Vertical File: FT.1 Political Parties

Call no. Request Topic
FT.1RequestAmerican Independent Party (Wallace)
[Ann Arbor. Politics SEE: EC.5 Ann Arbor. Government. Elections and Politics]]
[Ballots SEE: Broadsides. Political misc.]]
FT.1RequestBlack Panther Party
FT.1RequestCitizens Party
FT.1RequestCommonwealth Party of Michigan
FT.1RequestCommunist Labor Party
FT.1RequestCommunist Party. Marxist-Leninist Party
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1881-1890.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1891-1900.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1900-1910
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1911-1920.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1921-1930.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1931-1940. Frank Murphy.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1931-1940. General.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1931-1940. New Deal.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1941-1950.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1951-1960.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1961-1970.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1971-1980.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1981-1990.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 1991-2000.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. 2001-
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. Ann Arbor. Miscellaneous and general
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. Before 1880.
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. Miscellaneous [Out box only]
FT.1RequestDemocratic Party. Tickets [See also Broadside cabinet for long tickets]
[Detroit. Politics SEE: EC.5 Detroit. Government. Elections and Politics]]
FT.1RequestFarmers and Laborers Party.
FT.1RequestGay/Lesbian movement. Political
FT.1RequestGreenback party.
FT.1RequestHuman Rights Party. Ann Arbor.
FT.1RequestIndustrial Party. (Tickets)
FT.1RequestLabor Party
[Latin Americans United in Political Action SEE: FT.3]]
FT.1RequestLibertarian Party of Michigan
FT.1RequestMidwest Anti-Fascist Network (MAFNET)
FT.1RequestMIM-Maoist International Movement
FT.1RequestNational Progressive Party [see also Out box]
FT.1RequestNational Reform Party
FT.1RequestNative American Party.
FT.1RequestPeople's Party. Tickets
FT.1RequestPolitical parties' campaign cards
FT.1RequestPolitical Parties. Miscellaneous and general
FT.1RequestPolitical Posters (2 folders)
FT.1RequestPolitics. Ballots
FT.1RequestPolitics. Miscellaneous and general [see also Out box]
FT.1RequestProhibition Party. Miscellaneous and general (2 folders)
FT.1RequestProhibition Party. Tickets
FT.1RequestProletarian Party
FT.1RequestRainbow Coalition
FT.1RequestReform Party
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1850-1860
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1850-1860 "Under the Oaks"
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1861-1870.
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1871-1880.
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1881-1890.
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1891-1900.
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1901-1910.
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1911-1920
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1921-1930.
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1931-1940
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1941-1950.
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1951-1960.
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1961-1970.
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1971-1980
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1981-1990
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. 1991-2000
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. Tickets (including those for the Union)
FT.1RequestRepublican Party. Tickets. Miscellaneous and general [see also Out box]
FT.1RequestRevolutionary Communist Party
FT.1RequestSocial Democratic Party
FT.1RequestSocialist Equality Party
FT.1RequestSocialist Labor Party
FT.1RequestSocialist Party
FT.1RequestSocialist Workers Party
FT.1RequestU.S. Labor Party
FT.1RequestUnion Labor Party
FT.1RequestWhig Party [see also Out box]
FT.1RequestWomen's Liberation Movement (2 folders)
FT.1RequestWorkers World Party