichigan Coalition to Stop S-1
FJRequestMichigan Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse
FJRequestMichigan Community Economic Development Coalition (MCEDC & LISC)
FJRequestMichigan Council of Arts, Sciences, and Professions (ASP)
FJRequestMichigan CROP
FJRequestMichigan Employment Institution for the Blind
FJRequestMichigan Equal Suffrage Association
FJRequestMichigan Gay Alliance
FJRequestMichigan Housing Coalition
FJRequestMichigan Housing Trust Fund
FJRequestMichigan Interfaith Committee on Central American Human Rights (MICAH) [see also Out box]
FJRequestMichigan League for Human Services
FJRequestMichigan March for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Rights
FJRequestMichigan Marijuana Initiative [Out box only]
FJRequestMichigan Merit System Association
FJRequestMichigan Network of Runaway, Homeless, and Youth Services
FJRequestMichigan Nonprofit Forum
FJRequestMichigan NORML (National Org. for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)
FJRequestMichigan Organization for Human Rights (MOHR)
FJRequestMichigan Partners of the Americas
FJRequestMichigan Peace Network
FJRequestMichigan Prison Overcrowding Project
FJRequestMichigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc.
FJRequestMichigan Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights
FJRequestMichigan Reproductive Freedom Conference
FJRequestMichigan Retired Greyhounds as Pets (RECAP)
FJRequestMichigan Sportsmen Against Hunger
FJRequestMichigan Welfare League
FJRequestMoral Majority
FJRequestMoral Re-Armament
FJRequestMuskegon Priorities Council
FJRequestNational African American Network
FJRequestNational Congress for Men and Children
FJRequestNational Organization of Women (NOW)
FJRequestNeighborhood Housing Services
FJRequestNOCIRC of Michigan (National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers)
FJRequestOld Newsboys
FJRequestOra Et Labora
FJRequestOzone House. Ann Arbor
FJRequestPalestine Aid Society
FJRequestPalestine Solidarity Committee (PSC)
FJRequestPeace Corps
FJRequestPeace groups. Miscellaneous and general [see also Out box]
FJRequestPeace Neighborhood Center. Ann Arbor
FJRequestPeace Works.
FJRequestPeople of Diversity United for Equality (P.O.D.U.E.)
FJRequestPeople's Campaign for Choice
FJRequestPFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Ann Arbor
FJRequestPFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Detroit
FJRequestPlanned Parenthood
FJRequestPrevention Coalition of Southeast Michigan
FJRequestPrisons and Prisoner rights groups. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestProblem Pregnancy Help
FJRequestProfessional Volunteer Corps
FJRequestProject Redirection Detroit
FJRequestProtestant Children's Home of Detroit
FJRequestPublic Interest Research Group in Michigan (PIRGIM)
FJRequestRace Betterment Conference
FJRequestRainbow Oasis Center
FJRequestRape/Assault/Domestic Violence groups. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestRe-connect of Michigan
FJRequestReligious Action for Affordable Housing
FJRequestRight to Life of Michigan (formerly Michigan Citizens for Life)
FJRequestRight to Life of Washtenaw County
FJRequestRight to Life-Lifespan of Metro Detroit
FJRequestRonald McDonald House
FJRequestRosenberg Fund for Children
FJRequestRunaway Assistance Program
FJRequestSalvation Army
FJRequestSenior Power Day
FJRequestSeva Foundation
FJRequestShelter Association of Washtenaw County
FJRequestShelter/Homeless organizations. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestSocial Improvement and Reform Groups. General and miscellaneous
FJRequestSociety for the Emancipation of the American Male (SEAM)
FJRequestSOS Community Crisis Center
FJRequestSoutheastern Michigan Gay and Lesbian Association (SEMGLA)
FJRequestSt. Francis Home for Boys. Detroit
FJRequestStarr Commonwealth for Boys
FJRequestStop Project ELF
FJRequestThe Stroh Foundation
FJRequestTriangle Foundation
FJRequestUnited Fund [see also Out box]
FJRequestUnited Way
FJRequestUnlimited Seniors
FJRequestVictims of War (VOW)
FJRequestViet Nam War. Anti-war groups. (See also EA.5b Vietnam War)
FJRequestVolunteers for International Hospitality
FJRequestWAND (Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament)
FJRequestWashtenaw Anti-Draft
FJRequestWashtenaw Association for Retarded Children
FJRequestWashtenaw Citizens for Animal Rights
FJRequestWashtenaw County Coalition Against Apartheid (WCCAA)
FJRequestWashtenaw County Legal Aid Society
FJRequestWashtenaw Literacy
FJRequestWashtenaw Rainbow Action Project
FJRequestWege Foundation
FJRequestWelfare Groups. Miscellaneous and general
FJRequestWelfare Rights & the Michigan Anti-Poverty Coalition
FJRequestWhite Panther Party (includes People's Ballroom; later known as Rainbow People's Party)
FJRequestWhitney House
FJRequestWomen's Suffrage ([see also Out box])
FJRequestYoung Men's Christian Association (YMCA)
FJRequestYoung Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
FJRequestYouth for Understanding
FJRequestYouth Housing Coalition. Ann Arbor
FJRequestYpsilanti. Campaign for Equality
FJRequestZero Population Growth